Abraxas Moonshine 
(Abraxas Moonstruk x Abraxas Maar Hala)

By Oliver Wibihal & Gregor Wimmer

Debra Nowak ist one of the best-known breeders of straight Egyptian horses in the United States. The "Abraxas" prefix stands for horses that win championships in both performance and halter classes. 
Debra Nowak's passion for the recently deceased mare RDM Maar Hala is reflected
in the pedigrees of her horses - the majority of them carry at least one line to her.

Photo: Little
ET Crown Prince 
(The Egyptian Prince x RDM Maar Hala)

Breeding Arabian Horses is an art, isn't it?
Yes - and like any art form, one has to learn to appreciate all aspects of it. As Gustave Flaubert said: "The artist must be in his work as God is in creation." Vision is the creative basis of all things. Breeding becomes a symphony if you have the right notes and the proper conductor. A master violinist can't play the right notes until he has the training, experience and knowledge of the way his music will be received.

When I was a young child I felt every horse on the planet was beautiful. I collected every photo possible of Arabians to decorate my bedroom. As time passed I started to ask questions about where certain attributes of horses good or bad came from and how.

My first introduction was from a breeder that knew more about horses and breeding than I could ever hope to know at that time. I asked her a question about a certain line that they were phasing out of their program. I asked why? She said because a certain stallion bred a bad front leg and he was dominant in producing this with his offspring. That was my first introduction to horses' traits and how they carry through a herd. This was the hidden part of the art form. I decided this was something I really needed to learn about. And believe me: It is a key element in horse breeding. I started studying about genetics, a very intense subject!

To achieve the art form is the goal - to want perfection is the challenge We feel the breeder should have definite goals in mind when selecting breeding stock. These goals are toward creating a type of horse whose characteristics will be useful and desirable in generations now and later. The value of any breeding system depends on careful analysis of a breeder's goal. Success depends on factors of planning, using good foundation stock and emphasis on culling.

Photo: Little
"...all parts should look like they belong 
to the same animal..."

ET Crown Prince 

Balance (harmony) is the first consideration when evaluating a horse. Each part should blend with the next and all parts should look like they belong to the same animal. Overall balance and type should blend together. 

To enjoy the rewards of breeding, you have to study - structure, how pedigrees influence a mating, the genetics of horse breeding and what I call "in the woodpile", the hidden genetic factors (good and bad) that make up each horse. Remember: Function to follow form. The knowledge of learning how to blend desirable characteristics with success is the true "art" of breeding.

Photo: Little
create a type of horse whose characteristics will be useful and desirable in generations now and later..."
Abraxas Moonstruk 
(ET Crown Prince x SF Moon Maiden) 

Name one breeder of the past you always wanted to talk with. What would you like to ask?
Prince Mohamed Aly wrote one of my favourite books, "Breeding of Purebred Arab Horses". I would like to ask him, who is the lovely stallion across from page 86 in Vol 11? The photo says an Arab horse of Najd. What is the breeding of this fine stallion?

Photo: Sparagowski
Simeon Shai 
(Ra'adin Royal Star x Simeon Safanad) 

Tell us about your most exciting equine encounter.
The most exciting equine encounter I have had was when Simeon Shai came to the US. This wonderful stallion captured the "Triple Crown" (US National, Canadian and Scottsdale Champion). I saw him at Scottsdale and the US Nationals. After Shai won US National Champion, they had a "Bon Voyage Party" that announced he was going to Paris for the World Championships. I was in awel Here this stallion had just won the Triple Crown and he was going on a plane to Paris? The real thrill was he won the World, too. In between all of this Simeon Shai bred over 100 mares and got them in foal. That is one exciting horse! On a personal note his grandsire was our stallion ET Crown Prince who always made us proud, too.

Photo: Little
 (Simeon Shai x Nourah -
full sister to El Hilal)

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