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> A By Gone Era Of Saddle Horses That Were Se, And why we don't see as many today?
post May 18 2006, 05:18 AM
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With all the topics that have recently brought up those SE who are ridden I am truely wondering just what is an honest opinion as to why we don't see nearly as many as we did like in the past. I would like to know if it is true what some say that ..." SE are becomming garden ornaments ...." just pretty to look at but can't be ridden"... Now I don't want to open a new argument but I just wonder what is the true reasons behind this. I myself am intending to break in a SE filly over winter in the next few weeks with the intention to perhaps put her into the show ring, just for fun I might add, as well as to fly the flag for our beloved SE. Now one of the hurdles I feel I will have to over come is the financial out lay this will cost me and wonder if this could also be one of reason why others don't show under saddle. Another point I would like to bring up is the financial out lay to aquire the SE in the first place and are we just in too much of a hurry to breed so as to get some return on this. Might I add that my breeder that I purchased my filly from thought I should breed my filly this season so as to get some of my out lay back. So if this is the advice we are given by others, and we follow this ,could this also contribute to the problem why SE have such a bad name today regarding not being a suitable riding horse. Now please I would like to hear honest opinions.
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post May 19 2006, 06:18 AM
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A majority of our SE horses, mares and stallions, are started under saddle. SOME CAME THAT WAY HERE! We have a small group here also to be prepared for ground work and light saddle work. All are at various levels of learning. The two new SE mares due to arrive here, have professional training with a top reiner - one has the potential, the other does not as a reining horse even though they are half sisters and very similiar in phenotype...

Part of owning horses, for me anyways, is experiencing that glorious impatience to get on their back and see what kind of [potential] "goodies" they have to offer. I agree, you can not totally judge what a horse will feel like, move like and THINK like undersaddle until you sit on them and ask them to perform maneuvers, even the most basic. Others may have the natural ability for certain disciplines but no desire to perform that discipline, too.

There are still excellent performance trainers out there. Since I have delved into the costs between a professional halter trainer and a few professional, high level winning Reining Trainers, I can assure you that the cost of the Reining trainers either matches or is LOWER than the halter trainer! Good performance trainers and riders also seem more prone to be careful how they shoe or trim their horses so as not to inhibit their movement.

Athletic and beautiful - I agree. A performance horse should be capable of also competing in halter - example, AMIIN (working cow horse) does and I have seen it with my own eyes!

I do not "buy" the explanation that I have read and heard: That it is cheaper to send a horse for halter training than for performance training - if you are willing to learn and continue to ride, that is. I understand many circumstances that may also not allow for a person to ride or finances to send them out for training, etc. Yet, with the money issue aside, I have met and talked with people who can't or no longer ride and they still send their horses to good performance trainers and promote them that way.

What people do with their horses is their perogative. However, I am tired of the SE getting the undeserved reputation of not being able to perform. Put them out there with a good trainer for a riding discipline, and your PR begins! Word of mouth does more than fancy advertisements...

My honest thoughts on this... smile.gif
Sheila Bautz
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