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Blue Angel
someone know the results of the show in egypt?
Hello Blue Angel,

I too am waiting anxiously for reports from this show!!

Bakr, did you manage a trip out to Saqqara?? If so do you have any pics to share???

Looking forward to seeing them.

Kind regards...........Debbie.
Hello Debbie yes i have been there and it was wonderful show , here are the results and i will e-mail you some pictures.


Junior Champion Filly
Sadah Madheen (Maydan Madheen x Shahneekha)
Owner: Al khaled stud
Breeder: Germany

Reserve Junior Champion Filly
Anbar Noor (Ibn Arabia Sakr x Hams Al Koloob)
Owner: Leila

Senior Champion Mare
Ansata Bint Shahrzad (Farres x Ansata Shahrezad)
Owner: Albydaa
Breeder: USA

Reserve Senior Champion Mare
Hekayet Albadeia (Anaza Bay Shah x Simeon Safir)
Breeder & Owner: Albadeia

Most classical head
Mohga Sakr (Imperial Madori x Ses Marah)
Owner: Tahani Stud
Breeder: Sakr


Junior Champion Colt
Tamaam Albadeia (Simeon Sharav x Tamimat Albadeia)
Owner & Breeder: Albadeia

Reserve Junior Champion Colt
Ezz Ezzain (Ansata Almurtajz x Najeiah)
Owner : Omar Stud
Breeder: Kuwait

Senior Champion Stallion
Khaled Sakr (Imperial Madori x Ses Marah)
Owner: Shomokh Al Masaeed.
Breeder: Sakr

Reserve Senior Champion Stallion
Al Mokhtar Sakr (Shaheen x Zandai Arabia)
Owner: Badrawi Stud
Breeder: Sakr

Most classical head
Al Mokhtar Sakr (Shaheen x Zandai Arabia)
Owner: Badrawi Stud
Breeder: Sakr

Congratulations for all the winners wink.gif
Dancing wink.gif
Thank you Bakr,
For posting the results.

Congratulations Nasr and the Beautiful Tammam, and Hekayet smile.gif smile.gif

Paolita and Farida
Dear Bakr

thanks for this very complete list of results, any photos will be
SO MUCH APPRECIATED......particularly Al Badeia's winners.... smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
A nice day

Thank you Bakr!!

Congratulations to the lovely Al Mokhtar Saqr on his Res Ch & Classic head win. Such a beauty!! Mabrouk to Bedrawi Stud!!

Dr Nasr will be pleased with Hekayet's Res CH! Such a beautiful young mare, destined for bigger & better things......just wait & see! Nasr must also be happy with Tamaam's win, being by the amazing Simeon Sharav, he has some big footsteps to follow in!!

Looking forward to seeing lots of pics.

Thanks so much Bakr, much appreciated!! Congrats to all who entered & exhibited.

Kind regards.......Debbie.
Paul Huzevka
Hello Bakr,

Can you please tell me the horses name on the dancing photo?
Is he from the EAO?

Anyway, my type of horse,

Thanks, Paul
Hello Paul
i really have no idea about this dancing Arabian but i can tell you that he is a SE wink.gif

Hello Paola and everyone
Here are some pictures from Sakaara show

Hekayet Albadeia

Hekayet Albadeia

Mohga Sakr (Most classical head mare)

Yassmin Almasaeed by Simeon sharav she came first in her class.

Yassmin again she is pretty rolleyes.gif

Almokhtar Sakr (Reserve Senior Stallion and most classical head title)

Khaled Sakr the Champion Stallion

Dear All,
Almost a year ago, I posted in this Forum some photos for a colt that was then about 2 weeks old. His name was Tammam Albadeia ( Simeon Sharav x Tamimat Albadeia) .
Here they are again in addition to some new photos , a year later taken on his first birthday after winning the Junior Champion Colt last week in the Egyptian Nationals hosted by the Egyptian Breeders Association at Sakkara.
I am sharing these photos with you not only to show off !!!! but also to illustrate the development of a certain foal over the years. More often than we can think, a breeder can visualize how the foal will grow up to be providing he knows well the parents and his own program.
Tammam Albadeia DID NOT disappoint me.
Dear Nasr,

Wow!!!! smile.gif smile.gif
Tammam is really growing into a beautiful Colt.
Congratulations Again.

Paolita and Farida
Dear Nasr,

when I got from you the first Tammam's photos when he was a very young foal, with that lovely turqoise necklace, with his beautiful head, and wonderful little body....I said to myself.....YES!!! this will be another Albadeia's Masterpiece and....I was not disappointed in my expectations !!!!! Congratulations, Nasr, and thanks for showing us how he looks now, a very very beautiful colt, promising to be a very very beautiful stallion!!!!He has the potentiality to be a super class horse, and one more time the combination of Simeon Sharaf with your precious mares, is proving to be an excellent ''Cocktail'' of beauty, type, elegance and refinement. Any other photos will be EXTREMELY appreciated by your fan nr 1 and I am sure, by all our friends here. Beauty is a joy for eyes and soul, and in this world full of problems and troubles...we need to have these glimpses of joy!!!!!!!!!!!
Paola (more than ever and always your fan no 1) smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif wink.gif
Dear Dr Nasr, Like Paola, I well remember your previous photos of Tammam as a youngster and I wondered then how he would mature. Thanks for posting these recent photos of your boy- he is a very impressive colt and you must be rightly very proud of him. Also excellent photos as always. Congratulations, Dorothy Brandie, Templar Croft Arabians, Aberdeen. Scotland. gbfahne.gif
Dear Bakr, Thanks for posting the show results - I am sure you will have enjoyed being in attendance. Congratulations on the quality of your photos also. Thanks again, Dorothy Brandie.Templar Croft Arabians, Aberdeen. Scotland. gbfahne.gif
Dear Nasr,

Ma Sha`Allah! Tamam is exquisite!

Congratulations on his winning the Junior Champion Colt award!

Robert 1
Liz Salmon
Dear Nasr, that colt is simply stunning —many congratulations. Liz
guest A
Congratulations for all the winners ....especially to omer stud and mr.Usamah Ezzain(breeder)....this colt is stunning and one day he will take
the championship
Ezzain horses are doing well.... smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Dear Dr Nasr,Tammam has developed into the most beautiful young colt you must be so proud of him. wub.gif Bakr thanks also go to you for your wonderful photos. wink.gif
Al Fawara
Dear Nasr, Tammam really is spectacular, great nick: Sharav and Tamimat; if you have some pictures of his young sister I am sure people would love to see whenever you are ready to show them as you were so enthusiatic about her a few weeks ago! Hope you and the horses are all well, Sven

P.S. Is Hekayet being bred and if yes to whom? You know what would be MY choice (no, not Sharav)! rolleyes.gif
Hello Sven
Both Hekayet and Farha Albadeia bred to Majd Alrayyan smile.gif rolleyes.gif however i'm still curious which one you were thinking of !!!

Al Fawara
Dear Abu Bakr: my choice for Hekayet Albadeia would be this one as my gut feeling says it will turn out into a great foal, not saying that Majd Al Rayyan is not a suitable partner for her and he will be there only for a year I think. But the next breeding, well I would seriously consider the horse pictured below, he is not getting younger!

Best wishes, Sven

P.S. You do recognize him, I hope! Portrait done by me.
Hello Sven,

That's easy!! It's Farid!

Kind regards.......Debbie Comini, Australia
Al Fawara
Imhotep Arabians
Dear Nasr,

Tammam is a marvelous looking colt and has a magnificent furure ahead.

congratulations to all at the Shakkara show in Eqypt! smile.gif

Imhotep Arabians
Akh Usamah,

Congratulations to Mr. Zaghloul and to you on Ezz EzZain doing so well at the show in Egypt! There is a lot of good competition there!

Paolita and Farida
Dear Usamah,

congratulations for this beautiful colt, congratulations to you and to the colt's owner, you have to be proud of your breeding programme (I know you are....)
this colt is a type to be proud of smile.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif

Dear Majid, Liz, Paolita ,James ,Dorothy , Robert , JMO ,Debbie , Claudia and Sven,

Thank you all for your positive feedback. . Tammam is very special and I am proud of him . It will be interesting to see how he develops in the future.
I am considering sending him to Europe to show next year.

Thanks again for your constructive views and you know that I value them.
Hekayet Albadeia will be bred to Farid Albadeia next time. He was my choice actually for this time but just wanted to profit from the short presence of Majd Al Rayyan and breed her to him.
Tamimat Albadeia , though will be bred to Farid !!!
Attached are photos of Tarneema Albadeia , the full sister to Tammam. She was about 12 days old when I took these photos . The ones taken by Gudrun were taken when she was closer to 4 weeks old.
Dear Albadeia friends and fans,
believe it or not: Tammam looks even more impressive in the flesh
than on this already excellent photos.
At the show he was the colt that stood out from the start. He was the one to beat.
When he entered the scene he turned heads of the audience and judges alike.
Though the quality in the championships was very good there was no other decision
possible than to make him the Junior Champion Colt of the show. A looker, a really
gorgeous colt.
Dear Oliver,
A testimony like this is a MERIT that Tammam and Albadeia are proud and grateful that it has been bestowed on us.
We are appreciative to you all.

Dear Dr. Nasr, Congratulations to the striking Tammam and Tarneema. Exotic gift by Allah to your true love and dedication to the Arabian. We in Saudi are proud of you and of what you achieve.

Al Fawara
Dear Nasr, shoukran for the pictures of Tarneema Albadeia, what a wonderful filly, MaSha'Allah, she is looking very much like her dam (but I do see S. Sharav in her as well) and also her brother to me but a bit more compact, shorter coupled. Tamimat Alb. turns out to be a great broodmare! Will be interesting to see how she blends with Farid Alb!

Thanks also for your kind words, you know how much I appreciate you, your vision, your true passion for the horses and our friendship;
Yes, I truely believe Farid Alb.and Hekayet Alb. would be a superb match, Insha'Allah.
I am itching to come over to Cairo again, as their is little here to be enthusiastic about recently. Will contact you later on through e-mail.

Best wishes, Sven
Ezz Ezzain bred by Ezzain Arabians Usamah Al Kazemi

© C. Kesseböhmer

Congratulations to his success, he is such a Beauty!
Dr. Nasr Marei after winning the Junior Colts Champion with Tammam Albadeia!

What a lucky man rolleyes.gif
Tammam Albadeia with Mary Lang who did a fantastic job!!!

Photo: © C. Kesseböhmer
Tammam Al Badeia and Nasr Marei after winning the Junior Champion title...

Photo: © C. Kesseböhmer
Last one...
We have to wait for much better pictures in the report of Sakkara Nat. Show here on! Sorry for the poor quality sad.gif

Photo: © C. Kesseböhmer
QUOTE (Nasr @ Mar 17 2006, 02:34 AM)
Attached are photos of Tarneema Albadeia , the full sister to Tammam. She was about 12 days old when I took these photos . The ones taken by Gudrun were taken when she was closer to 4 weeks old.

Nasr smile.gif

Is this the filly that you are calling GELGELAH 2?

I especially loved this photo of her because it reminds me of another whom I love very much wub.gif

Congratulations on the prizes that you have won...they are only affirmations of what I already know, on this side of the world. wink.gif
Or better yet, the comparison to these photos:wub: wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

Apologies to all, on my annoying and predictable behavior on all things Gelgelah...I can't help myself tongue.gif I think you all will understand

You are the best Nasr...from your biggest fan wub.gif
Paolita and Farida
My Dear Friend, Raph,

you know so well that almost all the time I agree completely with your posts and that our ''taste'' as far as Arabian horses are concerned, is very very close. This time I can not avoid to reconfirm again and again How much I agree with you...
about Gelgelah....the two photos of her you have posted here, are in the group of my favourite, particularly the first one , by Nasr, where the perfect, extremely elegant head of Gelgelah is represented in the most exquisite and artistic way
( are GREAT). Once you have experienced the great emotion to have Gelgelah in front of is very difficult to forget that moment or to have your
heart and soul captured by another me it is IMPOSSIBLE. She is and will be for ever and ever ''MY QUEEN'' and the highest example of Arabian horse beauty and my personal HIGHEST source of inspiration. I am sure that Nasr will be able to have another Gelgelah, and this little filly he posted in this treat eventhough she is soooo young....proves to have that fantastic head and super eyes that are a ''landmark'' of Gelgelah's beauty and let me tell one more time...of Albadeia's style!!! TAMMAM is a fantastic colt, a guy to be very very proud of......You, me and all Nasr Fans and Friends really hope and wait for another Gelgelah....and we are SOOO SURE that our expectations will be fulfilled and met in a very close future.
A big CIAO from Rome, dear Ralph

Paola (more than ever.....Nasr, Farid, Gelgelah, Tamman......ALL ALBADEIA's horses FAN NR. 1 smile.gif smile.gif wink.gif wink.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Akhy We Azizy Ahmad,
I greatly appreciated your comments. Would love to see you in Cairo if you come by. Drop an email and I will be more than glad to have you at Albadeia.

Al muntaha,
Great and spontaneous photos . Thanks for posting them. My crew were thrilled to see themselves on the internet. One of them promised that he will carry me ,as he did, every time our horses win in shows !!! I guess that is a price that I will be gladly pay.!!!!

Ralph ,
You are th King . Attached is a photo of a little filly. Can you guess who she is ???

As always your support is inspiring me to do more.

Rania Ahmed
Dear Dr. Nasr:

I could not express my feelings when I saw Tammam at AlBadeia today. As you know I had severe cold and I could not make it to Sakkara show. The last time I saw him was at Al-Badeia two or three months ago. He is definitely blossoming into an exquisite stallion! rolleyes.gif

Tarnima is so adorable. Like mother, like daughter. U know the corresponding egyptian saying smile.gif

Wish u the best always.

Rania Ahmed
since the 1st time i saw tamam he caught my eye and he expressed he 'll be a champion and he proves that every day and i beleive that this colt 'll be a great stallion.
he is also a very polite and well behaved like a nobel prince.
Dr Nasr we r waiting to see his sister in the show ring.
for me she is super.
and i'm waiting to see the photoes of the new sharv and safir baby who is going to be a heavy weight suprise.
God bless ur lovely horses .
Paolita and Farida
Nasr......Is this little filly my ''Queen'' Gelgelah?????????

Al Fawara
Paola; here some more of the same filly we know so well and is one of the most special mares around today... wink.gif

Ciao, Sven
How beautiful. One can tell from the photo of the " princess" that she was always going to grow up into a " queen ". I think the same can now be said of Tammam. I have no doubt he will be " king ". wub.gif
Thanks JMO again .... The attached Tammam's photo was taken in Sakkara just before going into the ring.
I thought that this is one of his best taken there after going through tens of photos that I have taken over there. I believe that it captures his elegance and inspires determination

Paolita and Sven,
Thanks for tipping Ralph !!!! Yes it is Gelgelah .
Look at the Attached photo of her when she was seven as compared to the one that Sven posted when she was two but looking to the other side .

It has been a plaesure having you visiting Albadeia . Horses and dogs are joinig me in asking you to come back again soon.

Hi Nasr and Happy Monday to you. I don't have computer access over the weekend, so I am seeing the photos for the first time. smile.gif The resemblance between Tarmima and Gelgelah, as foals, is amazing. I am excited to think of what will happen for the future. smile.gif Thanks for sharing the pictures and the subsequent photos of Gelgelah at 2 and 7 years. She is gorgeous but I think you excpect me to say that! smile.gif
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