Straight Egyptian Quiz









Questions on Egyptian Arabians. Test yourself. For your own pleasure. There is nothing to be won. But itīs fun! Please be patient and load the page completely!

You may add the given points when you were able to answer the respective question at the first try. Perhaps itīs the best you take them down. Have a good time guessing!


1. Is the stallion shown below a son of Shahloul, Nazeer or Sid Abouhom? - Arabian Horse Online - Arabische Pferde Online Foto: Sparagowski

Shahloul       Nazeer       Sid Abouhom











2. In which year did the famous mare Ansata Bint Bukra (Nazeer x Bukra) came to the United States?


1960    or    1964










3. Was Ibn Rabdan, whom Carl Raswan called " world champion type", black or chestnut?

black       chestnut










4. Very good. It is Soufian (Alaa El Din x Moniet El Nefous). You get 10 points. Go to 16 now.












5. How many direct sons and daughters of Nazeer were registered at the EAO?

103   or    115










6. Unfortunately not! Jamil was a "U.S. National Top Ten" Stallion. For this answer you get the full  0 points. Back to 8









7. That doesn’t start well, does it? No, it is not a son of Shahloul’s.Unfortunately no point. Back to 1













8. Which of the following stallions was a "U.S. National Champion Stallion"?

Imperial Imdal       Jamil       Simeon Shai













9. You are off beam. The photo shows Soufian (Alaa El Din x Moniet El Nefous). Add 0 points and try 16.















10. Super! Simeon Shai was indeed a National Champion Stallion (and Canadian, and Scottsdale, and World Champion Stallion, and so on, and so on...) For your ingenious answer you get full 20 points. Go to 2 now.














11. No, unfortunately this is not right. You missed it by four years! No point.Continue with question 15.















12. Absolutely right. Ibn Rabdan really was a chestnut. Add 10 points and go to 5.















13. No. You missed it by a hair’s breadth. 0 points. But try it again. Back to 1 please.













14. This is not right. But he came close. He was the 1988 U.S. Reserve National Champion Stallion. Please go back to 8.













15. His dam is the "dream mare" Moniet El Nefous. What is the name of this son? - Arabian Horse Online - Arabische Pferde Online Foto: Javan

Fakher El Din       Tuhotmos       Soufian








16. How many Egyptian horses built the foundation of Mr. Henry Babson’s famous studfarm?

5   or   6













17. "For Arabians, height isn’t important; what IS important are the proportions (...)" Who maintained that?

Lady Anne Blunt   or    Mohamed Ali












18.  An excellent beginning! The stallion was indeed sired by Nazeer. It is the well-known Talal, who raced in Egypt (then named "Johnny Boy"). At the age of twelve he became a "U.S. National Top Ten Stallion". He was an appreciated sire. Go now to 8.













19. No, this is not her statement! Unfortunately no point. (You can’t know everything!) Continue with 23.













20. Are you sure you’re wearing your glasses? No, it’s certainly not him. Tuhotmos was a dark bay. It is Soufian (Alaa El Din x Moniet El Nefous)! A total of 0 points. Please go to question 16!













21. That’s a bit too much. Nazeer is reported to have sired 103 sons and daughters for the EAO. Your score stays the same. Go to 17.














22. Very good! In 1964 Ansata Bint Bukra came to the United States. She was the founding member of the Ansata broodmare band. 30 points for you. Try 15 now.















23. Was Morafic (Nazeer x Mabrouka) a homozygous grey?

Yes       No       I donīt care a bit














24. Juuuust missed! No point for you. Take a chance on question 5.















25. In which year was Sameh (El Moez x Samira) born?

1945   or    1947














26. Indeed! His dam Bahila was born in Germany. Jarell McCracken, the owner of the formerly famous Bentwoof Farm imported her to the United States. Later on, David Gardner bred her to the super sire Ruminaja Ali, and the full brothers The Minstril and Coaltown (now in Italy) were born. Add 25 points and try the 41.














27. No, not at all. You get 0 points. Continue with 25.














28. Hats off to you for what you know! He was born on April 4th 1945 at the Inshass stud in Egypt. You get 20 points. Continue with 34.














29. Yes, Nazeer is the sire of 103 registered get. 25 points for you. Go to question 17, please.













30. This is not right. You can inform yourself at 26 . Unfortunately no point.














31. No, that’s not right. There were six horses: Fadl, Maaroufa, Bint Serra I, Bint Bint Durra, Bint Saada and Bint Bint Sabbah. 0 points! Without detour to 3.














32. Well, well... No comment and no point! Go to 37.















33. You are right. He had a lot of bay and chestnut foals. But his half brothers Ghazal and Hadban Enzahi (in Germany) were homozygous greys. For your blameless answer you get 10 points. Continue with 25.













34. In the US The Minstril is one of the most renowned straight Egyptian sires. Which connection does he have with Germany? - Arabian Horse Online - Arabische Pferde Online

Foto: Bösche

His dam is from Germany

His grandsire is from Germany






35. You’ve done it! Please add all your points and read the evaluation.















36. You are right. Fadl, Maaroufa, Bint Serra I, Bint Bint Sabbah, Bint Saada and Bint Bint Durra. 20 points. Cash and tax-free. Now to 3.














37. Well done! (If you don’t come from 32) How did you guess that? Sakr (Sultan x Enayat) and Tom McNair won 13 National titles and over 100 at Regionals and "class A" shows in the seventies. They are the pair with the most wins of all times. In 1997 Sakr died at the age of 29 – literally in Tom McNair’s arms. Go to 35.













38. Unfortunately wrong. 0 points.  Go to 34.













39. Yes. It was Mohamed Ali, and he certainly knew what he was talking about. You knew it, too. Great. 30 points. Now to 23, please.












40. We just wanted to know if you really look it up. Back to 23. Forward, march!












41. Last question: Which pair was said to be unbeatable in America’s show rings?

Tom und Jerry

Sakr und Tom McNair













0 to 90 points:

Well... You didn’t do that well, did you? Are you sure you didn’t miscalculate? Though there isn’t much to calculate with, given the number of points...

Our parrot at home got 95 points, by the way, and he isn’t particulary interested in Arabian horses.

But console yourself: No Raswan has fallen from the sky yet!

90 to 185 points:

A through and through satisfactory performance! You must not be proud but quite content. Despite the appreciation you are as far from a blue ribbon as "Ibn crutched stick" is from being World Champion.

But at least there is a gleam of hope at the dark, dark horizon.

190 to 225 points:

Not even WE got that many points, and we picked all the ansers from books and magazines! You see us full of respect. Congratulations. Fanfare and salute!

To celebrate your excellent performance we suggest a bottle of champagne. At yourself’s expense, of course. Cheers!


Oliver Wibihal / Aleksi Busch