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How is this stallion producing? When I see horses bred by Simeon Stud, it's either Asfour or Anaza Bay Shah children I see on this forum. What about Imperial Madaar?
Here is my Madaar son Sabtah Shareem, his dam is Simeon Sadira by Asfour. There have been other aussie Madaar kids posted such as Simeon Sira and Simeon Sargail hopefully their owners will come and show us some more of them!! There are some pics of Madaar progeny in the Australian Arabian thread too. I love what Simeon breed esp the the Madaar and Asfour foals.

Greg Egan
SImeon Sira owned by James Cleland

Imperial Madaar x Simeon Salome(Asfour x Simeon Safanad)
Greg Egan
Simeon Shekinah(Imperial Madaar x Simeon Safran(Anaza Bay Shahh x Simeon Sukari))

Grey Yearling filly
Liz Salmon
I saw Madaar last month looking very well. Marion has some very nice youngsters by him. Here is a week old colt foal I saw out of Simeon Shavit.

Thanks for posting the photo of the very lovely Simeon Sira. What a gorgeous filly. What must it feel like to be you James? smile.gif WOW!

Here is a picture of our 3 yr old colt by Imperial Madaar, out of Simeon Sayver (Anaza Bay Shahh x Simeon Sukari). He is a full brother to Simeon Sarice who was exported to Germany.

Simeon Sargail:
The best stallion I have seen by Madaar would be Madraas (x Bluegrass Philadelphia) a gorgeous chesnut Egyptian related stallion, used to be managed by King Estate. (not that I have seen many progeny, as Madaar has only around 30 - 40 progeny approx. Sorry don't know how to post a picture.
Also Simeon Shirli had several foals to Madaar, including Simeon Sadir (now in England and a champion endurance horse) and Simeon Astarte at Saba Arabians. Also Al Shama Arabians in QLD own Simeon Smadar who had produced very well to Simeon Stav, her full brother a chesnut gelding is also very good, I think his name is Simeon Sayif.
Simeon Safanad also had a daughter to Madaar called Simeon Sippora who had produced very well, especially to Asfour, ie Simeon Siboni, Salsila and Sehela. Saba Arabians have Simeon Siboni too. Look at their website for picture of these gorgeous mares!
I forgot there is another Imperial Madaar son I have seen and loved, his name is Simeon Shavvot. He is out of Simeon Soosa (Simeon Sadik x Simeon Simona) who is a full sister to Simeon Sochain. This lovely grey stallion is owned by Foxridge who are in QLD and have some other Simeon horses and some Polish horses too.
I saw him at the Queensland Challege in 2004, and boy did he have a lot of presence about him and wonderful movement! Unfortunately his full sister Simeon Sahara died and there are no other full sibling on the database.

Maybe you should have a look on the Australian Arabian Website and go to the online database and type in Madaar's full name and look as his progeny list.
Madrass (Imperial Maadar x Bluegrass Philadelphia)
Al Sahrae Arabians

We have a gorgeous Madaar son. Sahrae Al Saba is a yearling and getting more and more beautiful all the time. He is out of Simeon Siboni - who is by Asfour and out of the Madaar daughter Simeon Sippora, obviously making Sahrae a double Madaar son. From what we believe he is the only double Madaar colt ever.

Sahrae can move beautifully, is very typey and tall. One of the things I love about him the most is his temperament. Glenn North always said that Madaar babies had great temperaments. Sahrae is no exception. He is just so gentle and sweet and just a pleasure to be around. We can't wait until he is old enough to breed with.

I have to apologise as I don't have any recent pictures of him as he is going through the changing colour stage.

I love Imperial Madaar and feel that he hasn't been given the same opportunities that Asfour and Anaza Bay Shah have had.. Although I guess it does make all our Madaar babies that extra bit special!!!!

Greg Egan
Sabtah Shareem is an amazing stallion with an excellent temperament and plenty of type.
SImeon Smadar is a gorgeous typey great moving mare, a real beauty she is and her foals I saw a few years ago were equally amazing

Here is Simeon Saadia(Imperial MAdaar x Simeon Saada(Asfour x Simeon Safanad))

She is an amazing filly and I really really like her, she is hot and wholy can she trot. I thinhk she was a yearling in this photo
I absolutely love what Madaar is producing, especially for the temperaments on the foals (adult progeny included), they follow you around and leave mum behind mostly!
AS well as his progeny's movement!
one of the most stunning foals I have ever seen is one that Undurra arabians has bred. The type on this fella is unrivalled so far in all the madaar progeny i have seen.
Hopefully one day soon Madaars bloodlines will grace my paddocks, will be a lovely cross with Abraxas Amir (ET Crown Prince) my new stallion that arrives soon!
Karen tongue.gif tongue.gif
Another son of Madaar to have done well at halter is Simeon Sahar (out of Damirah imp. Marbach)...he is a full brother to Simeon Smadar and Simeon Sayif. Sahar is owned by Swiftwood Arabians.
Sahar was 2003 and 2004 Reserve Australian Champion Gelding 4 yrs and over. He has a wonderful temperament...very sweet boy.
Al Shama
"SImeon Smadar is a gorgeous typey great moving mare, a real beauty she is and her foals I saw a few years ago were equally amazing"

Hi Greg,

Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts on Simeon Smadar. We're currently waiting with baited breath for her Stav Kin Shahsa foal!!! Due anytime..........................

Attached is photo of Simeon Smadar taken about three years ago by Carmel Rowley. No recent ones yet, we expect to take some more soon when the baby has arrived.

Imperial Madaar has long been one of my favourite stallions - his correct structure, type, temperment and beauty make him a stallion of worth in a pedigree.

Liz Salmon
Marion told me that she is using Madaar more frequently now.
Yes Marion seemed to go through a stage of not using him that much , but it must be a hard decision to make which stallion to use over each mare.

There was a rumour that went around that a visiting farrier picked Madaar as the best horse on the property when asked which horse he liked best. He thought Madaar had the best legs and feet. Just a rumour though, don't know how true it is and everyone has different taste. Al the stallions there are very high quality stallion for different reasons. It will be nice when some photos of the new imported Imtaarif colt are released........ And hopefully he will be shown too........
I guess to use Madaar more or not to comes down to supply & demand.
Most who go to Simeon to buy a horse are after Asfour blood .....this is of no fault to Madaar.
He is a wonderful horse who has at times been over looked but there does now seem to be a growing "fan club" which is good.

This stallion is not getting any younger......
Thanks Greg smile.gif I must add I agree with you and Helen regarding the Madaar babies temperaments. they are such easy going horses. I know my boy is a gem to have around and he is so adaptable and has coped really well every time I have moved (which is more than I would prefer!!) I would love to have more Madaar horses in the future!!!
Yes but then you don't want to flood the market either, as the bloodline becomes too common and easy to acquire. and less valuable. And in economic terms, this causes excess supply, which has the effect of lowering demand, especially when the product is elastic as it is with Arabian horses, as they are not necessities like food and shelter. So you have to be careful. Yes Asfour, Anaza Bay Shahh and Imperial Madaar are all getting quite old, which is a shame, but atleast there is probably plenty of frozen semen too, which helps!
@ Liz I hope people are not relying on frozen semen for it can give false security.
In general it is not realy tested till needed and the only true test is a live foal on the ground not so much mobility on semen.
I'm not sure that you realize there is frozen semen from very , very famous horses which is of no use to any one seems by todays standard it does not work but with luck( and science on our side) who nows what tomorrow may bring.!!!
My advice to any one who loves the " older lines " is to attain them now before they may be gone.
Does any one know the foal numbers on Madaar?
Thankyou Greg for posting a photo of our beautiful Simeon Sira, she is such a people loveing horse.
In regards to how many foals Madaar has had there are 44 foals registered in Australia with 6 being exported.
I just love the the strech , type and athletic ability that he passes on to his get.
We'll hopefully the frozen semen has been tested already in the case of these three outstanding stallions. I know a lot of the big studs tend to get frozen semen for when the horses dies. Didn't they do that with El Shaklan. Later on I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce laws on how long you can use it once the horse has died.
We have tried to keep a selection of daughters to incorperate into our brood mare band. His daughters who are old enough to breed have produced wondeerfully with foals exported to the USA, Middle East, and Europe.
This is a photo of our very first Straight Egyptian Imperial Madaar Daughter Simeon Sippora who is a wonderful producer.

She has her 2005 filly at side.
And Simeon Sippora has produced exceptionally well, I was lucky enough to see her daughters Simeon Salsila and Simeon Sehela (By Asfour) and they were both amazing fillies. I'm sure her MB Mayal filly is exceptional as well.
Hi everyone,
We have a lovely SE bay mare Marion bred called Simeon Sa'afa by Imperial Madaar out of Simeon Safta (x Simeon Sadik). She is going to be shown at the Western Australia State Championships this weekend so we'll take a picture and post it of her. She's ever so sweet and has the most amazing movement. She will be bred to our lovely stallion Simeon Sadran (Asfour) for a triple Asfour foal.
Bianca & Paul
Westbury Park Arabians
Good luck Bianca and Paul with your lovely Madaar daughter at the show this weekend, love to see some more photos of her. Is Sadran going as well, he is an amazing double Asfour stallion, one of my favourites.


Liz Allen
Canberra, Australia
Marion Richmond
Imperial Madaar 20 years young photos taken Feb 2007
Al Sahrae Arabians
He is just gorgeous.

Dr Daniel Wigger
QUOTE (Marion Richmond @ Mar 6 2007, 06:40 AM)
Imperial Madaar 20 years young photos taken Feb 2007

... exceptional face!
Greg Egan
Madaar is looking so well
Here is another photo of him
Also a photo of Maarzuq by Madaar.

All the best
Greg Egan
Hi Marion and Greg,
These are the best head and 3/4 shots of Madaar that I have seen, reflecting his type and personality. I remember being very impressed with him in person, and at the time thought he was undeservedly in the shadow of his stable mates, but these photos show him to be a special horse in his own right. He is looking fabulous! biggrin.gif
All the best,
Wow, they are beautiful photos of an incredible stallion!
His upright carriage is what impresses me most about him.
Liz Salmon
He's a lovely stallion, hopefully I'll see him again in October when I'm over there. Marion has been using him more recently with some great results.
Dr Daniel Wigger
After Imperial Madheen has become a kind of second Nazeer for Egypt, it is only wise to use his blood wherever possible ... dry.gif
Billy W
Yes Imperial Madaar is beautiful and lets not forget his genetic strength also from his beautiful dam......Ansata Nile Mist.
Simeon Sarice *2001 (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Sayver)

Click to view attachment

2007 in foal to
Authentic Dahman

Exotic Egyptian Arabians
QUOTE (ujw @ Mar 6 2007, 07:37 PM)
Simeon Sarice  *2001 (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Sayver)

Click to view attachment

2007 in foal to
Authentic Dahman

Exotic Egyptian Arabians

Congratulations to her owners, she is just stunning. Is this her first foal?

This is *Simeon Sadaar the first and only Imperial Madaar offspring in North America. His dam is the incredible Simeon Shavit a daughter of Simeon Safanad. Our lives and our breeding program have been blessed by this wonderful colt and our friendship with his breeder Marion Richmond. Photo credits gratefully given to Greg Egan.
Liz Salmon
Has he already arrived in Canada ? I judged some fabulous Simeon bred horses in New Zealand.
Mr Prospector
Dear Marion

If your beautiful white stallion ever becomes homeless - he can come stay with me. We have lots of grass now that Eternal Strangers is not around. ES's mum is still with us so he would never be lonely. ( smile.gif )

He is so very beautiful, it is as though he is like a fine wine, getting better with age. That head is just breathtaking.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful horse with us.

I love these photos, they show Imperial Madaar and his amazing personality.
More people should go and meet this Amazing Stallion.


Double post smile.gif
Dear Liz,

Yes, Sadaar arrived in Canada on December 30th just in time to bring in the New Year. He is doing very well, slowly adjusting to our cold weather. His arrival and future contributions to our breeding program keeps me up at night. He is a stellar horse with an abundance of personality and the best of both his sire & dam in conformation and type.

When we visited Simeon Stud last September I knew Asfour was going to steal my heart and he did however, I was not prepared for my reaction to Madaar. I had seen Imperial Madheen and not until I saw Madaar had I seen his equal. The recent photograph of Madaar is a true representation of this incredible and impressive stallion.

To BillyW

I completely agree, Ansata Nile Mist was one of our breeds best producers and certainly a consideration when we selected Sadaar. Sadaar will have an opportunity to increase the benefits of Ansata Nile Mist within our breeding program when he is crossed with our get by Imperial Mistaar (Imperial Baarez x Imperial Mistilll (*Jamilll x Ansata Nile Mist).

Simeon Sadaar Photograph: Greg Egan
Imperial Mistaar Photograph; Javan
Dear jennifer,

I am glad to hear that Sadaar has arrived. How is the young boy growing up? i love the photos you have posted of him can not wait to see him as a mature stallion.

Kind Regards
James Cleland
Imperial Madaar.

My eyes fill up and I feel a heaviness in my heart when I think of him.
Would that I had met him many years ago when he was young and had his whole life ahead of him. Now, at 20 years old, he has stolen my heart and I fear that should he leave us, I will always regret that I had not more time.
In my heart, while he lives, there is always the hope and the dream that one day I shall call him mine. It is a futile hope but I am a dreamer. If he is taken from us, I shall not remember how to dream for there will be nothing worthy of those fantasies.
Sometimes love is cruel. It embraces most strongly that which it cannot keep and grieves most deeply for that which it never possessed.

Imperial Madaar. My Epitomy.

On a lighter note, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend an evening at Marion's Simeon Stud on the Thursday, during the week of the East Coast Championships. I arrived late and therefore missed the stallions as they were brought out but I saw the beautiful weanlings, most by Madaar this time, and I loved them. Marion asked us if we should like to spend a little more time with a particular horse before they were all put to bed. I asked to visit Madaar and my husband and I were allowed to go and spend some precious moments with him. I was given a curry comb and spent the next hour or so grooming Madaar and scratching him, so that my fingernails were black and my smile was as bright as could be. I couldn't love a horse more.

Kimberley Watts

What a lovely post. As you know Madaar stole my heart and I am very fortunate to have two of his wonderful daughters. A full sister to Simeon Sarice, Simeon Silona and Simeon Salomes only Daughter Simeon Sira.

I will post another photo of Imperial Madaar.
I just love these photos. Greg your photo of Imperial Madaar is Fantastic Congratulations.

You have impeccable taste.

Did you see my colt at the ECs?

It was Helen Hardwick and her husband Andy, of Al Sahrae Arabians, who first told me that I would love Madaar and love him I do.

I am moving to NSW in the coming weeks and so we will have much in common. We both call South Australia home, we both reside in NSW and we both have a passion for Imperial Madaar. There will be much to talk about.

I look forward to many conversations. smile.gif

Kindest regards,

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