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Sorry to be a pest, but my topic about Tobago is still missing from the discussion page! I will totally understand if it's been deleted cos I did something wrong, but would just like to know what it was - so I can avoid making the same mistake again! sad.gif
No, it's not deleted but we have it "melted" with the Psytadel topic.
First we though to transfer it into the classified section
along with another thread ("The best Salaa El Dine son") because many
visitors see this kind of threads as advertisement...
We know it's a very thin line sometimes and we think it was not intended
but thought by adding it to the Psytadel thread it's more appopriate than standing alone
and "looking" more like an ad. I hope you undertand.
Of course I understand! I am SO sorry. How stupid of me. I just didn't think - I got my first pictures of my colt, and just wanted to show everybody, especially as people had been asking to see pics of him. I posted pretty much the same topic on another site, and just got lots of nice friendly comments. And I had seen so many people's pics of their horses on here that I just assumed it would be OK! Looking back through the topics, I now realize that people don't just post 'here's my horse - isn't he pretty' topics - they disguise it as a question or something else! wink.gif

Anyway - thank you for explaining, and thank you for moving the topic rather than deleting it. I totally understand why you have to do this, otherwise the forum would just turn into advertising, when it's meant to be for news and discussion. smile.gif

It's ironic, cos my colt won a reserve championship at a "C" show recently, and I didn't dare post a new topic about it here, for fear people would think I was bragging or 'advertising'! In fact, I see that that would count as 'news' and would have been acceptable. Then I go and stupidly post a photo of him with no other excuse that the fact that I have a pretty photo!

I feel bad about this, even though the error was unintentional, and I would like to make amends by taking out a proper advertisement for my colt. I wasn't going to do this just yet, as he's only 2 and won't be at stud till next year, but if you could tell me how to go about advertising a stallion on here, and what the cost of this is, I will take out an ad as soon as possible.

Many thanks - and apologies. smile.gif
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