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What a shame mad.gif
We just heard from trusted person from France that the "Wn fawn Obsession" results was positive in the doping test in the world championship in Paris mad.gif
Jonas S.
Then Galilea will be Champion mare but who will be reserve?
IF this is true, Simourah W would be reserve champion... Let's wait and see dry.gif
shame huh.gif shame mad.gif shame mad.gif shame
and now the results are known thats 3 months later.....why does it take such a long time?? ph34r.gif

if this is true it's a shame this happens and poor Horse!!! sad.gif sad.gif
But I think, this has to do however nothing with the handler Scott Allman. Fawn was cared for the whole year by its own veterinary surgeon because of chronic lameness.
Chronic lameness? Why bring a sick horse to a show?
Unfortunately she has the wrong owner. For him, it's completely no matter how it the horse feel, it counts only success.
Lets not get all worked up about something that may not even be true.If, and i say IF,this mare is tested positiv on doping than we will know soon enough.For now lets not start a gossip.There is enough of that as it is.
Hey guys

It is first time to hear about such wicked act in the world championship, ohmy.gif sad.gif

is there any penalty for that? mad.gif
Give me a break
QUOTE (Sergei @ Mar 4 2006, 06:50 PM)
It is first time to hear about such wicked act in the world championship,  ohmy.gif  sad.gif

No it isnt, Al Aadeed had his World Championship title taken away in 2004(?? or 2003?) as the dope tests proved positive.

But it would be nice if people waited for OFFICIAL PROOF before you all start condemning the trainer, owner and whoever else! Anyone who might have a grudge against those people could start a thread anonymously (like this one...) just to hurt those people, or just because they are bitter about their favourite horse getting beaten. Just because "Guest Susan" whoever she may be says that a nameless friend said Fawn Obsession was doped, that's a long way from an official statement! mad.gif
QUOTE (Sergei @ Mar 4 2006, 06:50 PM)
Hey guys

ok you Give me a break  mellow.gif  mellow.gif

is there any penalty for that? mad.gif
Yes, Al Adeed did have the title taken away from him for a positive dope test. However, there was no intention to cheat. He got very upset in the lorry on the way to the show and had to be sedated for his safety and the safety of everyone else on the lorry. Unfortunately, like people, not all horses clear drugs as quickly as the book says they do so he still had a trace left when he was tested. I was really pleased that he went back and regained the title the next year; well done to everyone concerned. It must have been a real blow to lose the title but now he has it again.

If Fawn Obsession was positive there may be an innocent explanation, as others have said, let's wait and see.

Forgot to say, one of the reasons the tests take so long is that once there is a positive test a different sample (collected at the same time) has to be tested to make sure the result is genuine and to ensure there is no "miscarriage of justice".
That wouldn't be a suprise. She had been lame all year! Remember Menton...
Interesting to see what will happen now? I wonder how quickly ECAHO will
publish the results?!
Wasn't there a case of couple of years ago where the owner was suspended
from showing any horse after being tested positiv with a horse?
Interesting to see if the ECAHO will be as hard with penalties in that case...
Hi Sergei, no it was not the first time. Like somebody else posted there was Al Aadeed and before Navarrone-P.
I am not sure if there is a penalty but the horse will loose the title.
She was lame at the World! It was not hard to see.

I personally do not care about a title if my horse is in so much pain that to function on a daily basis she has to have pain it boggles my mind as to why, when they knew she had to use drugs that would test her positive, did they even bother showing?

Of course...this is IF this is all true.
“Even if there were cases of positive doping tests I think those situations were different.

Al Adeed was treated with sedation during the transport to the show as he was very
nervous on the truck. There was no intention to dope the horse in an improving way.

Also the case of Navarrone was quite similar to Al Adeed. She had a little accident a few
days before the show during a photo shoot. The vet had been treating her and filled in a
complete report of his treatment which had been handed over to the show organizer and DC before she started.
The organziers and DC had informed about the treatment before she competed and won the championships.
After that she got into a doping test although the organizers new before and allowed her to compete.

With Fawn Obesession the situation obviously lies a bit different. She had problems with being lame
for nearly the whole 2005 season - she was trotting strange at Wels, she was disqualified by the DC at the Menton show.
Always with her was her "private vet" from the Staates...and she was still not clear in Paris. “
come on
she was not disqualified in menton she was with drawn .... big differnce ... remember people
facts not fiction

people love to gossip , but when its about them they dont like it , so just keep that in mind ....... next you will be saying all the saudi horses were doped ...

if you want to know whats happening or have something to say then call the owner and talk to them or whoever is in charge and dont just speculate
well i think what you said is right people should just stop gossiping about what they herd from a very reliable friends friend.

she is still world champion on the ecaho web page so untill that changes congratulations to fawn obbsesion deutschfahne.gif
Although everybody who reacted to this topic was correct and well-behaved, the topic will now be closed. The case rests with ECAHO, who will directly inform all persons involved. After a decision has been taken that will be published, as usual.
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