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Hi users,

I know he ain't a SE, but I've always wanted to know more about this stallion. He often appeared in straight russian pedigrees I have seen, and I really would like to know more about him. Stories, photo's, offspring...

Ponomarev (Salon x Palitra)

I hope you'll have great memories to share about him orsome his sons and fillies.... wink.gif

Thank you all biggrin.gif
Dear Ness,
I knew the name Ponomarev, when I knew his offsprings in different exhibitions in Brazil.

Father of great champions in Brazil (Ex. Khadraj NA, Brazilian National Champion Colt 1993; *Aluia, Brazilian Natioanl Champion Mare 1988; Scandall Nashana, Brazilian National Reserved Champion Mare 2000).

Dharev NA (x Dhea Moniet NA by Padron´s Image)
Photo by Rosalba
I again biggrin.gif

I have some data to you.

Registry: BRSB
Born: 19/03/1982
Sex: Stallion
Colour: Grey
Deceased: 26/09/1995

Importation to Brazil: 28/03/1989
by Mr. Audi

*Aluia (Ponomarev x Own Alleluia by Aladdinn)
Owner: Jamil Saliba (Brazil)
Born: 1985
Deseaced: 1990

( x KHATREENA NA by Padron)

Breeder: NAGIB AUDI (Brazil)
Owner: JOSE ALVES FILHO (Brazil)
Born: 14/03/1990
Sex: Mare
Colour: Grey

Best Regards,

Hi Marianella,

thank you! I haven't even thought he could have been in "Brazil".
I saw his name in Shamilah horses pedigrees (France) and thought he was in US (born Russia). OK nothing of it! biggrin.gif

I'm sorry he died so young unsure.gif

Oh! I can't see the photos of Aluia & Kuhaylah NA. It seems to be because it comes from an non free website. Is it? I'm really interested in seeing the cross with Padron's blood!

Thank you again.

Nobody else knows a bit of this stallion? Is he a great one, is he well known and not used that much... or quite of average quality...
I don't know why but it always seemed to me that he was an important one in russianlines breeding program because of his pedigree and the quality of his descendance.
Murilo Kammer
Ponomarev never quite made the mark that was expected of him as a stallion due to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Born in 1982, he started his breeding carrer in the US just as his owners Lasma and later Terk Associates had financial troubles, as well as the breeding of "straight russian" arabians was suffering a severe setback in the US. He was purchased in 1989 from the executors of Tersk Associates and imported to Brazil by Nagib Audi. For the next two years, he was used heavily mainly on El Shaklan and Padron bred mares belonging to Audi, a fact that enhanced one of his shortfalls, the ability to produce too much white, particularly in the face. The picture of Dharev NA above is a good example of that. In 1992, it was the turn of Audi's breeding program to be dispersed. Ponomarev ended up being purchased by a group of breeders who never gave him the opportunity to bred the right mares. He had some severe health problems starting in 1993 and died in 1995. Being by Salon out of the beautiful Salon daughter Palitra, Ponomarev was very consistent in producing beautiful arched necks and powerful movements. He was also consistent in producing poor type, bad ears, sloping croups and loud white. His best get in Brazil is undoubtedly Kadraj NA, who is out of a Padron daughter. There are also a couple of his daughters belonging to Adelia Audi and and a couple belonging to Salim Mattar that are gorgeous broodmares. Elsewhere, his best get are in my opinion the deceased Aluia, imported to Brazil and Brazilan National Champion mare, the beautiful champion mare Julia Bea, and Krona, who I saw at Halsdon Arabians some years back.
Hope that helps!
Murilo Kammer
By the way, Scandal Nashana is by Kadraj and not by Ponomarev.
Dear Ness,

Lament the happened thing to the photos. I have them in my file collection, I will look for them.

Dear Murilo,

thanks for your data and I agree with you, Kadraj and Aluia, is a great reference of the excellent lineage of Ponomarev.
You are right, Scandal is granddaughter of Ponomarev. The cables in my head were crossed to me. blink.gif

Greetings from Montevideo,

I really like the Khadraj NA get here in the US. They are some awesome Western horses. smile.gif *NNL Ultimate Bey is a favorite of mine. I have never seen Julia Bea in person, but I recently saw a photograph of her that Pat Slater took and it was absolutely breath taking.

Hi Ness,

Here the photo of *Aluia.
Photo of Jamil Saliba (Thanks, Jamil).

Best Regards,

I follow my crossed by the lineage of Ponomarev in Brazil in my archives,

here Ponomarev´s daugther, her name: Kalina Ejm
Ponomarev x Joy Juma by Naadir.
Born 1996
Owned by Carol Collection (Brazil)

Photo by Gigi Grasso

Best Regards,

Anyone here have other pictures of Ponomarev? I always admired this stallion. I thought he had a lot to offer, but as mentioned before, didn't get much of a chance to show that.

*Khadraj is a beautiful stallion and is starting to really show what he can produce.
Jutta Kools
Here's another picture of him

photo: ?
Kalina Ejm is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing that picture Marianella. biggrin.gif

Jutta Kools, I think that might be a Sparagowski photograph. smile.gif

Hi every one...

I arrive a bit too late maybe but I wanted to thank you all for helping! Was much appreciated! biggrin.gif

Kalina looks very beautiful! And I'm very happy to see this photo of Ponomarev.

But I'm sorry there are so few photo's available! I thought there
But this one is already something great!

thanks again
NorthRidge Arab
We have owned two sons of Ponomarev. The beautiful Sf Valentino who was a US Top 10 AOTH stallion and multiple Regional Champion in Hunter PL. Sf Valentino was ot a a Tornado daughter. he was sold to Italy and was Italian Reserve National Ch stallion and Mediteranian Champion Stallion. His foals are doing very well in Europe,USA and Australila. He unfortunately died at the Achen Germany show 2 years ago. Sf Valentino had breath taking movement , fabulous neck and wonderful legs. he had a beautiful face with wonderful eyes. His disposition was golden.We still own Pretense VF the full brother to Aluia, being out of OKW Alleluia. Pretense is a bay with a gorgeous head and eye,shapely neck and great body. he has won over 40 Regional titles and is still competing and winning in Western Pl on the East Coast at age 17 years. If bred properly the Ponomarev horses are wonderful. It is a shame they he and Sf Valentino died so young.
Birthe R. Høgh
Dear North Ridge Arab

SF Valentino was such a wonderful stallion! I have only seen him in magazines, but I will never forgett him. Such a shame he is not here anymore. I cried my heart out when he died! sad.gif

SF Valentino - I will never forgett you. Birthe R. Høgh
I can't believe I didn't pointed out SF Valentino was a son of Ponomarev... guess I have known it but forgot huh.gif

I'm so sorry. I had known about his death and was very sad about it. Of course I had only seen him from photo's in some magazines, but he looked so beautiful! with a silky mane and a lovely face... if you don't mind about it, I'd like to add a picture of him here...

I also will add two daughters of Ponomarev later...

Do you have some photo's of Ponomarev (as he is the sire of 2 of your horses, I thought you could... sorry to remind you of the pain; but please believe we were numerous to admire Valentino!).

Thank you
Northridge Arab
I am sorry, I would love to post some pictures, but I do not have a scanner. I shall try to get a friend to do it for me.

here I go with some photo's of Ponomarev's get and grandget...

first: SF Valentino (Ponomarev x Bemi Valentine by Tornado), pictured at Menton show, France, in 1998. He was reserve champion that day, just behind Nadir 1.

photo: Paula da Silva
Julia Bea (Ponomarev x Nairobi by Aswan & Naina), one of the jewels of the former stud Shamilah arabians..., pictured in Paris, just after her victory as a Worldchampion senior mare in 1991.
She was also French national champion mare in 1994.

Does anybody know where she is now?
Julia Bea foaled some exquisite ones!

Shamilah Jina Bea (standing at Kenelm arabians), a daughter of Warandes Plakat.

Photo: Van Lent
Shamilah Jina bea at kenelm arabians page in English wink.gif

Shamilah Menestrel (by Menes) born in 1991 (~9 months before his mother won the World championship!). A picture of him is attached under... (and there's also one on the page linked above)

Same request... again and again: do you know where went Shamilah Menestrel when he was sold?
At last, I put a photo of a granddaughter of Ponomarev, the young mare Papouchka (Monitor x Devitsa by Ponomarev) 1994

Listening to friends and reading reports of shows she participated in, she seems to be a real flying machine, very gracious, and a great mover!
I haven't seen many photo's but she seems to be lovely.

She is pictured here at the 1997 Wld champ. in Paris where she obtained the title of reserve champion mare Jr.

Photo: Christine Taillandier
Hope you'll understand why I'm so interested in Ponomarev, due to all those superb (I think so) "european" horses! They are the reason why I was wondering how it was possible I didn't have seen more photo's of him! He seemed to be an important stallion but wasn't very often discussed neither!

If any of you has some info&pics about those I posted, you are welcome here biggrin.gif

Have a nice day (hope you'll be as happy to see them as I was to post them for you!),

Shamilah Menestrel went to Kuwait but died not long after. He suffered from a bad laminitess.

Julia Bea I believe went to the UAE but I'm not sure shes still alive. On the picture above with Bobby that year in Paris I tought she was amazing. Later on and after a second look she was a bid plain and lacked a nice eye!

Crona was amazing!

Khadraj NA is one of the leading stallions

Khamille TBA, she is Khadraj NA daughter which was one of the most greatest mare in Europe
Khamille is also an international mare, she is also the Dam of LTF Nigier C and the beautiful black filly LTF Dream A fire which are owned by LTF Arabians

Nigier competed with the strongest colts in Israel some of them were imported.

Nigier was imported to Israel from GB By M. Zoabi

Please see the video at the Nationals:
Nigier shows the super extended and enormous movement

or see all videos under user hzoabix

Here is the wonderful pedigree

Take attention to the magnificent blood line from both sides the Sire and the Dam.
Ali Jamal and Padron (twice on dam side) offspring

A wonderful cross ......wonderful production

A stallion like this would be a compliment to any breeder's program

Nigier will continue to be shown and has the qualities to become a leading stallion
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