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Allison of Talaria
Can someone please tell me the meaning of "MADHIN" (Madheen was one spelling, but I believe the correct historical spelling is Madhin).

Thank you for your assistance.

Allison of Talaria

I am not sure if there is a meaning, given the transliteration. One needs to hear it pronounced in Arabic, to know how to translate it.

Madeen, could mean Debtor, but that is probably not the intention.

Madina, also means city or town, but it is feminine in gender.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Allison of Talaria
Dear Majid,

So Imperial Madheen (spelled before importation as Madhin) was just a fabricated name?

I tend to agree with you, as I've searched and searched and can find no reference to Madhin or Madheen other than the horses.

I thought at one juncture perhaps there was some relation to the Madhi, but I guess that's not true...

Thanks for your reply!

Allison of Talaria
Could it probably be "Mudh'een" with the meaning of obeyant or submissive ? The Arabic wirting is: meem - dhal - a3in - noon.. I'm curious to hear the opinions of our native Arabic speaking members here.. huh.gif
Al Fawara
Just my two cents:
Madhin was bred in Germany, and when he moved to the USA to Imperial Egyptian Stud his name was turned into Imperial Madheen, right?
Well, at Imperial it seems to be a custom to blend the names of the parent horses for the newborn foal without necessarilly an Arabic meaning to it, but sounding like it. To be sure about naming Madhin I would suggest you contact the breeder and ask specifically what was the intention. Majid is a native speaker so if he cannot give a convincing translation for the name I think it is derived from the name of his dam; Madinah, but who knows wacko.gif

Best wishes, Sven
Hello Sven,

Haven't heard from you in awhile! You are probably right, that the name is derived from the parents, in some way.

Madinah does mean "city" or "town," and it is also the name of a city in Saudi not far from Mecca.

Dana, I don't believe that it is m-dh-ea-n that you mention.

Allison, I am not sure about "madhi" ........ but "mahdi" means "savior" and sometimes it refers to religious leaders from the Shiia sect of Islam.

By the way, I am a fan of the offspring of Imperial Madheen! smile.gif

Allison of Talaria
Dear Sven,

When we purchased the colt, I inquired about his name and Naomi (his breeder) said that, since his dam was sired by Imperial Madheen, she chose the German spelling of Madheen for the first part of his registered name. (His total name is Madhin Nile Moon as he is by Farid Nile Moon out of Imperial Mahreena by Imperial Madhin.)

Since the colt is growing into quite a beautiful young stallion (and it seems an appropriate time to develop some publication material for him), I thought it would be nice to know what his name means....but finding any definition of Madhin has been terribly difficult, so Iguess we'll just work with the "nile" and "moon" imagery.

Thank you so much for your response...

Allison of Talaria
Al Fawara
You are most welcome Allison,
Madheen (I believe that is also the way it is spelled in Germany) was bred by Madheen Arabians and their foundation mare is Madinah, she created a superb dynasty. Other offspring by her and their children also have Madheen in the name, for example Madallan Madheen, Madallah Madheen, Madheen Pasha, Maydan Madheen, Maydana Madheen, etc, so imo it is just the name of the stud/farm. Maybe you could contact Mr. Preuss at Madheen Arabians in Germany to make sure if it means anything. Your colt should be a stunner, good luck with him!

smile.gif Majid, I am a fan of his offspring as well! So many great horses have him as sire or grandsire. Just saw the picture of your new arrival, Mabrouk! What a promising little fellow. He looks as good as his sister and you know how much I like her.
Take care,

Guest_Al Moussami_*
biggrin.gif Dear Allison
My friends Majid and Sven are correct in analysing the name "MADHEEN-MADHIN"First I agree with them that it is Not Arabic.....Majid gave you few names that are close as MAHDI /
MADINA ect...It Is very common in Europe And the US that we write a word combined of letters from the sire or dame once these letters togother form a sound other than the romantic languages then it was considered different and maybe Arabic....My Take on the name MADHIN IS:
His Maternal grand father if I am correct is "MADHIN"Thru the foundation mare "MADINAH"
So the breeders took the liberty to reshufle the letteres to come up with
MADINAH===MADHIN (For a colt as the "A" has to be left out )
Your stallion was given the name of the maternal grandfather9which is very common in the desert) and adding the last two name of his sire Farid you got" MADHIN NILE MOON"
as you mentionned start working on a good Arabic name to promote your gorgeous Stallion .Don't feel bad I have came across many famous stallions outside the Arabian world that their name has no meaning what so ever exept a bunch of letters put togother to create a sound that satisfy certain owners...
This practice is desapearing fast,thank God, as now we have means to research ,ask questions or aquire books that could help us in Naming properly our Arabian Horses..
Shoukran for listening
Al Moussami/Bachir
Sorry to ask another question! Can any of our kind Arabic speakers tell me the Arabic for a male "Dancer" or "Sword Dancer" (in the sense of a man who takes part in a traditional sword dance). And is it possible to add "El" in front of such a word, to make the meaning "The Dancer" or "The Sword Dancer" ? (I know 'Al' is maybe more correct but am searching for a nice name for a black/grey colt which should ideally begin with the letter 'E').
Suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.
Guest_Al Moussami_*
biggrin.gif Dear Guest
The use of "AL" or "EL" in Arabic depends on the area and dialects..IN The Middle east
were I am From includind the Arabian desert The Use of "AL" is the very common ..In Egypt and most of the Arabic speaking coutries in North Africa the use of "EL" is more common .
Both "AL"or "EL" mean "THE or THE ONE it gives the name more Dignity ,Panash or Social Status ..After the Arabic conquest to Europe the Spanish Intellectuals Adopted the "EL" to place before a noun to give it more nobility :Exp:EL GRECO etc..and other romantic languages did the same..
For the name that you mentionned:
THE SWORD DANCER =(is a bit more tricky as we must use the "EL" in the middle of the word as the emphasis on the sword and not the dancer ..)
I hope this would help a bit ..sorry about my Raqmbling regarding the use of "AL"or "EL"
Very many thanks for your quick and very helpful reply.
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