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Hi everyone

I have some friends who bourght a nice spanish stallion, but they have so many papers, and don't ´know what is what..... and they haven't had the papers to change the papers into danich ones yet (they think)

Can anyone tell me, ei. what is the "pasport" for the horse called, the one you shall use if you want to show him, and haven't had you own yet??
Good luck!!!! dry.gif
Hopfully it will be easyer for you to change FROM Spanish. cool.gif
I brought my horses TO Spain and it took 4years to get them in the Spanish
Stud books unsure.gif The word for passport is Pasaporte.
Try passing all paper work to your own bred register.
Hi Stevie

Thank you, we have passed all papers to the Danish register, but noone speeks Spanish there .

My friends has copyed everything for me, to try and help them.

Maybe you can tell me what these papers are:
1. Certificado De Inscripcion - Carta Genealogica
2. compra venta de equidos transferencia
3. certificado veterinario oficial (think this must be from the vet?)

Then I have a copy from a side with the description of the horse color and markings, is that from the pedigree or the pasport?

The horse is from '91 and there are not made any new kind of papers, as he has never been on any show.

Hope you can help here.
Hi Betina,
I think huh.gif Certificada De Inscripcion carta Genealogia,is to say that the horses has
been DNA'd and blood tested.
Compra venta de equidos transferencia,should be the new owner transfer. Certificado veterinario,means that the horses has been inspected by the vet,
soon after birth or on leaving Spain??
Did you not get the horse's passport when you paid for him??
In Spain all pure bred's have one and they are all micrchiped. cool.gif

1.the Certificado De Inscription is the pedigree
2. Compra venta de equidos transferencia, is the agreement of transfer and sale
3. certificado veterinario oficial is the official certificate from the vet.

If you need translation I can help! What's the name of the stallion?


Hi Erik

Thank you for offering your help, the stallion is Gual Sadam.

I have send you a PM.

Thank you to Stevie to, you are all very nice to help here at SE.
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