2005 grey stallion by Simeon Sachi out of MB Maymaara
Strain: Dahman Shahwan (El Dahma) Sabah
Owned by Carol and Reilly Maginn, Bear Creek Ranch
Bred by Sumerlan Egyptian Arabians

In 2006, I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph a colt sired in Texas by the name of Hassan SA. He was a beautiful colt and I was extremely excited to meet him. Little did I ever guess that this colt I loved so much would one day grace my own pastures. The first time I saw Hassan, I was blown away by his beautiful huge poppy eyes, giant nostrils and gorgeous face. I remember thinking how nice it would be to own such a beautiful colt and dreamed of how a stallion with his pedigree could contribute to the breed.

I had always admired the mare Imperial Maysama - Hassan's grand dam, and her many champion offspring. I saw Farid Nile Dream - one of Maysama's beautiful daughters at the Egyptian Event many times and thought she was just stunning. I started realizing that the blood of Imperial Maysama crossed well with many different bloodlines including Farid Nile Moon, Al Baraki. and Laheeb Al Nasser. Maysama's daughter Mmecca - bred by Judy Guess, was the 2006 UAE National Champion Mare. Mmecca was so beautiful in fact that she scored six 20's for type, head & neck! Most recently at DeShazer Arabians, I had the opportunity to meet Imperial Maysama face to face and was completely overwhelmed by her charisma, movement and beauty. This is one of the strongest dam lines I have ever seen in terms of what it offers in solidifying type, movement and overall quality.

Photo by Carol Maginn
Hassan SA as a yearling


Hassan SA was one of the first offspring of Simeon Sachi Imported to the USA from Simeon Stud in Australia. According to Anne Louise Toner of Al Atiq Stud in Germantown, MD

"Sachi was purchased after almost twenty years spent admiring the beautiful horses bred by Marion Richmond of Sydney, Australia. Confident and bold, yet with a willing and gentle temperament, he is a charming character who epitomises the beauty, intelligence, loyalty and spirit of the desert horse."

When asked how she felt Hassan compared to his beautiful sire Simeon Sachi, Anne Louise stated: “There is an old saying, "Blood will tell" and I think it applies to horses, as well as to people! Hassan was one of Sachi's first foals, and as with any young, unproven stallion, one looks at the pedigree and similar breedings, and hopes that the blood will breed true. While he is a taller, scopier horse than his sire, the kind and gentle temperament, movement, grace and type are typical of the horses in Sachi's family, and I am absolutely delighted to see him fulfilling the promise of his pedigree and growing into such an elegant stallion. After a recent photo shoot, Carol sent me some new photos of Hassan. The kindness and wisdom in those large dark eyes is so like the look of his sire, he has very much the expression of Sachi."

According to Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians "I was taken right away by Hassan's comedic nature. I think he must have inherited this from his maternal grand father, El Halimaar. Something about the El Halimaar blood in stallions that produces a horse with a great deal of curiosity and a "I wanna be your best friend" attitude. Hassan exhibits these characteristics in spades."


Liz Salmon is actually to be given a great amount of credit for Hassan SA's breeding as she recommended the cross of Simeon Sachi on MB Maymaara.

"I recommended the breeding of MB Maymaara to Simeon Sachi because being a great fan of the Simeon horses, particularly Asfour that I thought the cross with an El Halimaar daughter would be outstanding. I saw Hassan as a beautiful, very athletic, showy foal soon after he was born. Little did I realize that he would grow to such a great height as well as having all the wonderful type, conformation and movement that he now displays. In addition his temperament is superb-another great trait of Simeon horses. He took to being ridden with his usual calm style and now with his first foals due next year, I'm sure he will accomplish what I expect him to be with his pedigree-that of a great sire."

Photo by Diana Cantey
Liz Salmon and Hassan SA - September 2010

Noted photographer and breeder Diana Cantey recently visited and photographed Hassan SA in Texas. Diana writes:

"During a recent trip to Bear Creek Ranch I had the opportunity to see and photograph some outstanding Straight Egyptian and purebred Arabians. One in particular really captured my attention, Hassan SA, a spectacular stallion with size, incredible beauty, and a really outstanding disposition. As he walked through a pasture full of mares on his way to where the photo shoot would take place, he softly pranced along side of his handler, with his neck arched, tail carried like a fountain and his big, black luminous eyes illuminated with pride. He was quite a sight to see!

Aside from his beautiful face and charm, I was equally impressed with his pedigree which exemplifies some of the very best bloodlines from breeding programs around the globe including the incomparable *Asfour, Imperial Madheen, *Ansata Ibn Halima, RDM Maar Hala, and Ansata Nile Mist (Dahman Strain) as his tail female line.

With many top quality stallions being exported, it was a breath of fresh air to know that Hassan would be standing at public stud at Bear Creek Ranch in Lockhart, Texas, offering breeders an outstanding opportunity to incorporate these vanishing bloodlines into their programs. I am also excited about Bear Creek's plan to show and promote Hassan at shows including the Egyptian Event in the future. I can't wait to breed our mares to him and for breeders to see him and experience his lovely temperament. With his ideal Arabian type, outstanding movement, size, temperament and a fantastic pedigree, he will no doubt make a substantial contribution to the Straight Egyptian Arabian community."

Photo by Diana Cantey
September 2010

Photo by Carol Maginn
September 2009

Photo by Carol Maginn
Hassan SA enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon at Bear Creek Ranch

In The Breeding Shed

Photo by Diana Cantey

Hassan SA is expecting his first foal crop in 2011 We are very happy with his fertility levels and the kindness and gentleness he exhibits when breeding his mares. In one case a client selected Hassan for her maiden mare. The mare showed no signs of heat and so we brought her in to the vet clinic to have her checked. As it turned out the mare was in heat but the vet said this mare was not a candidate for live cover as she tried to kick the vet even while sedated in the stock. Several days later the mare showed signs of heat, and Carol decided that perhaps nature should be allowed to take its course. The mare (MS Arabesque) was live covered every other day. Upon scanning it turned out she conceived on the very first cover. Needless to say everyone was thrilled. Hassan was so patient with this mare and showed her such sweet gentlemanly behavior that we feel it allowed the mare to have a positive experience. She never tried to kick him - not once. Sometimes nature is the best medicine.

Hassan had three mares for his first breeding season. One SE mare by Simeon Sadek, another SE mare Anaza Bay Shahh and a purebred polish/crabbet mare by Bravado Bey V. We can't wait to see the results of these matings as the combination of Asfour and Anaza Bay Shahh have been very successful in the past. Below are photos of Hassan's expectant mares.

Hassan was tested clear for CA and SCID, so he is open to all mares regardless of CA or SCID status.

Photo by Carol Maginn
MS Arabesque
(Simeon Sedek X Ashriah)

Photo by Carol Maginn
MS Arabesque

Photo by Diana Cantey
Mashallah Anuket
(Harakka by Anaza Bay Shahh X EAI Eskalia Afeena by Ruminaja Ali)

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Photo by Carol Maginn
OBrenna D
(Bravado Bey V X Ophelia V)


Hassan SA's pedigree is a combination of the Simeon, Ansata and Imperial breeding programs. Hassan's sire is Simeon Sachi - bred by Marion Richmond of Simeon Stud and sired by her chief sire of over 20 years - Asfour. He is out of MB Maymaara who is sired by the famous stallion El Halimaar.

El Halimaar was an extremely successful show horse being named U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Champion, Most Classic and much more. El Halimaar was the sire of Regional, National and Egyptian Event Champion Stallions. Hassan's dam MB Maymaara is out of the mare Imperial Maysama. Imperial Maysama is by the beautiful stallion Imperial Madheen. Maysama produced showring winners worldwide including MB Mayal who was exported to Australia, Farid Nile Dream the 2002 Egyptian Event Yearling World Class Filly and the 2003 Egyptian Event Champion World Class Fillies of 2001. Imperial Maysama also produced Mmecca, bred by Judy Guess who was UAE Senior Champion Mare.

Photo by Carol Maginn
Simeon Sachi
(Sire of Hassan SA)

(Grand Sire of Hassan SA)

Photo by Carol Maginn
MB Maymaara
(Dam of Hassan SA)

Photo by Carol Maginn
Imperial Maysama
(Grand Dam of Hassan SA)
Photo taken of Imperial Maysama at age 20 on October 2, 2010

Photo by Jeff Little
El Halimaar
(Grand Sire of Hassan SA)

Imperial Madheen
(Grand Sire of Hassan's dam)

Photo by Jerry Sparagowski
Ansata Nile Mist
(Hassan's tail female line is Ansata Nile Mist)

Showring Success

Hassan was shown as a 2 year old to Reserve Champion colt, and then most recently was shown at the San Antonio Livestock Show and was 2nd in liberty and won his age halter class. He was also shown for the first time under saddle and was once again in the ribbons after only being ridden a few times.

We will be showing him in the fall and spring in Texas as well as at the 2011 Egyptian Event. We look forward to showing him both in hand and under saddle...

Photo by Don Stine
Hassan SA winning his age halter class

Photo by Carol Maginn
Hassan SA - Competing under saddle

The Future...

Looking forward, and based on our studies and the strength of Hassan's dam line and pedigree overall, we are looking forward to crossing him on some new lines we have not yet tried. Examples are Imperial Mahzeer, Ansata Bint Bukra and Imperial Baarez. In addition we look forward to showing Hassan both locally against all bloodlines and at the Egyptian Event. We feel that Hassan is a true breeding stallion with a great deal of offer to Straight Egyptian mares, and we look forward to seeing his future foals and watching him establish his place in history.

For Additional Information about Hassan SA please contact Carol Maginn at Bear Creek Ranch.

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