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I was searching some pedigrees and found under "Kumir", sire of russian race horse wonder "Vatican" the term: thoroughbred. All ancestors aer not known by me, no pics, just one in the 4th generation - "Aquino" - has a photo - far away of arabian type and habitus.

How it comes that Mirok Monelou is an arabian or is the whole sireline of Kumir wrong written in the allbreedpedigreedatabase?

Or are some doubts about this pedigree?

Interested in your answers

This must be an error!
KUMIR, the sire of Vatican and Pakistan and Mukomol and Nikel and others is of course an Arabian horse and no English Thoroughbred.

KUMIR is by MAK (Korej by Kann x Madila by Lowelas) out of KAPELLA (Priboj by Piolun x Kanitel by Korej), the best of Crabbet, France, Russian and Polish breeding.

KAPELLA is not only the mother of KUMIR but produced KARTA (by Arax) who in turn gave birth to the legendary sire KILIMANJARO (by Aswan) and to the mare KOSMETIKA (by Muscat).

KOSMETIKA herself produced the stallion KUBINEC. Perhaps you have heard of him? dry.gif dry.gif dry.gif dry.gif dry.gif wink.gif wink.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
I think this explains everything.
the allbreedpedigree site is very useful but be aware - the pedigrees are entered by individuals not by stud book authorities, they are not authenticated in any way and there are are many many mistakes. People can also edit pedigrees and make them correct again - or, maybe, make them incorrect! 'All breed' means what it says - ALL horse breeds that anyone cares to add, so it is easy for someone to select in error the "wrong" Kumir as there may be many horses of the same name from different breeds.
Allbreedpedigree is a good source for research for those who have already studied more reliable pedigree sources (like stud books for example). For unexperienced users it can be confusing. After you had added a horse you need to decide which possible sire/dam you'd like to associate with it. If there are many possible sires/dams than it's getting difficult and many horse are linked to wrong parents. That's why I have my own database. Well, I am using allbreedpedigree too but if there are differences in pedigree I will rely more on stud books etc.
That may be caused by the lack of knowledge of the correct English vocabulary of a non-native English speaker. In Dutch eg we use the same word for the arab and the ET, roughly translated by.... thoroughbred. For the arab we just add the word "arab" before thoroughbred. In German an "Araber" also includes a partbred. That is the problem when you translate words, they may not cover the same meaning, even though the translation is technically correct. And, living in a foreign country, I am confronted with this phenomenon all the time! Also, not everybody's English is perfect, not even that of native speakers tongue.gif
Allbreed is full of errors. Some my be caused accidentally others deliberately, I claim. A while ago, so many names of horses didn't match the pedigree that I think someone had a little fun in changing the data in order to tease people....
Sorry, was offline for a while. Thanks for your answers - this was what I thougt too.

But as I have no own horse with the pedigree of Kumir - my question is:

the ancestors of Kumir, how they are in the allbreedpedigree database, are these the ones of the pure bred arabian KUMIR or is there maybe an english TB KUMIR with this ancestors?

Thanks for answers and helping

Kumir is Mak x Kapella and according to me it is correctkly enetered in the Allbreed Database.
Thank you
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