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I just bought a colt by a stallion called Imperial Im Mahal. He is a cocky little yearling from a small farm in Canada and the colt will be coming to my place in S. America.

I'm curious to learn how many breeding sons of Ansata Imperial are still producing in the world.

Does anyone know?
I know of one but can't remember his name.
I am probably one of the biggest fans of the late Ansata Imperial! biggrin.gif
I only know of two sons of him who are still alive and siring
namely Imperial Im Mahal (the sire of your colt) and the bay Imperial Im Sirdar.
Photos of Imperial Im Mahal can be found in our pedigree section.
Imperial Im Sirdar (x Imperial Sonbesjul) is here:

Click to view attachment
Photo © Javan Schaller
BKA Imeer is still alive and siring. One of his sons is in my avitar.

He is standing with Tracey Mele of Tennessee Rose in Tennessee. Rachel Peters owns him.

I don't have a pic right off but I will try to find one today.

Yes BKA Imeer is very much alive and well - adn still very fertile!! biggrin.gif We have a few of his babies here and he throws AMAZING horses both in conformation and disposition!

I have a few photos of him to post - can anyone tell me how? LOL

CONGRATS on your purchase and good luck with your new boy!

Tracey M.
Riverside Arabians

Would love to see a pic or two of your new boy! Congratulations! biggrin.gif

Allison of Talaria
Imperial Imsirdar stands at Talaria Farms, in Newnan, Georgia (USA) and is a grand old guy. Handsome, great bone and substance, good size, very athletic, wonderful disposition!

I believe there is increased interest in some of these older bloodlines, as Sirdar is booked to 6 mares this year! cool.gif

Allison of Talaria
Song of Egypt Arabians
The Ansata Imperial bred horses are incredible, both in conformation, but temperament as well. My fascination started when I was able to spend some private one-on-one time with Imperial Imdal for a few days. It was an experience I'll never forget. Imdal was an extraordinary horse and there are very few out there that have caught my heart the way he did. So when I had a chance to purchase another Ansata Imperial son, I jumped at it, and I haven't regretted it since. Imeer is definitely the love of my life, and he's had some truly incredible babies these past few years.

I've also had the chance to meet and interact with Imperial Imsirdar on several difference occasions, and Al Jahimm at the Egyptian Event less than a year before he died. One thing that has impressed me the most about all four Ansata Imperial sons that I've been blessed to meet (and in Imeer's case, live with for the past five years) is that they ALL have that heart wrenching charisma that grabs you and doesn't let you go. They even shared some of the same cute personality traits. I am seeing this also in Ansata Imperial grandbabies as well. I've never met an Imdal child that didn't carry some spark in their nature that clearly marked them as their sire (and grandsire's) descendant.

Here's a pic of my boy, BKA Imeer (Ansata Imperial x Imperial Mistic (Ibn Morafic x Ansata Nile Mist))

Imeer is still fertile and his show quality babies speak for themselves. He is being stood at public stud with Tracey Mele of Tennessee Rose Arabians. Shipped semen will be available. Additional pictures and videos of Imeer and his babies are also available...

Rachel Peters of Song of Egypt Arabians

(((The following are some babies that BKA Imeer has produced. They are for reference only in relation to this thread. NONE of them are for sale. They were all taken when the horses were yearlings, except for the first guy, who was about seven months old when those two pics were taken...)))

Colt sired by BKA Imeer and out of Imdals Jade (Imperial Imdal x Nabiel daughter) ... Making him double Ansata Imperial, and he is definitely starting to strongly resemble him

Song of Egypt Arabians
Kayed Al Hadiye SOE (BKA Imeer x Alexandria SF (*Azeem x Ruminaja Ali daughter))

Song Lilliana (BKA Imeer x Nilequest-Baja (Shaikh Al Badi x Glorieta Zaafrana (Ansata Abu Nazeer x Ansata Sabiha))

Ibn Amar SOE (BKA Imeer x Amar Halima (Abraxas Halimaar x Nabiel daughter))
Hi Tracey and Rachel,

Here is a pic of Imeer's granddaughter by Iridium from last summer. It was taken when she was about 2 weeks old. She has since grown taller than all the other weanlings and looks great.


She is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats on a gorgeous girl! This line never seems to disappoint me and when we began looking for horses for our breeding program the Imperial line was one with the consistency and type that we felt represented the breed to it's fullest!

We feel extremly blessed to be caring for Imeer and several of his children! Only here a short while and he has stolen hearts!

Tracey M.
Song of Egypt Arabians
Does anyone know if Royal Jalliel is still alive? I had heard someone mention last year that they thought he has passed away, but they weren't sure. I'm also curious to find out whether he is still producing or not.

Gideon Reisel
These are the known sons of Ansata Imperial according to the AHA database

IMPERIAL IMPEROR AHR*204381 30 Apr 1980 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMSHAN AHR*204386 19 May 1980 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL INZAAR AHR*205671 27 May 1980 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL VALOUR AHR*227409 14 Feb 1981 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM MAMUL AHR*224412 10 Mar 1981 Stallion Bay
RUALA ENZAHI AHR*255464 23 Feb 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM MUTIR AHR*248187 02 Apr 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMFARR AHR*248310 17 May 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMPRESIV AHR*249642 29 May 1982 Stallion Chestnut
IMPERIAL IMPRESIV CHSB*547 29 May 1982 Stallion Chestnut
IMPERIAL IMPRESIV UASB*2303 29 May 1982 Stallion Chestnut
IMPERIAL IM JASIM AHR*249644 29 May 1982 Stallion Bay
IMPERIAL IMOHAAN AHR*249643 31 May 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL INJAH RJSB*432 21 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL INJAH AHR*249647 21 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL INJAH AHSB*20748 21 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL INJAH QASB*346 21 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMDAL AHR*249645 29 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
*IMPERIAL IMDAL IASB*1190 29 Jun 1982 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM TARIB MSB*530 30 Jun 1982 Stallion Chestnut
IMPERIAL IM TARIB AHR*249646 30 Jun 1982 Stallion Chestnut
BKA IMEER AHR*269582 10 Feb 1983 Stallion Grey
LARSATA AHR*288892 18 Mar 1983 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMALOUK AHR*272479 25 Apr 1983 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM SALIM AHR*272485 03 Jun 1983 Stallion Grey
LA PTAH AHR*316934 30 Mar 1984 Stallion Chestnut
ROYAL JALLIEL AHR*301048 14 Apr 1984 Stallion Grey
ROYAL JALLIEL CAHR*34070 14 Apr 1984 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM MAHAL AHR*323635 21 Jan 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IM MAHAL CAHR*22661 21 Jan 1985 Stallion Grey
AL JAHIMM AHR*321012 05 Feb 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMMAROUF CAHR*31628 25 Mar 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMMAROUF AHR*326426 25 Mar 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMMAROUF RJSB*692 25 Mar 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMMAROUF UASB*2613 25 Mar 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMSHAKIR AHR*323951 09 Apr 1985 Stallion Grey
IMPERIAL IMSIRDAR AHR*352709 11 Feb 1986 Stallion Bay
IMPERIAL IMSIRDAR CAHR*39125 11 Feb 1986 Stallion Bay
Song of Egypt Arabians
Only 25... Wow. For some reason I was thinking that there were more than that... And the majority of those are already dead. unsure.gif
Royal Jalliel is still alive and doing very well. I seen him a number of weeks back. His owner-"Micky"-is a really sweet lady that absolutely loves her horses! She really loves her "RJ" to! She hasn't used him in a couple of years now. Hopefully she will use him some this year. I have a feeling he won't be available to at public stud though.

I will have to say his head reminds me SO much of his dam! He is a really neat horse!

Cameron Thornberg
Caledonia Egyptian Arabians
Dear all

Here is a perfect example of miscaculations. As you can see when a horse is exported, receiving another Reg. number and becomes another horse, so to think.

According to my records Ansata Imperial produced 30 daughters and 35 sons.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Gideon Reisel
@ Song of Egypt:

Counted correctly. As Hansi mentioned some horses are doublelisted due to export. The AHA datasorce only mentions only 7 deceased out of the stallionlist, however the accuracy of this information is alway questionable as many owners do not report that fact to the registry.

@ Hansi,

It is also a perfect example of proper reading biggrin.gif

The question asked was:
QUOTE (Kashka)
... I'm curious to learn how many breeding sons of Ansata Imperial are still producing in the world...

Geldings are obviously not of above category and therefore left out of the list.

But if you insist, here are 13 missing stallion-born foals of Ansata Imperial, which have been gelded which actually make the list of male progeny grow to 38 rolleyes.gif The boldprinted geldings have managed to create some progeny before they lost their manhood wink.gif

IMPERIAL IHDAAR AHR*204380 10 Feb 1980 Gelding Grey
C THE WIZ AHR*241084 24 Feb 1981 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL IM FULAD AHR*224410 28 Feb 1981 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL RAHFEEK AHR*224411 22 Apr 1981 Gelding Bay
IMPERIAL IMAN AHR*224413 23 Apr 1981 Gelding Bay
SHEMAALS WIZZARD AHR*325382 10 Mar 1982 Gelding Chestnut
NFA IMPALA AHR*247919 26 Mar 1982 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL IMSAMUUD AHR*248186 11 Apr 1982 Gelding Grey
IMPERIALIMFANJARI AHR*272477 08 Feb 1983 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL FARID AHR*280356 13 May 1983 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL-ALAMONRA AHR*316047 04 May 1984 Gelding Chestnut
IMPERIAL IM DAEEM AHR*298765 18 May 1984 Gelding Grey
IMPERIAL IM AMEEN AHR*323955 19 Mar 1985 Gelding Grey
Yes, you are correct, but I referred to straight egyptians only.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms.
Hi Kashka,

Congratulations on your new colt. What is his Dam line? Is he SE?

I purchased my stallion, Moon Sheine, from the same owner who had Imperial Im Mahal. I saw him many times, and also several of his get, although many weren't SE.

Please post a few pics of your new boy!

Interesting as my colt's tail female goes through Ansata Sabiha.. though not grandson it's within 4 generations wink.gif
Hello Gideon smile.gif I saw your avatar and liked the looks of the horse that is pictured. Who is he? And can you tell me more about him? His expression is lovely. smile.gif

Gideon Reisel
Hi Ralph,

The horse pictured is Rashull B. Read more about him on my website under SEE >> HORSES
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