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Von Robert Woodward



Patrick Swayze and Tammen

This man really is well-known around the world! Wherever he appears Patrick Swayze is surrounded by fans, who want to experience their "dream man" close up. Patrick Swayze, Superstar! His profession: actor, dancer and singer. His posession: straight Egyptian horses!

At his ranch in California he and his wife Lisa keep several mares and foals. His first straight Egyptian horse was the mare Aleenah (Ruminaja Majed x Talgana). Others followed.Why has Patrick Swayze chosen Egyptian Arabians in particular? "I grew up with horses. My father was a cowboy in Texas. We lived in Houston. At the age of eight, I visited the Gleannloch Farm and from then on I was lost! I dreamed of nothing but Arabians, and when I imagined Arabians, they were Egyptians!"

So it comes as no surprise that nearly all of his horses trace back to the Gleannloch breeding programme. At the final "Legacy Sale" in 1992 he and Lisa acquired two lovely mares - the leggy Bint Atteyah (Al Metrabbi x Atteyah Riyala) - a granddaughter of the famous Bint Mona - and the small and charming Kahleela (Faleh x Kharamana), a half-sister to the great show-winners Shah Nishan and Ibn Morafic. They have been bred to Tammen, the love of Patrick’s lifetime. The chestnut Tammen (Abenhetep x Talgana) personifies Patrick’s childhood-dream of an Arabian horse. But he is more than just a horse, he is a friend. "He has such a terrific personality," says Patrick. "He is a very powerful and dynamic stallion - and yet so gentle and calm when kids are around." For Patrick he is the epitome of sheer elegance and beauty.

And the judges agreed - Tammen has had a succesful and varied show career.

Today many breeders send him their best mares. Without doubt, Patrick’s fame seems to be one reason for Tammen’s popularty. Bint Bint Subhaya (Tammen x Bint Subhaya by Ruminaja Majed) ranks as one of his best daughters. She is both a show-winner and a pleasure mount for Lisa.

What fascinates Patrick so about the Egyptians? "Their beauty," he says. "I like the form of the head, the proud trot, the harmonious phisique. Everything fits together and is in accord. There is a natural balance in everything. I am a dancer, and I can tell when a body is made with function in mind. A healthy Arabian is built for function! And that fascinates me."

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Bint Bint Subhaya

Patrick Swayze’s greatest success as an actor and dancer came in the TV series "North and South" and the movies "Ghost" and "Dirty Dancing". He spends his rare leisure time with Lisa on the farm. They belonged together since 1972 (as his female fans sadly note).

Patrick really feels better on his farm than in Hollywood. Here he has everything that seems important to his life: Lisa and the horses. But Hollywood needs Patrick again. A second "Dirty Dancing" is in the planning stage. Unfortunately without Arabian horses...

Robert Woodward