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Came across this wonderful website, hope you like it.............
Bert C
It's wink.gif
Dear BertC and Mahmood, ,It does not work. huh.gif

best Regards,

Guest_Barbara Lewis
This one works - omit the s after Arabian.

Saudi Arabian Horses
Guest_Barbara Lewis
Thank you so much for this link! I'm so happy to see that they have created this website, since one of my Baraka bred mares is owned by this farm. She has had two lovely fillies since going to Saudi. Hopefully they will add more of their straight Egyptians to the site, which are many.

The photograph at the bottom of the Aljanadiyah page reminds me of stories they have told me about the horses when they are turned out on the desert. The minute a horse arrives, they are turned into the sand (enclosed, surely) to run. They speak of how they respond to the sand, and how happy they seem to be. They feel that something in the Arabian horse knows that it is back home.

It's a beautiful stud with state of the art facilities. Some of the barns have air conditioning, so that pregnant mares aren't stressed by the intense summer heat. It's nice to get a glimpse of the farm.
El Miladi
Just because I am always sensitive to photographers whose wonderful work gives us all so much pleasure, I must point out that the photo which was posted at the beginning of this thread is by Gigi Grasso, of course. The photography on this site was done when Gigi and I were in Saudi to complete the book "Legacy of Saudi Arabia: A Tribute to HRH Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud and the Arabian Horses of the Kingdom." The website gives just a taste of the wonderful photography Gigi did for the book, and Scott Bailey did an excellent job transferring the "feel" of the book to this lovely website. The text on the site is also primarily from the book, but slightly rewritten to be more appropriate for a website. Bruce and Karin McCrea, of the King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center, were instrumental in ensuring that the horses of these two studs are shared with the world through this website.

Best Regards,

Cynthia Culbertson
thank you Mahmood, a very beautiful website of the Saudis. For certain, some excellent Arabian Horses.

An American Breeder
Already bookmarked over to my favorites to be enjoyed and savored later in the day. Thank you.
Thanks, Barbara. wink.gif

Excelent job!

and Gigi Grasso, wonderful job, exquisite photos.

Best Regards,

Thanks to everyone for the nice complements on the website. We were very honored to be chosen to create this website featuring the horses from The King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center and Al Janadriyah farm.

Of course having the beautiful photographs of Gigi Grasso and the eloquent narrative of Cynthia Culbertson made our job much easier. Thanks as well to Bruce for having the faith in us to create such a nice tribute online. If you have not seen the book that the website was based on, it is quite stunning. Gigi and Cynthia did an amazing job on it.

Scott Bailey
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