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October 2009



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A new day starts for Mishaal HP ( Ansata Sinan x Mesoudah M ). His routine officially begins at his own bidding, as he sounds an unmistakably loud call that names only Mishaal as its source. He likes to begin his morning turn-out with a good strong gallop around the paddock, followed by a reflective moment in which he turns his focus upward ( or is it inward? ), as he gazes at the sky. The latter is a behavior that Mishaal has practiced and perfected, both out in the pasture and even once at a show with a surprised Frank Sponle watching from the end of the lead. Does Mishaal search for what limits his own confines, or does he perhaps remember the bright sky through which he traveled when he left his native Germany? If Mishaal had it completely his own way, his morning routine would also include some cool, if not cold crisp air descending from the north. The chill temperatures prompt the best of Mishaal’s other German predilection, his dynamic displays of fantastic motion.

True to the Saqlawi characteristic of being a ‘one man horse,’ Mishaal is exactly that. Although manager Shawn Crews’ excellent rapport with the Arabians Ltd. stallions is well known, that particular ‘one man’ is not her. Shawn makes no attempt to deny that Mishaal’s favor is completely given over to handler John Neyer. If Mishaal calls attention to himself in his stall, it is John who is given the task of attending to it.

Although boisterous and full of life, Mishaal is exceptionally easy to handle. He is a large horse, standing just under 15-2 hands. Mishaal has four black hooves, no white markings, and is homozygous for the grey gene. He has established a consistency for passing on particular traits to his offspring including his good size, few or no white markings, short heads, small ears, and foals which are personable and trusting with very little fear of humans.

Mishaal HP was bred by Horst and Gisela Preuss’s Madheen Araber of Horden, Germany. He is sired by the kind, soulful stallion Ansata Sinan, whose dam Ansata Nefara is a full sibling to Mohammed Jassin Al-Marzouk’s renowned Kuwaiti sire Ansata Hejazi and the strikingly beautiful Ansata Nefertiti. Mishaal’s dam Mesoudah-M is a highly prolific mare with two lines to Moheba, founder of the German ‘M’ line, and perhaps the most important dam line in Germany. Mesoudah-M traces to Moheba both times through Moheba’s superstar producing granddaughter Malikah. Additionally, Mesoudah-M carries two lines to the incomparable Yosreia, dam of Aswan, through Ibn Galal. Mishaal HP also has four lines to the stellar foundation mare Bukra, two through his sire Ansata Sinan and two through his dam Mesoudah-M.

Mishaal HP’s dam line descends from one of the most well known Egyptian foundation mares of all time, Moniet El Nefous. And, not only does he descend from Moniet El Nefous in the important tail female line, but he also carries 10 other lines to this famous Saqlawi Jedraniah mare!

Since his import from Germany in 2004, Mishaal HP has covered some of the best Arabians Ltd. mares including the aristocrat daughter of Bint Magidaa, Miss Maggie Mae, and some superior outside mares including the 2009 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Mare Ramses Minx. Although he was himself the 2007 Egyptian Event Reserve Senior Champion Stallion, his greater accomplishment has been as a sire of notable significance.

To learn more about Mishaal HP and his foals, visit Arabians Ltd. online.

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