Alfala Phaaros

Alfala Stud is the vision of two brothers, Abdul Rahman Altobaishi and Rakan Altobaishi, therefore called the Alfala Stud of Mohammed Altobaishi sons and has been created on the property of the family of Mohammed Altobaishi in Saudi Arabia.

Pictured at left is Phaaros, proudly coowned with Alfabia Stud of Italy.


Long lovers of horses, the whole family grew up learning horsemanship in equestrian schools. After enjoying the riding aspects of the Arabian horse the brothers decided to become Arabian breeders. Traveling and seeing many horses instilled in them the desire to breed straight Egyptian Arabians and Alfala stud was then created at the Millennium. Realizing a broad view of how current Egyptian Arabian bloodlines are being bred, Alfala Stud has carefully chosen mare lines with a view to the long range future of Egyptian Arabian horse breeding. The foundation of Alfala Stud is built on key individuals from the families of Abayyan Om Jurays, Saqlawi Jidran, Hadban Inzahi, Kuhaylan Jellabi, Kuhaylan Rodan and Dahman Shahwan. Our foundation from these major strains provides us with a broad gene pool as well as maintaining diversity in the chosen sires of our stock. Quality in all aspects of the Arabian is the first consideration as well as excellent type in the head and balanced proportions of excellent neck and correct body, superior movement, and genuine nobility which is the trademark of the true Arabian horse.


Alfala Estate Home

The Home of Alfala Stud of the Mohammed Altobiashi Brothers


Alfala Stud is located in Alamariyah, Saudi Arabia, approximately 30 km from the center of Riyadh. It is an irrigated valley renowned for growing palm dates. The facility is managed by Enrique Castillo. The area of the stud itself is approximately 70,000 sq. meters. Great care has been taken to provide an efficient environment for breeding and enjoying Arabian horses. There is an indoor arena providing seating for 60 guests, and outdoor exhibit arena with seating for 30 guests. Stabling provides stalls for 60 horses, with a stallion barn accommodating five stallions. The facility also has a suitable clinic for veterinary and quarantine needs, as well as a pool and walking facilities for conditioning. Mares and foals enjoy roomy paddocks with additional paddocks for grouping young stock by ages and gender. Irrigation in the region allows for enjoying lush green with the traditional desert surroundings beyond the property.

  Alfala Stud Stables The Stables at Alfala Stud in Saudi Arabia
  An Alfala Sunset A Beautiful Alfala Sunset

Alfala Stud is poised to enjoy a long future of breeding and enjoying classic Arabians in the homeland where the ancestors of today's Arabians once roamed. We welcome your visit.


Please enjoy a sampling of horses at Alfala Stud by the Altobaishi Brothers.


Teymur B x Hayat II


Teymur B x Hayat II Sakr Alfala

(Ansata Hejazi x AK Faressa) Kamila Alfala KAMILA ALFALA
(Moka Sakab x Moka Alana)
  yet unnamed Unnamed filly


Kohaylan Jellabi Maaroufa - Jellabiet Feysul branch

Owned by Alfala Stud and Alfabia Stud

  Phaaros Phaaros's conformation is impeccable.

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