A Vision of Perfection

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20 years are a long time. You have made your experiences. You have learned from your mistakes. You know what you like. And you know what you want. In horse breeding, too. The times of unsteadiness, of hesitating are over. You recognize quality when you face it. That is exactly what it is like with the Australian breeder Greg Farrell of the famous "Mulawa" studfarm and his stallion Vision. He really appreciates him. His foals won (and win) in the show ring every year. And his daughters are highly esteemed broodmares in a country which has the second largest population of Arabians in the world.

And all that took its start in Germany. On a wet, cold, rainy day. Greg Farrell and his family were travelling Europe in the eighties, in search of suitable mares to be bred to their polish Bask son Ambition. Of course, they found themselves in Germany as well. And at the stud of Dr. Nagel they were completely dumbfounded. They faced the Bandos daughter Euni (x Eunice), who had been imported from Poland. Seeing and buying her was one thing! In foal to Jamil (Madkour I x Hanan), Euni spent her time of quarantine in England. A colt was born who got the name "Vision". When Greg Farrell flew to England to see the foal, he cabled to his father: "Mare fit as a fiddle, colt belongs to ME!"

Up to this day this hasn’t changed. After all these years, Vision hasn’t disappointed his owner a single time. Of course, today there are other stallions in the foreground. The Australian National Champion Stallion Fame Maker or the US Top Ten Stallion TS Al Malik, who was imported to Australia recently. But Vision set up the basis of breeding on which Mulawa stands today.

Vision’s appearance, his beauty still induce Greg Farrell to revel. "This incredible charisma! He has to be called beautiful in the classical sense. He is the perfect synthesis of Polish and Egyptian bloodlines!"

The names of his sons and daughters are called out with enthusiasm in Australia, for they all have demonstrated their class at big shows! The Australian National Champion Stallion of 1996 alone will be remembered well: Naavah took the hearts of the judges by storm with his enormous type and his sublime way of moving. But Vision showed his real qualities when his daughters grew up to great broodmares. There is hardly one who didn’t produce a champion. Enumerating the wins of Vision’s grandchildren would lead too far. Perhaps just this: There are alone three Australian National Champions among them! One of the best known is the stallion Wanted, who was the only one to defeat the US import Fame Maker!

More important to Greg Farrell though is the fact that a friendship connects him with Vision, which exists since the stallion’s birth. "He is a real character! He doesn’t function at the press of a button. His personality makes him one amongst thousand!"

After all this years Greg Farrell is still as enthusiastic about his stallion as on the first day. "What can I do," he smiles. "I’m an old-fashioned man, and you give your heart away only once!"

Oliver Wibihal