Straight Egyptians Centerfold

February 2012


The Infidel
Photo by: Ali Almomin

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With a commanding presence and a singular dam line, Thee Infidel was bred for greatness and has delivered. Foaled in 1995, Thee Infidel is the last son of the remarkable foundation mare Bint Magidaa, one of owner Judy Sirbasku's all-time favorite mares. Thee Infidel is a tall, stretchy bay stallion with remarkable charisma. Though dark in color, Infidel strikes many people as having the same character and carriage as his maternal brother Ruminaja Ali. He even walks like Ali did. Given Ali's worldwide popularity and status as one of the top Egyptian Arabian stallions of the 20th century, Arabians Ltd. is truly blessed to have bred and to have Thee Infidel, who combines the best of his father, Thee Desperado, and his mother, Bint Magidaa, in their barn.

The Infidel and Shawn Crews
Photo by: Stuart Vesty
The Infidel with Shawn Crews

At the 1996 Egyptian Event, as a yearling, Thee Infidel was crowned Egyptian Breeder's Challenge Champion in the very first EBC class, and Reserve Junior Champion Colt of the entire Event! Following, Thee Infidel earned two US National Top 10's; first in 1998 as a National Futurity Colt, then again in 2000 in the Open Stallions in extraordinary competition.

The Infidel with Scotty

The offspring of Thee Infidel inherit his height, his attitude and charisma, his uprightness, his beautiful short face, and an ability to compete well not only against other Straight Egyptians, but against other Arabians in open competition. An English Pleasure winner under saddle himself, Thee Infidel has also passed along his wonderful motion, legs, and athleticism to his foals.

Thee Infidel has proven himself to be a consistent producer of champions, and his daughters are now doing the same for their owners. During his breeding career, Thee Infidel has produced two Egyptian Event Junior Champion Fillies who went on to be Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Mares. His daughters have crossed particularly well with Mishaal HP. Thee Infidel's daughter Thee Phoenixx was the 2004 Egyptian Event Junior Champion Filly and Reserve Supreme Champion Mare. When bred to Mishaal HP, Thee Phoenixx produced a 2010 Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Filly, who was later named Egyptian Event Silver Supreme Champion Mare (Lola SIG). Thee Infidel's daughter LL Nadia was a 2007 Egyptian Event Hunter Pleasure and Halter Champion, and was also an AHA Region 16 Top 5 Purebred Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse! Additionally, Thee Infidel's son Thee Integrity was an Egyptian Event Champion World Class Stallion before being exported to Australia.

Lola SIG
Photo by: Suzanne Sturgill
Egyptian Event Silver Supreme Champion Mare Lola SIG

Thee Infidel is owned by Thee Infidel Owner's Group. For more information on Thee Infidel or his offspring, visit Arabians Ltd. online.


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