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Announcement from the Pyramid Society:

Join us in June! Beginning on June 5th and continuing through June 10th, the Egyptian Event will draw visitors from all over the world to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Presented by The Pyramid Society, the 37 year-old organization devoted to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of the Egyptian Arabian horse, the 2006 schedule includes an unforgettable variety of activities that will appeal to the entire family.

In celebration of the Event's 26th annual occurrence, plans are in the works for several new (and revisited) activities! From the return of the highly competitive "Road Apple Rumble" and hilarious "Donkey Races" to the new "Jewels of the Nile" Private Treaty Sale, visitors will be entertained from start to finish. Fitting right in with this year's festive atmosphere, the appropriately themed Gala and Art Auction, "Puttin' on the Ritz", scheduled for Friday, June 9th, will feature an enhanced format guaranteed to leave attendees with sides sore from. Other social opportunities will include the Welcome Breakfast held at the elegant Spindletop Hall on Tuesday morning, sponsored by John and Linda Dowling of Sahara Spirit Arabians, Bosque Farms, NM, which is complimentary for all newcomers and international visitors; and the Stallion Showcase and Social on Wednesday evening. Thursday afternoon will also be left open for a preview of sale horses as well as any social gatherings or parties hosted by attending members.

The Egyptian Event is truly a celebration of the Egyptian Arabian Horse, and to honor this tradition, the week will be packed with competitive classes, breath-taking presentations, and the opportunity to get close to these horses away from the show ring. The Pyramid Challenge Endurance Ride, which offers two distances - 25 miles and 50 miles, will take place on Saturday morning beginning at 6:00 a.m. Are you interested in trying endurance, but not 25 miles? Join the 10-mile fun ride, which will happen on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

The 2006 schedule is also jam packed with useful seminars and clinics. This year's topics will include everything from Natural Horsemanship to mare owner breeding tips and care of geriatric horses, to advice on naming your Arabian horse. And Joe Ferris will be on hand to discuss the progression of bloodlines from the stock of Prince Mohammed Ali to present day America. Ever wondered exactly what all your Egyptian Arabian is capable of? Then don't miss Monday morning's clinic, "Everything You Can Do With Your Egyptian Arabian Horse". Several well-known industry horsemen will be on hand to demonstrate the versatility of the Egyptian Arabian Horse.

The 2006 Egyptian Event will offer something for everyone. From excitement in the show ring to beautiful buys in the shopping promenade, and interesting seminars to fun social gatherings, the Event affords members and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to network, learn, and celebrate the Egyptian Arabian horse! For complete details on the 2006 Event, visit or call (859) 231-0771.
*Laheeb will be shown at the Event by Steve Dady of Omni Arabians.
Allison of Talaria
We would like everyone to know that GEBA (Georgia Egyptian Breeders Association) is planning an absolutely beautiful booth for the 2006 US Egyptian Event. Called "The Pharaoh's Garden" is will be just that, a lovely cool tranquil garden in the ancient style--with places to relax and watch some beautiful videos on The Arabian Horse, have a complimentary cool drink and some snacks, talk with friends, and rest a little during your travels around the Kentucky Horse Park.

Please come join us in celebrating the phenomenal Straight Egyptian horse during this wonderful week in Lexington, Kentucky! biggrin.gif

Allison of Talaria
Guest_Al Moussami_*
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Hi Allison
For sure we will stop to say Hello and share few Horse stories ..I will be at the Event the 8,9 and 10th..I will stop after giving my seminar on "The Naming of Arabian Horses'on friday the 9th from 8:00AM to 9:AM...
see you there and Good luck at the show...
Al Moussami/Bachir
Allison of Talaria
Dear Bachir,

We look forward to seeing you!

This is the purpose of our booth....many people don't take the option of the Patron's Lounge category of sponsorship, and we wanted a place where others could feel comfortable and have a spot to relax, have a central location to meet friends, leave messages, etc.

The videos we will have are quite generic, such as Drinkers of the Wind, The Pharaoh's Horses, and Desert Dreams--more about the history and future of the SE horse than any particular farm or breeding program within the GEBA group.

We truly urge all who would like to visit our garden and spend some time, in a pleasant, no pressure, relaxed setting, to do so....listen to the fountains, dream of ancient Egypt, look at beautiful horses, and enjoy a cool drink!

And, I for one, am looking forward to attending your seminar!

Safe journeys!

Allison of Talaria
Sho Shana Farm
Allison: What an excellent idea! Looking forward to it. Thanks, Jan
marion richmond
Alison the arabian horse is very lucky to have you as a devotee,I personally look forward to visit ing your tranquil garden at the event.The breed needs more people like you.marion
Kesanna Arabians' 2 youngest fillies - both by True Colours x El Thay Tohfa {Jamilll} are going to the 2006 EE. Our 3 year old, Athena, did quite well last year and we hope she will do even better this year. It is our 2 year old's "debut" in the show ring. We are very excited and can't wait. They are both being trained by Danny Thompson of Lynnbrook Stables, Tennessee.
We hope to meet some of you at the Event but if our paths don't cross - have a wonderful time!!

Linda Sykes
Kesanna Arabians
D Cantey- Zajaddi Egyptians
Hey Allison,
Thanks for all of your efforts to continue to make the Event a truly spectacular show. I look forward to meeting you at your booth.
We won't be showing any of our own horses this year however we will go in support of our friends who have horses showing. I especially can't wait to see Imperial Beveerah, a stunning '05 Imperial Baarez filly owned by Imperial out of our Tammen daughter Azaamah. She has produced two top five Futurity fillies and from what I hear, this filly is the cream of the crop!
I can't wait to see those Botswana babies also. Will he be at the Event this year?

Diana Cantey
Mount Vernon, AR

I can't wait to come visit your garden!!! Its going to be so fun!!! See you at the Event!

Dear All,

I just wanted everyone to know, that while I posted about The Pharaoh's Garden, it is not just "my" garden. A great many people are working on it--all members of the Georgia Egyptian Breeders Association (which encompasses sixteen farms from Macon to the Tennessee border). The age group of helpers has ranged from 14-year-olds to folks in their sixties.

I never could have done something like this alone--all the farms have contributed (some seed money each, work time, getting the booth up to Lexington and installed, staffing the booth during the Event). But because so many folks have helped, it doesn't seem like any one party has been burdened with the whole load--and it's been a lot of fun putting it all together. John Dolphy even made sure we had great food for two of our painting parties!

Please do come visit's been planned as a nice oasis for spectators and other barns to use! smile.gif

And yes, Botswana will be there, as always. He m-a-y even step foot (hoof) into the show ring once again (for the first time since he was two years old)....but that's not firmly decided yet. I, for one, am terrified at the thought, but there's a lot of pressure to proceed.... We'll see.

Allison of Talaria
I for one sure hope Botswana shows. The stallions should be very exciting with Botswana, Al Lahab, Kenz Noor, Richteous, Suhal Al Nasser, & Laheeb just to name a few; I am sure there will be others but I would love to see all these beautiful stallions in the same ring together.
Hello new here.

I am attending the Event for the first time this year. I am extremely excited!

Can someone tell me what goes on exactly at the Wednesday social and stallion showcase?

How does that differ from the Saturday stallion showcase?

Does anyone know if Al Adeed Al Shaqab and ZT Faa'iq will be showing?

Hi all

Dear Allison

will any of these lovely stallions be presented "under Saddle". It would be so nice to have people see them and judge their functional behavior.

Year after year I see at the open houses at the event stallions etc shown to the public, but never UNDER SADDLE. I dont know how close a training area to your Georgia booth is, but would it not be wonderful if all are ridden together? Such presentation attracks people, enduces them to aquire an Arabian Horse what it was designed for, namely to be ridden.

I hope that all of you will not be upset with the above question, but it would be nice if we again start somehere.

In my opinion there is absolutely no excuse of NOT having a breeding stallion perform under saddle.

Looking forward to seeing you all again

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Dear fhn stables,

I know you will enjoy your first Event. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to meet during the show. As per your questions,

1) Wednesday morning is the New Comers Breakfest - you should definately register. Information is available on the Pyramid Society's website
You will be introduced to other people from your Region, the Board of Directors, Regioinal Reps and all kinds of first timers to the Event.

2) The Stallion Showcase on Wednesday is a presentation. It is a wonderful chance to view some of our members best breeding stallions.

3) ZT Faa'qt has already returned to his homeland. Al Adeed will be doing the same early this fall so I do not believe he will be attending. Robert or Michael from Michael Byatt Arabians can confirm this information.

The show Committee as ALWAYS has been working very hard to make sure the Event lives up to it's reputation. The week is simply packed with educational, fun and exciting activities. I hope that you will take one or both of our Walk About Tours - as it is a wonderful way to meet people at the Event.

If you need additional information do not hesitate to contact the Pyramid Society office or myself.

Best regards,

Jennifer Parsons
Members Services Committee Chair
Board of Director
Jennifer, please email me at I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with you.

Barbara Lewis
Al Mousammi,
I hope to see you at the Event. I need a name for a little colt that arrived unexpectedly and we found him in the woods near his dam. Thankfully, a tragedy was averted and all is well....He is SE of course
Guest_Al Moussami_*
Hi Ankha
I will be at the show the morning of the 9th to give my seminar from 8:00AM to 9:00AM
then I will be at the Pyramid Society booth Signing Books ..I hope to see you at the seminar and don't worry we will pick a good name for that beautiful colt...Thank God he was found safe and he is in good health ..Watch him carefully record some of his habits and moods and bring some photos with you and few names will be suggested for you to choose from ..It will be my pleasure ..
Until then Be Safe
Bachir/Al Moussami
Hi all

I just glanced through my Arabian Horse Times the Egyptian Event schedule and it looks wonderful. It appears that a lot more attention is given to our young ones, espcially the Endurance races- 25 and 50milers, seminars by some of our collegues of repute, and all already interesting from day one of June5th.
I guess I have to change my schedule so that I can watch it all.

It is always so rewarding to realize that indeed changes for the better can be made, are made and confidence re-installed.

I am truly looking forward to being there and hopefully meeting all of you, Inshallah.

See you then
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Allison of Talaria

Come by and see our two performance horses! Both are just four and one is already a Region 12 Top Five Junior Western Horse (pictured below). They're showing because you encouraged me three years ago to put some of our horses under saddle!

We're stabled in Barn 2 & 3...

Allison of Talaria
I don't post often, but wanted to say that had it not been for Allison, we could not have done this booth.

We were part of the "painting" crew. I provided the 14 year olds (sure hope she didn't think I'm the other end of the spectrum).

This booth is going to be fabulous! I can hardly wait for the unveiling.

Goose Run will also be at the Event all week. We will be in barn 3 along with Talaria. Can't wait to see everyone again!
Dear Allison

this is wonderful, you kept your promise and I cant wait to see these lovely youngsters. that's the way to go. What day are they riding?

See you soon

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Are there no results?????? smile.gif
bartvb, there are results on the Pyramid Societies website, but also in another thread, it is called something like Egyptian Event Impressions or something close!
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