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1984  -  2002

Over the course of his life Imperial Madheen has touched many souls in many different countries. In Germany he was loved and cared for by his breeder, Prof. Siegfried Paufler and his wife. In the US Imperial Egyptian Stud’s owner Barbara Griffith, (who brought him into the States) adored him. In South America Count Zichy-Thyssen thought higly of him and bought him to incorporate his priceless blood into his world-famous breeding program. In Egypt, his last home, Madheen found peace of mind in the stables of Omar Sakr, where he ruled like a king. These were the people who had the privilege to own him for a while. But there are many others who just saw this stallion, fell in love with him, bred their mare to him or own a child or grandchildren of this great horse. They all were touched by him.
I was touched by him, too. I admired him for all he was – the show champion, the performance horse, the charming companion, the ultimate producer. It was so easy to love him.

Photo: Jerry Sparagowski
Imperial Madheen
at his paddock at 
Imperial Egyptian Stud

When I close my eyes I always will see him prancing around in his paddock at Imperial Egyptian Stud. Proud and alert, he arches his neck, and with eyes wide open and ears bricked he trumpets his love call to the mares who are waiting for him. He rears and then he parades in front of me. If I could see him just one more time...

Photo: Paufler
Imperial Madheen as a foal

It all began in Germany at the small studfarm of Siegfried Paufler. Madheen was born in 1984 as the third foal of his dam Madinah (Ibn Galal x Mona II). His sire was Messaoud (Madkour x Maymoonah) who still is one of the most popular sires in Germany today.  

Photo: Erwin Escher
Messaoud - the sire...

Imperial Madheen (or ”Madhin” as he was then called) was the first in a row of five full-siblings. His most prominent sister Mesoudah-M can be best described as his female counterpart as nearly all of her get won championships or – in turn - produced champion foals.

Photo: Erwin Escher
and his dam, Madinah

Madhin won his first title at the side of his dam at a German regional show where he was made Reserve Junior Champion Colt at the tender age of barely three months. What a successful start!

Photo: Scott Trees
Imperial Madheen
in show condition

The rest of the story is history: Imperial Egyptian Stud’s then manager/trainer Eileen Verdieck searched the world for an outcross stallion and found two in Germany – the brothers Orashan and Madhin. As ”Imperial Madheen” he was entered in the American showring and won some significant titles. But his fortune was his get. Imperial Madheen sired sons that went on to become significant breeding stallions in their own right. Be it in Australia, Egypt, the US, Morocco or Qatar – the Madheen sons stirred a lucky sensation on nearly every continent as they developed into extremely prepotent sires.

Imperial Madaar (x Ansata Nile Mist) of Simeon Stud won the Australian National title and had the privilege to sire some outstanding get for his owner, Marion Richmond. His ultra-feminine daughter Simeon Sarice (owned by Uwe-Juergen Wagner and Thomas Bobzryc) arrived in Germany some months ago and is one of the few Imperial Madheen descendants here. Her first public appearance resulted into a second place at the prestigious Egyptian Event Europe.  

Photo: Nicole Sachs
Simeon Sarice, now in Germany

At the Royal Stables of the late King Hassan of Morocco  three Imperial Madheen sons stood side by side. One of the them was the Junior World Champion Colt of 1993, Imperial Mashhar (x Imperial Janaabah). Black as ebony, this elegant stallion was one of the King’s favorites and his get can be found in many European countries.  

Photo: Scott Trees
Imperial Janaabah (in front) with 
her foal Imperial Mashhar 

In Qatar the Imperial Madheen daughter Imperial Madanah (x Imperial Naffata) is undefeated in Most Clasic Head classes while his son, Imperial Mahzeer (x Maar Bilahh), gained much influence as an accomplished sire. Al Rayyan (Imperial Madheen x Imperial Naffata), now in Saudi Arabia, was Reserve Champion Stallion of the Arabian Horse Cup in Jeddah in 1999.  

Photo: Rik van Lent jr.
Imperial Madanah with her owner, Sheikh Nawaf Al Thani

Even world-famous breeders like Judith Forbis didn’t hesitate to breed their mares to Imperial Madheen. She sent him their very best – the lovely Samatha, founder of her own dynasty at Ansata. The resulting foal is no other than Ansata Sokar, the ”big red stallion” with the flawless topline who stands at stud at Ansata and quietly has achieved a reputation as a sire of foals with those big ”Bette Davis eyes”.  

Photo: Jerry Sparagowski
Ansata Sokar 
(Imperial Madheen x Ansata Samantha)

Madheen’s daughter Madinah Bint Saariyah won the title of Supreme Champion Mare at the Egyptian Event in 1997. There are many more sons and daughters who are the pride and joy of their owners worldwide but space does not permit to mention them all.

Photo: privat
Il Nasek (Imperial Madheen x Il Naheefa)
now resides in Egypt

Imperial Madheen changed ownership several times. Of course, many wanted him. But horses are like trees – they don’t want to change their homes. Well, Imperial sold him to Montebello Farm in Canada, a rather obscure ”studfarm” whose owners bred horses just for the sake of making profit. In 1995 Count Zichy-Thyssen bought him from Montebello (it took him only minutes to make the deal) and relocated him to Argentina to one of his farms where he spent a luxurious life with plenty of sun and many lovely ladies who were waiting for him. Horse heaven for Madheen.

Photo: Rik van Lent jr.
Imperial Madheen, photographed in Argentina

As Omar Sakr heard that Imperial Madheen might be on the market again, he instantly traveled to Argentina to be the first in line. Though there was strong interest in Maheen from one of the Sheikh‘s of Qatar, Omar Sakr finally got him. He brought him over to Egypt (with a stop-over in Germany at Dr. Nagel’s place where many old German friends came to greet him) which was to be Madheen’s final destination.

”It took years for me to fulfill my dream of one day owning Madheen”, says Omar Sakr. ”Two years ago I was walking on air when Count Zichy accepted to sell me Madheen. It is beyond tragic to lose him so suddenly and so soon. My breeding program is based on his bloodlines; his children, grandchilren and great granchildren brace the farm. His legacy will go on but his loss will be hard to endure. Unfortunately he had a bad accident in the States just before flying back to Egypt and since then he was never the same. He lost a lot of weight and those of you who saw him on Dr Nagel's farm en route commented to me about that. He improved a little but never quite made it to his old self.”

Photo: Susanne Bösche
Imperial Madheen in Germany

”Then he suffered endotoxemia following a mild colic attack but was too frail to fight back. It took us three days to see him drift away, finally his heart couldn't take it anymore. The farm is in mourning for he was the Lord of the Manor who had finally come home to reclaim his rightful place. I am blessed to have two of his sons and look forward to two mares that are in foal to him and expected to foal by the end of the year.”

Photo: Erwin Escher
 Omar Sakr's stallion Imperial Madori

At Omar Sakr’s place, Madheen stood side by side with his sons, Imperial Madori (x Imperial Orianah by Orashan) and Tallahsman (x Bint Atallahby Ruminaja Ali). Without any doubt both are among his most prominent sons with legions of champion get. At the recent Private Breeders Show in Egypt, Tallahsman and Imperial Madori sired four champions and reserve champions out of six!

Photo: Carola Toischel
Nayla Sakr (by Imperial Madori), 
Junioren Champion Filly
in Egypt

Imperial Madori’s most winning daughter, Gelgelah Al Badeia, traveled to Germany this year to compete at European shows after she literally won all titles in Egypt. Her first outing was an instant success – she won the Supreme Champion title of the Egyptian Event Europe against tough competition! Judges and visitors alike were bewitched by her charm, beauty and powerful movement. She took Germany by storm.

Photo: Nasr Marei
Gelgelah Al Badeia

Farewell, my friend and thank you for the good memories you gave so many of us. When we now look to the heaven above we will see a bright new star shining down on your children and grandchildren. You will always be with them – and with those who loved you.

Thomas Ellrott & Oliver Wibihal

Photo: Rik van Lent jr.

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