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I am in dire need for pictures of PB Arabian geldings being used undersaddle ASAP! I specifically need the horses to be Canadian bred for this one, as the article is vying for a spot in a Canadian publication (I hate to stipulate this limitation with Can. Arabs only, but I have to for this particular one - sorry!)

I am looking for:

1) "Backyard" geldings being ridden (a must), with children (adults welcome too!) riding bareback would be IDEAL, but not a prerequisite;

2) Anything showing the PB Arabian gelding being ridden in some form, for fun or competition.

3) Performance geldings, wins not necessarily important at this point;

Photos do not have to be professional, just very clear, with a letter accompanying the photo stating the current owners, Reg. #, Horse's name, and photo credit.

Small breeders and owners (but not limited to) are part of the goal and are a BONUS for this project.

If anyone can help me out, please post them here (from all countries!), as others, I am sure, will enjoy seeing them too, and/or PM me with your email address and I will reply with my private email to forward your photos too!

Thanks a BUNCH!
Sheila Bautz

Oliver, if this is inappropriate here, please accept my apologies in advance! Thanks!