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Suellen Taylor
Well...just popped on to check things...and saw the post by Sandy about her SE in Shelbyville, TN at the Music City Show...and I guess I owe her an apology. I was under the impression (facts wrongly said to me) that there were but three SE's showing there...Rhapsody In Red, a yearling filly taken by Lynnbrook Stables, and my own Wind Dahncer (Thee Infidel x Elegant Dahncer), who showed extremely well in only his third outing in Hunter Pleasure, Jr. Horse.

He garnered two Reserves in his individual classes, then came back in the Championship to win the first place neck ribbon..Yahoo! We are extremely proud of him as he has been just gelded about two weeks, and like I said, this is only his third show under saddle.

Will share a photo with you all...and my sincerest congratulations to all who attended the show!!
And again, my apologies thinking there were but three SE's there...were there any more..and can we hear about them?

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Congratulations! smile.gif
Suellen Taylor
Thank you Hoogie..I appreciate the thoughts.

In this time of stress for all the gulf coast and many, many friends, a little old blue ribbon seems quite trivial.

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
You know how proud we are of y'all! biggrin.gif
Dear Suelle

Congratulations, this is wonderful. As I said before, those SES keep on going, going, going.

Have nice evening
Hansi biggrin.gif

Congratulations to you and your beautiful SE!!! Although I was not at the Music City Show, (was home babysitting the rest of the herd), My daughter, April, rode Metal of Honour in the same Championship Class. She placed 3rd.
We did not realize that the Champion was a SE. It does my heart good to see SE owner's competing in these Class A Shows. It is the best way to show how athletic Straight Egyptians really are! Keep up the good work!
Will you be showing him at the 2006 Egyptian Event undersaddle?

StarView Farm
Bronston, KY
Cyglenda Miller
Congratulations Suellen!! I know how proud you must be! He looks fabulous. I figure this is just a start to a great career.

The SEs were certainly well represented in Shelbyville - there may not have been but four there, but it seems all four did extremely well!!

I'm happy to say that Rhapsody In Red garnered a 2nd in the Open Aged Geldings in a nice class of 7 and went on to be Reserve Champion Gelding. He was also reserve in the AOTH Gelding Class against 8 nice geldings. It was a fun show, other than the heavy rains that moved through Thursday evening and Friday morning.


So sorry I didn't get to stay and watch Wind Dahncer win his championship - I know you were busting with pride! Congratulations - and those were good size classes too. I really enjoyed spending most of the weekend with you and watching the show.
And thanks for cheering on Rocky.

Suellen Taylor
Barbara, Hansi, Sandy, Elizabeth, Cyglenda and Amy...Thank you all sooo much, and Yes, I cannot deny I am extremely proud of this boy!

He was scheduled to be at the 2005 Event, but Jack Thomas, his trainer got very ill..and altho, I went, he was not presented...however, with all good thoughts, he will be there in 2006..and possibly Nationals.

Wind Dahncer is such a good worker, he loves it, and being recently gelded, he will continue with a ferver, I dare to say.

Amy, I cannot tell you how much I admire you and Rhapsody In Red..he is a wonderful horse. I love him..and I thoroughly enjoy seeing you out there...especially in halter..and it was quite ok that your beautiful boy garnered those ribbons as Sunday Verses is just a yearling..and has lots of time..LOL I, too, enjoyed our time together, and thank you for letting me love all over RIR!! lawn ornament here....LOL biggrin.gif

Elizabeth...thank you very much..that picture is kinda awesome..He does look somewhat what is all the fuss? I deserve this...LOL

Sandy, I feel like I must apologize again for missing your SE there..I have to assume that if he was in the ring for the championships, that he must have done quite well..and a big congratulations to you, too!

I am sooo very new to all this, but I have to say that with all the lows that pop up, the highs feel really know that this is a horse you yourself have bred, and is out of your fabulous broodmare, one of which gets very little acknowledgement, does feel GOOD!

Thanks again, everyone..and look out Louisville! rolleyes.gif

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA

What an accomplishment !!!! Huge congratulations to you and Dewey !! I am so very happy for you.

Awaiting the awesome performance debut of Wind Dahncer, at the2006 Egyptian Event USA,

Allison of Talaria
Dear Suellen,

I have been on vacation (as I think you know) and have only just started to catch up on my "email correspondence."

I saw this thread for the first time this morning--and am absolutely thrilled for you and your just-gelded Windhancer! CONGRATULATIONS--this is a big win, and you are to be commended (as well as our adored Amy Austin) for getting your SE's out there in open competition!

I am very very encouraged lately with regard to the future of the SE and Egyptian related horse here in the US. I think more and more breeders are looking at SE's and thinking about returning to a truer type base--and when we show that they can compete well in the "open" arena, we do a HUGE service to the Straight Egyptian horse.

No one knows better than I how expensive, time consuming, and anxiety-ridden showing horses can be--but it can be a lot of fun also, and you and Dewey (and Amy) deserve a big "thank you" from all of us who breed SE and ES horses today.

Good luck with the rest of the show year--and see you in November! (And we intend to have a lot of emphasis on performance horses, in addition to halter horses, at this seminar--including having Dale Brown ride a couple of ES horses and talk about what he looks for in taking on Arabians for training, in all blood lines.)

Again, my most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS!! biggrin.gif

Allison of Talaria
Suellen Taylor
Thank you Kelly and Allison for those nice words...We surely appreciate them! biggrin.gif

Allison, I sincerely hope you are right in thinking there is a bright future with the SE's and ES horses here in the US...I have not stopped breeding..LOL...and having high hopes in this future, am breeding horses with performance potential...after they compete in halter for a few years. You know how I love to show them off! Hoping you had a restful vacation, it is good you are back and I am anxiously looking forward to November!

Kelly, I look forward to another Egyptian Event with your company..but you know you are welcome in GA anytime..hope all is well with you and yours...and you are getting settled in that new house!

Thank you all again...we are having a really good time!

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Nancy Pierce
Well, I don't know how I missed this thread - though my excuse will be that I have been buried in work, only peeking out for minutes at a time, and my computer has crashed 3 times in the past 5 days - tixed now though.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yes, Suellen, you DO deserve all those accolades - enjoy them!!! Wind Dahncer is a heck of a nice horse, and I am soooo proud of you for not stopping at halter, though with his beauty, that could have brought him enough acclaim. He looks VERY handsome in his hunter garb. smile.gif

Best to you!

Nancy P.
Suellen a big CONGRATULAIONS to both you and your horse. I love to see someone doing as they preach. I hope others follow in your foot steps. As Nancy says DO deserve all those accolades. A big WEll DONE... biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Suellen Taylor
Nancy and JMO..thanks alot!

All I do is write the checks..Dewey makes it, I spend it..and I am a bit ahead of him...LOL

Wait until you see Very Versace all decked out, too..awesome! I do love the showing part..altho I do very little..I have been fortunate to find good trainers who seem to love my horses as much, if not more, than I do. wink.gif Oh, if I were a bit younger and more spry???

New Mexico is a bit too far, but I wish good things to all who are going and/or competing!

Thanks again, everyone....

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Congratulations, Suellen & Dewey!

Wind Dahncer is stunning! To accomplish all this is just a few months of training really speaks to his athletic talent and trainability! I love that picture!

Suellen Taylor
Thanks Connie....we are looking forward to his next show...seems every show he gets better!

Jack Thomas is an excellent trainer, and the two of and rider..have an excellent rapport. I enjoy watching them together.

When will you be riding Rock?

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
I just came across this thread - sorry to be late posting but let me add my congratulations, Suellen! Wish I could have seen the championship class.

I was there on Saturday and saw this boy in action and he is wonderful. Jack Thomas has done a fantastic job in training and as a team they were superb. Wind Dahncer knew his job and did it - no nonsense, no shenanigans, just complete consistency. I was very impressed.


Oh my gosh!!!! I too missed this thread!!! I can't believe it! What an accomplishment for a young horse with only 3 shows under his belt!!! That is truly amazing. Congratulations to you and Dewey - I agree with those who have said that it is so encouraging to see so many SE's like yours out there winning in the performance arena!!!

You go girl!!!

Congratulations as well. I have been busy and missed the thread too. What a wonderful win!! I know you are so proud!!
Are there results posted anywhere?
Carolyn Shelton
Congratulations, my dear old friend on Dahncer's win; I know you are bustin' your buttons over it! He's looking great and if this is any indication of what he can do, you had better have Dewey build you a trophy room! Love ya, Carolyn
Pat M.
Gotta tell ya'll that missed this show that it was REAL nice seeing WD and Jack do so well!!! Finally, after many years of correspondence, I got to meet Suellen! It was icing on the cake that I also got to see Rhapsody in Red and talk to Amy as well.
SE's done good in my lttle corner of the world. LOL.
Now, I scoped WD out with every nit pick I could think of when he was in the Hunter class I saw and he passed with flying colors...SE or Arabian. Jack is to be commended on the excellent way he rode and handled this horse. All too often, we hear about the "snatch and jerk" trainers, those who feel the need to stay after a horse constantly? I saw none of this in the entire time I watched WD being ridden. It was a smooth ride. A partnership.
I would go so far as to say that this Arab could give a hunter of another breed...QH or TB a run for their money!
Glad I did not miss this one.
Pat M.
Suellen Taylor
Wow..went away for a few days..thinking this was done..and lookie, l@@kie~!!

Tricia..thank you so much and as usual I thoroughly enjoy your company! I am so happy you and Abbie made the trip and WD thanks you too!!

Carol..thank you so much, as well...I truly wish you were closer..I would love to have one of your awesome photos of this boy! He IS going places! smile.gif

Gina..thank you too..I wish I had one one your gorgeous show halters for him..perhaps we can coordinate it with a visit from Carol LOL..and as far as the results are concerned...I have not been able to pull them up on AHA..they seem to have deleted the Regional and Local results from their page..and we are probably not caught up yet on DataSource under his accomplishments. It will be there shortly, I would think. sweet of you to speak of Wind Dahncer...and thank you so much...Hope you and yours are well...and what are your "guys" doing these days? LOL.. and I AM running out of room with the ribbons...glad I like blue and red....LOL biggrin.gif Sunday Verses and Very Versace have a few also.

And Pat...I cannot tell you what a delight it WAS to meet you and family..after all these years of correspondence..that started because we are also cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear you speak those words...I don't know much about all this performance stuff..just yet..but I do know what my eyes see..and I was surprised and very happy with this horse! Jack is indeed a good trainer..and now, as you know, is starting VERY Versace under perhaps, we will see some more arenas..LOL

Thanks and all..from Dewey and I..from Jack Thomas Training Stables, and from this horse, Wind Dahncer!! smile.gif smile.gif

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Pat M.
I cannot wait to see Very under saddle! He is my *pal* going back to when Chris had him at the last Music City show for his halter class. He actually has it all...great looks and sweet dispostion....and now we are to see him under saddle! biggrin.gif
Suellen Taylor
Hi Pat...and thanks again...VERY Versace is an extremely nice stallion...and we are pleased his temperment is such he can stay intact...and still do his job. Jack seems very pleased with him, altho, I do think he will be Western.

Sunday Verses actually has a bit better range of movement..but with VERY's height, I think he will be stunning and excel under saddle..I can hardly wait! biggrin.gif Time will surely tell..yes?

Sometimes I wish I could twitch my nose and make things happen faster....LOL biggrin.gif

TOP Of the Hill Arabians
Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Suellen, Don't wish this precious part of your life away... Everything will happen in its right time. AND ALL YOUR WISHES WILL COME TRUE!!
Suellen Taylor
Barbara..thank you very much!

I just wish I could do more..and I am told anything worthwhile is worth waiting for...LOL biggrin.gif

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Sue Ellen,
Thought that you might like to know that at the 2005 Music City Danny showed for a client a three yr old SE mare not a yearling in Sporthorse In Hand Mares . Sorry to say the SE mare didn't place very well.

The three bay geldings (The Lone Star, Ten Bearrs & Josey Wales)that you may have seen Danny show are bred & owned by either Danny or I . Ten Bearrs & Josey Wales won 1st & 2nd in SHIH Geldings with Ten Bearrs going on to be Reserve Champion SHIH Gelding. Maybe next show season we'll bring their sire Bajha Bey V out of semi retirement & show him in SHIH stallions & show hack.

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Ten Bearrs & Josey Wales won 1st & 2nd in SHIH Geldings with Ten Bearrs going on to be Reserve Champion SHIH Gelding.

The above should have said "Ten Bearrs & Josey Wales won 1st & 2nd in SHIH Geldings with
Josey Wales going on to be Reserve Champion SHIH Gelding.


hunter is extremely competitive nowadays. It is usually the largest class at US Nationals. Congrats on your success. I say you go get 'em!

Candace Callegari
Suellen Taylor
Hi Candace..and thank you ...we have noticed that the classes seem to be getting larger and larger...I wonder sometimes how the Judges judge?

and Donna...congrats on your wins....was fun being with you and Danny! biggrin.gif

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Suellen, just saw this thread!!!

Congratulation's!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Wind Dancer look's Great........I wish all the best biggrin.gif

Miranda smile.gif
Suellen Taylor
Thank you Miranda...

Hope all is well with you and yours!

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Guest 1
Hello Suellen,

It is so great to see your horses being ridden and showed, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the ribbons.
All the best,
Suellen Taylor
Hello and good morning Robert.....and thank you!

Hope you and yours are well...Kelly owes me an email! LOL I know she is busy!

Wind Dahncer is just simply exceling..we are very proud of him...look for him next year as well!

So good to see you at the EE...and hope to see you again soon...make that trip down here!

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Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Suellen Taylor
Folks, I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was for me to receive The Pyramid Society mailing today with the enclosure of The Chariot.

There on the Regional Round-Up page was a little write-up about the Music City Show in Shelbyville, TN with a photo of my boy!

I cannot thank the people responsible for this enough..We are flabbergasted!

Thank you so much!

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
Chatsworth, Georgia USA
Lisa Brady
Congratulations Suellen!!!

That is fantastic, and he looks BEAUTIFUL under saddle!

He looks simply beautiful! I love that photo of him & Jack! I thought you probably knew his pic would be in the Chariot, that maybe they notified owners whose horses would be featured. What a nice surprise!

Very well deserved recognition for a fine example of a "doing" Straight Egyptian!

He has only just begun!

Suellen Taylor
Good morning all...

Connie..Thank you....No I was totally surprised, and I apologize if what I said sounded selfish..My heartiest congratulations to all the horses that competed there and anywhere is wonderful to see these beautiful creatures doing things, exceling in them, and ENJOYING it as they go!
And as I said, being with Amy for the weekend was great..I adore Rhapsody In Red!

And Lisa...thank you too! I did so enjoy getting to know you at the Event, and I sincerely hope to see you again at the end of a lead have a great gift!

I really am overwhelmed...being such a small and relatively new breeder trying to proceed in this uncertain world of Arabian horses, it just can't be helped that I get excited..and hopefully not just for myself....look at what Liz's daughter is doing with her SE...makes me wanna stick around...LOL biggrin.gif

Thanks again!

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