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Hat jemand Ergebnisse vom Tersk Sale 2005 ?
Aztec Arabians
Six lovely horses coming back to the UK. Congratulations to the new owners.
Would anyone like to share there news what did you all buy? which horses are going Where?

Just being nosey , but its nice to know who was lucky and got a new horse. wink.gif
I have heard that it wasn't thát impressive. The most expensive horse should be 12.000 euro's blink.gif unsure.gif (Maskarad ?). Nevertheless a lot of people did have a great evening at the auction.
Aztec Arabians
The quality was down in terms of type for the in-hand discipline, but there were many excellent riding, racing and endurance prospects there. Basra and Pritcha to Jude and Chris Evans, Abhazia to Claire and George Chillingworth, Midia (high selling lot) to the Atkin family, Ballada to the Smith family. Kalinkah X11 to private buyer wink.gif .
These were the pick of the sale in our opinion and its great that they are coming to the UK. Congratulations to all the lucky buyers.
Aztec Arabians
The bid on Maskarad reached 8000 euro but he was not sold.
Please results!
angelo basile

makarad was sold a day after for 7000@ to norway. very very cheap for this horse!

congratiulations to the new owners. this beautiful and strong stallion is one of my favorite.
not very impressive saleslist, and the salesprices ph34r.gif
seems the quality was very low this year
angelo basile
youre right the quality was not the best but some very nice horses were there, too. but the problem was most of the horses came on tuesday after a 8 days trip, so they were very tyred. mr. den hartog do the best he could, but he can´t do wonders. some horses came earlyer and you saw the differents. i hope next year the quality will be better and the horses will come earlyer.
Aztec Arabians
In the parade of stallions we think that Kubinec looked incredible and better than last year. He also seemed happier. Its like he knew he was back home at last. Bless him biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
angelo basile
yes thats right. and he live like a king at the kossack stud. biggrin.gif
Just caught up with this thread.

I would like to say a big thank you to Kossack for putting on such a wonderful sale, they even managed to keep the weather good tongue.gif

I understand nine horses forward at the sale had been at Kossack for a number of weeks - the difference was noticeable. The remaining horses arrived 3 days before the sale sad.gif Kossack did a wonderful job in presenting and showing them to us all.

These horses, remember had left their birth home, travelled EIGHT days on a truck and you expect them to look like the nine who had been in the tender loving care of Kossack for a number of weeks.

You have to be able to look beyond what you see in front of you tongue.gif The quality comes through - OK not all are show winners but given time and love and care in a new home their brilliance will shine through.

Remember Plumbum - he wasn't sold at last years Tersk Holland but Robbie has a good eye and he bought him afterwards - and look how he turned out biggrin.gif

We were VERY fortunate to acquire BASRA (Piligrim x Baigora) - sorry Dean your photo does not do her justice rolleyes.gif
and the VERY special PRITCHA (Aromat x Polinezia) - poor Pritcha was taken away from her foal, loaded on a lorry for eight days to a new home - she was depressed, sad and wouldn't move but we can't wait to get her home to UK where she will stay with us for the rest of her life. biggrin.gif Come and see her in a year, you won't recognise her. She will join her half sister Perspektiva and the rest of the family. rolleyes.gif

Check out to see photographs.

plumbum's brother petersburg was on sales list this year has any one heard if he was sold? plum bum is a great individual as is pobebitel
one can only hope petersburg grows up to be like his big brothers. why was pritcha taken away from foal and how old was it ?
Dear Jude

Congratulation with BASRA and PRITCHA biggrin.gif Some of the very best mares at THS this year I think! Basra, she will not let her father down when it comes to movements. And the very lovely Pritcha, ohhh I felt so sorry for her, she was so sad and depressed. I am sure you will make her feel much better! You must send her all my love, such a speciel mare wub.gif

I took a lot of pictures, but I am not able to put some here at the moment. I will send a whole lot of Basra to you in a week or something if you like, I took some good ones of her.

Well, a whole year to the next THS, I can´t wait wink.gif

All the best from Birthe
Hi Birthe,

YES please, photos are always appreciated. Will e.mail you.

Heard from Robbie today that Pritcha is happier - she is out in the field each day, which she enjoys. Can't wait to get them home tongue.gif

angelo basile
peterburg was not sold it was not enough but i cant remeber how much was the last offer.
The last offer Ihave recorded in my catalogue is 5250 euros - much too cheap!!!! wink.gif

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