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Hi All,

I would like some advice... I am having an "Open House" on April 23rd, and I was thinking it would be nice to use Native Halters and chest decorations on the horses... but I don't want to "break the bank" for just 1 day... Also I have 7 horses who will be partaking in the "Open House" all of different sizes... I have one very large headed mare - who has a Nabiel kind of head, and then I have a yearling colt, and then several smaller headed older mares, and 1 little filly who will be 1.5 months old by then.

So would you say I would need 4 sizes of halters? What about the chest decorations? And I would really like to get the kind of halters with the shells on them. I've seen some that look great, and then I've seen some that look kind of cheesy.

What do you all suggest?


I htought your open house was on the 22nd?! How far are you from Mena? We can stop by!
For chest decorations, couldn't you just use turqouise beads? That looks really nice on the smaller or finer arabs. I sometimes think less is more. I agree...some of those halter sar echeesy, but the ones with less tassles on them are a lot nicer and would be a great idea!
Nope - its the 23rd - thanks for the tip! So where do you get those beads? Mena Arkansas is pretty far... I would say - it would take about 6.5 hours to gete from Mena to Austin driving...

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