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CAFRA Arabians
Lady Amunita (Rasin x Lady Amanda)

El Sabu
We do it with and without saddle. Our stallion "Shaheed Ibn Shammar" (Shammar Ibn Gaylord x Saniza)

A Dressage talent: Newel (AAF Absolut x Amun Bint Kaishana)

in costume blink.gif or at the at cross-country biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


to your stallion Shaheed, so balanced and true !

Not very often you are able to watch stallions like him !!

Wonderful !!

El Sabu
Danke schön Mafoura smile.gif
Here is a 25 year old *Morafic grandson doing what he loves to do smile.gif
Please Redroan give us the name and the drivers of this lovely old gentleman Arabian .


these wonderful Arabians and people must get credit and be known to all of us to congratulate them. too long have too many been kept in the shadows!

thanks so much and have a grand day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Hi Hansi,

The 'lovely old gentleman' is Harem Shamahsheik, an Egyptian-related gelding by Amir Ibn Shamah out of a Nabiel daughter. He has been driving since he was 21 and has taken to it like a duck to water. Before that he was my trail horse, our son's 4-H horse and our 'fun games at shows' horse. Though never shown at a Class A show, his 'career' highlights include trail rides in Acadia National Park (Maine), the Mississippi Valley (Minnesota) and Gettysburg National Park and numberous ocean beaches. He has been driven in the White Mountains of New Hamphire, on a small island off Rhode Island and the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park. As you can probably tell, I love this old man - we've had him for 25 years!

This picture was taken at Bloomsbury Arabians, the Honorable Helen Marie Taylor as passenger, and owner Cindy as whip.
Dear Redroasn

thank you so much. this is wonderful and should be an inspiration to everyone of us, starting this wonderful gelding to drive at age 21.
THAT'S THE WAY TO GO. What accomplishments eh, would make any halter champion have a red face!

Now tell my good friend Helen, the passenger, to change this, and be a "driver". She got some fine SE horses, I know. Aks her to tell us a bit about her horses, and what is ridden/driven. If not ridden or driven, Helen is young enough to start. Let's hear of these wonderful SEs.

Take care
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
EH Hakim (Al Nowasy x Halima by Shahid) with my sister Karen
Shawky (Morafic x Bint Mabrouka Inshass) at age 26 together with my mother
EH Gabir (Gharib x El Garia)
EH Assam (Gharib x Aminah)
Nadj al Nur
Oli....You have a treasure house of beautiful pictures. It's wonderful. More please !!
EH Bahim (Al Nowasy x Bashirah by Shawky)
Desert Tag Arabians
This has to be one of the best threads I have ever had the privilege to read! What wonderful photos! Now I have to go get some pics of my horses under saddle and show them off (it seems that when it comes time for riding everyone is too busy to grab a camera...ugh!).

Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!

Rakis Mom
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Here is The Gold Rush (The Renagade x Camiela by *Asadd) during a training session at home. We lovingly call him "Sparky" because of his attitude and flair. Amy was working on extensions and collections today. He is a little dynamo under saddle. Reminds me much of his grandsire, *Asadd.

Terrific thread!

I will have to take some pictures of Curtis on one of our homebred SE stallions tomorrow during the stallions training session. Curtis has been riding him and is currently working on furthering his training for western disciplines (scheduled for a reining clinic in a couple of weeks too).

I don't have any recent photos under saddle. Currently, my riding mares have foals at side and one is due to foal at the end of May. To say the least, I am pouting and am regretting selling our dependable riding geldings last year! dry.gif But, I will soon have some young ones to ride here shortly...

The picture of me and my SE grey mare is Ramza Moniet (Ibn Safinaz x Egyptian Melody) was taken two winters ago. The picture of me and my SE chestnut mare was taken last fall. She is here on a lease to own (currently owned by Kim Lloyd) and we will transfer her papers in a couple of months. She is by Alul (Dalul x *EH Andirah) out of Hamza Princess (El Masri Amir x Kaia Bataa).

With Friendship,
Sheila Bautz
Tyger Pines
Hansi - thought you might like this one - if I can figure out how to post a photo. TP Shahlouk (AK Shah Munifeh x Serenity Mashara) winning the Pyramid Challenge 50 miler at the Egyptian Event.
Tyger Pines
Another of our endurance horses - 9 year old SE stallion TP Al Mashad (SF Untouchable x Serenity Mashara). This was taken at his third race, a 50 miler, where he finished 5th out of 32 entries. The rider is Cia Reis, an international level competitor, who was the Pan-American Endurance Championship gold medalist at 100 miles in 2003.
Tim Feurig (as guest)
Dear Tyger Pines
Your horses look very beautiful. I like them both very much

Dear Sheila
The photo with your grey mare is adorable. I can't decide which of the two ladies is looking more beautiful smile.gif
Hello everyone

These are pictures of my sister on her Arabian Gelding
EWF Gabriel (Earth Windn Fire x CRF Hallany Angel)

Sue Heller
Glen Bruadair Arabians
It is so wonderful seeing arabians ridden - they truly are the ultimate, whatever the discipline. It is just so great to see them doing something other than being pretty statues on the end of the lead!!

Here is a couple of pics of my superstar little mare Coco Chanel (Om El Shareikh x Killara Chantelle) She is now in foal, so I haven't ridden her for quite some time, but she took the ridden ring by storm! (as well as being a multi supreme in halter)

First show under saddle she came home with several championships & reserves, & was the Supreme Champion Ridden Purebred of the show, beating some very seasoned horses. She finished the season at the Australian Championships with 4 top tens, including 3rd overall in both novice & elementary dressage - only her 3rd time ever doing dressage!!

Now that she is retired to the broodmare paddock, I'm hopeing to start my colt, her half brother, under saddle soon. He is a truly natural athlete & I believe will make a fantastic dressage horse. (link attached for video of him below)

He is also passing his athletic ability on, with his first foal an outstanding saddle prospect - pic below. We excitedly await 3 foals to him next season, including out of the wonderful coco chanel, plus an arabian warmblood! Can't Wait!!

Baghira ERA

WOW the black colt is awesome, and you are going to break him in and ride him great news love the video and the red halter looks really fab on him.

Click to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachmentVery nice treat!
rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
Also want to share a few pics with you , still neveranding plaesure to work with a ARABIAN horse ,

please all GO ON !!!

Thanks, really thanks for these wonderful pics. !!

I, myself, do the horses also till high grade, but this picture is really more than wonderful ..!

Regards from Doris
Me and my stallion Valor, a Ruminaja Ali grandson. He was three years old here and had been under saddle just a few months. Later by himself at age ten.
Oops. Here are pics.
Everyone, wonderfull thread ... Keep it coming ..

Sheila, I was really pleased to see your photo although I have seen it before ... Can't wait to see new photos of you biggrin.gif

NAS ... Very nice stallion seems like a fun to ride ...

Carola ... I think maybe your pictures have been my favourite in the thread so far ... especially the first one ... smile.gif

I think one of the most pleasureable moments in my life have been when I am racing with friends on Arabians .... laugh.gif

Please post more photos Carola if you have rolleyes.gif
Al-Qahira spanish arabians
Good evening everybody,

really nice to see all theses beautiful arabs working in each disciplines ......
.. and here are coming the austrian sport cracks ....

this is driven section:
Espinosa Qahira and Alex, L.M.Libretto and Martina and Franz, Shamal and Martina, Arabians Alameda and Alex, Nueva and Sepp (pics by Waiditschka, Foto4U)

Sincerely YOurs,

Al-Qahira spanish arabians
... and here comes the ridden section:

L.M.Libretto and Chris, Arabians Alameda and Alex, Shamal and Alex, Tenneh Qahira and Aleksandra, Vendaval Qahira and Jerzy

We have some more ridden and driven arabians - but we have just started with them and so there are no good pictures! We will come back if there are any new pics!

Have a lot of fun with your sport arabian!!

Sincerely Yours,
Callaway Park
Kubla's Komett

He is not purebred. But he is 87.5%

(Removed by poster because of errors with pictures)
Here are some of the E-sired gelding CL Emmersom, a beginning Eventer going 2nd in Open Novice (only 1/2 point below first after all three phases) at Jubilee Horse Trials, North Little Rock, Arkansas a week ago. This was his second USEA/USEF Horse Trial (Event).

Entry: Click to view attachment Canter depart: Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Ride/Trainer is daughter Christina Pappas. Her husband, Les Bell took the photos.
My arabian - Chonsu (Furiat - Celoma/Arbil) and I:

and more:

Our Chief stallion Balasjow (Balaton x Langani Elite) multipurpose horse

The showhorse

The riding horse

The sire: offspring

Ella Kooiman

Rih Arabians
brigitte sprave
Hello everyone,

this is my stallion "Karthago" (Koronec x Padrons Estrada). He is trained till

All photos are by Edith Lipp. smile.gif


Brigitte Sprave

Saijida el Dashour trained by Bettina Hoflehner

Alifa el Dashour trained by Bettina Hoflehner

Tenneh Qahira - Al Qahira

Maamoon Azeem trained by Bettina Hoflehner

...just for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click to view attachmentShamila Amira (Ali Khalil x Gabrymmal), first year under saddle. Dam of Psynammon by Psynergy.
Carol Cooper-Hall
GREAT thread and FANTASTIC photos!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
This is a great thread! I looked through all the pictures on the 'pics & pedigrees' section the other day, and out of hundreds and hundreds of photos, could find only 25 horses pictured under saddle! I thought - maybe SEs don't get ridden very much! Glad to see I was wrong! biggrin.gif
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