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> Why Are Some Of Us So Particular, about halter classes
post Feb 29 2008, 04:43 PM
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Dear all

You have heard me, others complaining,taken things appart, and making statements which made some people very angry, especially when it touches their bloodline/horses.

Well, there is a reason for it. Some of us look at a horse and figure out what it might be able to do. But when you see some 300 horses in various halter classes at the EE and you say" what on earth can we do with these, other than a handful".it is getting very grim. When some of us know that by actual pedigree/ancestors they should be different

Nobody has a perfect horse, but at least it should be functional for something within its capabilities/limits.

For instance, giving a horse 16 poins for legs, when it has one bad one which will not stand up. Its like a car, having one flat tire. Such horse should get the lowest points ever. Should this insult, I think not. At least the owner/breeder will learn.

When I see those heads looking to the stars I can feel the pressure put on its back muscles. when I see those high heels, I feel the pressure on my knees and body. When I see those tiny feet I worry stumbling over any little twigg.
When I see the mutton whithers, I feel I will move between the ears. When I see the shallow girth, I worry about the heart and lung capacity, when I see those slight rearends I shiever.
And on and on and on. How then can some end up with high points 18-20?? that's beyond me..

Now why would any trainer, who is a horsemen/women not point this out to the owners? So the one-eye becomes the winner among the blind. And then there are objections against the name "garden ornaments". What else shall we call them?
How can anybody go bananas over a foal, and untested horse,, when we really dont know what it will become? We can have hopes, based on structure and
behavior, sometimes even wishfull thinking, but that really is all.

I like to hear from you what you think,. what you see, what you anticipate
from a horse, how you evaluate, what you would pick out of a line up.

We have ended up becoming bandwaggon addicts by and large. Just examine the various posts and subjects over this forum.It always and ever will be the same.
Have you ever heard Bazy Tankersly or myself bringing forth raving over a foal/youngster? Have you heard Michalow,Janow, Tersk,Marbach,Babolna and on and on doing it? they know better. How about the accomplishments under saddle?

What we are doing showing our happiness, our love for the newborn, our exitement and I understand that. But it should not end up that that is the last and best thing on this earth in equine. How often do we hear about them when they are adults? We are discussing heads, size etc but seldom the real thing, the horse. We get insulted when someone makes remarks we dont like and get mad and hate such person, when they should be grateful learning something.

the Bedus today treasure certain bloodlines, like the Hamdanis, the Nowakiyas, etc.this is based on their experiences with such lines under saddle and by their production. what do we do? We go by who owns it and the richer the person, the more the applause. We think the SEs are the best on this earth, when not all are and we overlook other top Non-SE bloodlines.We dont look at our competitors globally and then wonder why we cant compete well with all.And does everybody grade their herd? I do.The breeders mentioned above do.!

Therefore, I think we all need to discuss these things more closely,without getting upset,angry or hateful.Therefore, let us hear what you think, any solution you can offer and how we all can work together to start solving some serious problems.

Thanks for listening

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms

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Jenny Lees
post Mar 5 2008, 04:34 PM
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gbfahne.gif Hello of the stories I was told when I lived out in the Middle East was this.

"Years ago in the desert (pre mobile phones dry.gif ) if a rider was taking important news from one village/encampment to another this messenger would ride a horse with a lot of white on it if the news was good news smile.gif and a horse with almost no white on it if the news was not so good sad.gif ".

Maybe some of our Arab friends could confirm whether or not this is true.
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