Nancy Pierce

He was led out early last July, an elegant, white stallion, a bit low in the back due to illness and age, but nonetheless fiery and animated, regal and alert. Makhsous gracefully danced at the end of the lead as he was presented to Kehilan Arabian's visitors that day. There was no doubt he knew he was King of Kehilan.

Photo: Jerry Sparagowski

That was my first look at this alabaster stallion about whom I had heard and read so much. A son of the esteemed Sultann, Makhsous (x Nabda) had long been known for his beautiful face, long, well-set neck and lovely, fluid motion - and for the many champions he had sired. Seeing him in the flesh was like taking a journey back into the deserts of Arabian horse history…this ethereal stallion had come quite a distance in his 24 years.

Photo: Johnny Johnston

His dam, Nabda

Bred by Stanley White, Makhsous was later purchased by Gleannloch Farms, and in 1992, when Gleannloch dispersed its herd, Herb and Jean Rogers and their daughters brought him home to Kehilan Arabians to stand alongside his illustrious sire, Sultann, who was already living out his last days at Kehilan.

Photo: Johnny Johnston

Sultann, the sire of Makhsous

Makhsous sired fewer than 200 foals, yet out of that small number of foals have come three U.S. National Champions, one Canadian Reserve National Champion, one international champion, and numerous regional, national, international, and Egyptian Event winners. His most famous mating - to Bint Jadi - produced four halter champions, including U.S. National Champion Futurity Colt (out of 44 colts), Kuraafi, and his full brother, Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt, Zaarif.

Zaarif (Makhsous x Bint Jadi)

Perhaps his most famous straight Egyptian foal was the kind and beautiful Bint Haddiyah (x Haddiyah by Amaal). Bint Haddiyah was a halter champion who was also twice U.S. National Champion Walk/Trot 10 and Under, chosen unanimously in 2002! A Makhsous son, Extream (x Glenglade Spice), was Scottsdale Top Ten before being exported and named National Champion Stallion of Saudi Arabia. Another daughter, Ziba Jalisa (x Kahleela) has twice been named U.S. National Champion Working Cow Horse AO.

Photo: Judith Wagner

The Makhsous daughter Amurath Grey Dawn

The beautiful Makhsous daughter, Amurath Grey Dawn (x Ramses El Haia), is a two-time World Champion Top Ten Mare at the Salon du Cheval in Paris, and an Egyptian Event Reserve Champion World Class Aged Mare. Worth noting is the fact that every Makhsous offspring shown at the U.S. and Canadian Nationals has earned a Top Ten or better!

Photos: Gigi Grasso

The Makhsous sons Makhnificent KA and Marquis I

Kehilan's Makhsous sons, Makhnificent KA, a beautiful, typey grey stallion, himself a former U.S. National Top Ten Futurity Colt and U.S. National Top Ten Heritage Yearling Colt, as well as a Region 9 Champion Sweepstakes Colt, and the Egyptian Event and Regional winning Marquis I (x Antigua Dance), an extremely typey and elegant grey, for several years have stood beside their celebrated sire, poised to take the mantel from the King.

Photo: Javan Schaller

Makhsous in all of his glory

Time for their coronation finally arrived. On October 6, King drew his last proud breath. Though no one would ever guess by looking, the proud, animated stallion had, years before, suffered a heart attack, and now damage from his weakened but ever courageous heart again tried to still the majestic Makhsous for good. As Becky Rogers tells it:

"True to his spirit he had lived a very vibrant and full life since then. But … he suffered what now appears to be a pulmonary embolism. He fought courageously to what appeared to be a recovery yesterday. But it was not to be.......he went into massive heart failure suddenly last night - and though he never gave up - we decided to do the right thing - hard though it is and make the decision for him."

Photo: Nancy Pierce

Makhsous in July at home at Kehilan Arabians

Though his physical presence may no longer grace the stables of Kehilan Arabians, there is no doubting that the mantel has been passed on, as the Makhsous legacy of beautifully typey heads, long, elegantly shaped necks, and athletic ability is perpetuated through his sons, daughters, and grandget throughout the world.

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