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I am considering using Vivaldi Rach this season. I am having trouble finding his offspring. As he was bred and used primarily in Brazil, there are not a lot registered on all breed pedigree website.

I have found a few on Rach website, but only one or two photos and I was wondering if anybody out there had any info or pictures to share.

I know he is of Polish blood and not Egyptian (sorry!) but knowing that people on here are a wealth of knowledge thought it might be worth a try asking!

Thank you all in advance gbfahne.gif
HS Zizi (Vivaldi Rach x Zemsta)

and if you look at and go to 'Sale Arabians', you'll find some more offspring of Vivaldi Rach (no pictures though).
Also look at 'Stallions', under Vivaldi Rach you can also click 'View offspring', there you'll see 2 more fillies by him.
hi arabianpassion,

Vivaldi Rach in European Championship 2002 (photo by the friend André Chezlebout) smile.gif

Best Regards,

Vivaldi Rach

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Copyright Erwin Escher

again Vivaldi Rach

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Photo ?
Click to view attachmentHortensia Rach 2000
Vivaldi Rach x Habelle by *Etat x Belle LTD by Abdullahhh (by Patron)

Click to view attachmentSERA RACH 1998
Vivaldi Rach x SHANNA Rach by *POLONEZ x *PCF SHEER DELIGHT ( by ALGOMEJ´s son).
Jamil Saliba (Brazil)

Click to view attachmentVivaldi (photo by Saliba´s web)

smile.gif Chau!

Amanda Holloway

I have put my mare in foal to Vivldi for 2006 foal due in may! As someone above said, look at Halsdon Arabians website, but there are not loads of photos. one of my favourites is HS Mistral, she was res. ch at the Tulip cup last year, dont know if anyone has some pics they could post of her?

Also if you call Halsdon I have found them very helpful, and they have some super Vivaldi offspring they may be able to organise a visit for you?

Thanks guys! I have been in touch with Halsdon, and they have kindly sent me a cd with a few pics on, unfortunately only 2 pics of his offspring.

I will be arranging a visit down there soon enough, but in the meantime I would like to see pictures of as many offspring as possible.

I have found registered 7 offpsring on the Rach website, and I am sure there are many more! A few have photos and a few dont!

Amanda - my email address is If you would be kind enough to mail me privately I would love to hear about your expectant mare, and pics of baby when he/she arrives! Im sure you are very excited.

Thank you all for your information and pictures so far, keep them coming!

Hi, I have photos of two of Vivaldi Rach's offspring, HS Pavane and HS Capriole. If anyone would be kind enough to explain how I post these photos (I have been trying for half an hour but can't work it out) - then I can leave some further information on Vivaldi.

You can upload your photos to a site such as:

Once you have uploaded them, right click and scroll down to properties. This will give you the html. Then return to this site, and when you write your reply you will see the IMG button. Click on there and add your html.

If you have trouble (Im not too good at explaining technical things!) Email them to me at and I will be happy to do it for you.

Kate gbfahne.gif
Shortly after Vivaldi arrived at Halsdon, I had the opportunity to see him in the flesh and he is truly breathtaking. Not one of his photos does the horse justice. Truly magnificent. It will be fascinating to see some of his foal's photos!
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