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I just had to share my excitement with everyone! My Egyptian-related colt Baalheem (Imperial Baarez X ES Prominence) is going to his first ever horse show this weekend! This is also MY very first horse show where I actually own a horse that is competing instead of either watching or riding someone else's!!

I'm really curious to see the response to this colt. He is so different from anything else that is around this area (not much in the way of Egyptian breeding) No matter what the result is I will still be very happy to take him home in the trailer afterwards! I just hope he behaves himself in the ring for his trainer ! He is a very mellow fellow but can "turn it on" when you ask him to trot!

Also going to have some fun hearing how the announcer pronounces his name. I'm sure you've had that with your horses too! Grin!

Wish me luck - full report when I get back.......

Deb Charnuski
Proud Mum to Baalheem (aka as "Beau" or "Schmuck")
Hope you the best... It must be very exciting!

I know I ain't an "expert" but he looks very nice on this photo. Maybe I wouldn't have told it, if I hadn't known, but... he's got something of Baarez in his facial expression. I know he is very young on the shot, but he has the same kind of nose, profile, eye... if he wasn't a son of Baarez, you could tell me so...: I'd believe biggrin.gif

If it isn't inquisitive, what "line" of arabian is Prominence from? I mean: polish, crabbet, russian...etc...? as your boy's an Egyptian-related...

Wish you the best, good luck for the show,

i'll wait for the impressions wink.gif

Good luck and have fun!!! He looks wonderful. smile.gif I ecspecially love those soft, kind eyes. biggrin.gif Let us all know how he does!

Wishing you the very best of luck, and your attitude of still feeling the same about him whatever the results is the best part! He looks very nice, - I hope he enjoys himself thoroughly, `turns it on`, and gets back home with a ribbon too! Sincerely, Alia
Dear DebC,

Congratulations and all the best for you and your beautiful colt!!!!
And.......GOOD LUCK!! smile.gif

Best Regards,

Hi Deb.
Congrats. I love his head. What a beutiful jibba and
eyes. Do you have a photo with the rest of him?

I wish you the best of luck.

What show are you taking him too.....He is very nice. I got to watch my first bred baby in the show ring this year for the first time,being shown by the new owners. Boy did I feel proud...the first time is always exciting and a little nerve racking...Will be waiting to here about your ribbons also...Good Luck
very nice boy !!!!...and good luck !!!!! have fun!!!!....
I am SO very proud of my boy.................

He made top three at Western Canadian Breeders (equivalent of a regional level show in the North American show system) this past Sunday out of a class of 6 yearlings. I was so thrilled with that result for his first ever show as quite frankly he was so small compared to the other colts that were in the class that it made him look like a weanling instead of a yearling! He was the youngest in his class (he was born at the very end of June) - the winner and reserve had close to 3 months on him.

I am so impressed with his behaviour. He took everything in stride like a real trooper. Cantered in the first time but his trainer circled him around and set him up the second time and he moved out in a gorgeous trot. Once in the ring he never lost it. He did everything the trainer asked of him - was a bit nervous the first time he stood up in front of the judge and forgot how to place his front legs but after a minute or two he figured it out. Gave his poll and his neck when asked. All in all I could not have been more pleased nor asked more of him than he gave.

I spent time afterwards in his stall hugging him, telling him how proud I was of him and then gave him a good brushing and scratch session which he loved.

He won a very nice halter and ribbon but more importantly he really won my heart (he had it before - this effort just put the lock on it and threw away the key) and showed the stuff he is made of. I couldn't be more thrilled. All the right pieces are there - they just need time to come together and mature. Since I am in no rush, he has all the time in the world as far as I'm concerned to just be a horse and grow-up. You should see his growth plates right now - phew! Knobby knees and big hocks so he is going to go through another growth spurt very shortly.

I had a great first show experience! It was fun, I felt the judge treated my colt very fairly given where he is at and it will probably take me another week or so to come down from Cloud 9! I will post some pictures from the show as soon as I get them. The picture I posted earlier was taken when he was six months old.

For the person who asked above his mum, ES Prominence is by AA Profile (Bask Flame (Bask) X Arabay Khemoleeta (Khemosabi)) out of the mare GF Providence + who is by Errostotle, a performance Champion, by National res. Champion Stallion *Erros, and out of the Gdansk+ daughter Etiffany. GF Providence+ is out of Poco Poco, a halter Champion who is by 6X National Champion (Park, Costume, Driving, Combination), *Meczet. Poco Poco is out of Gay Gorcy, a daughter of National Top Ten Stallion, Gay Polka. So though I believe she is termed "domestic" there's a lot of Polish breeding in there. Here's a picture of mum and Beau when he was one month old.


A very, very proud mum of Baalheem (Imperial Baarez x ES Prominence)

Congratulations DebC.

I like your colt too and have been wondering how he would do. I am very happy he did so well for his first show and that he and you loved it. On to the next and hopefully a win I would say.


Ps.: don't come down from cloud nine. Think it's lovely up there and think you'll be going there regularly with this boy.
Dear Deb, Congratulations on his doing so well, and more, apparently enjoying it eventually! One of our colts , an october foal was in a class like that in Qatar, as a yearling with much bigger fact he was still with his Mum, and yet managed to place fourth with a lot of very very well bred and well shown others, I was thrilled too, and he went on to win a lot when he was older. I hope yours does the same, and in any case ENJOY him! The photo of him trotting is really charming, please give him a pat from me! Alia
Big Congratulations!! .......that's really very good!...TOP THREE!!!..WAUW!!
thanks for posting a photo of his mother ...she is really a very beautifull mare ! ....100% my type of arabian horse........I absolutly like her!....
I wish you more fun and succes for the future with these beauties!!
And a hug and a carrot for your boy! smile.gif
Dear Deb,

Congratulations. I have been waiting to hear your news. I am so pleased that you had such a good first experience. Hopefully this feeling will hold until next June! biggrin.gif

Take care,

A heartfelt "thank you" for all of your well wishes and congratulations! This is this first arab I've ever bred, owned and showed so all of this is brand new to me and it's really special to be able to share it!

My trainer called yesterday to say how pleased she was with his attitude and performance in the ring. She said once he had his first look around he settled right down. When the crowd started to applaud she said she had to laugh as Beau put his tail over his back, puffed himself up and seemed to think the applause was all for him. biggrin.gif She said he was obviously enjoying being the "centre of attention". I always knew I had a ham - he simply craves attention - so I had hoped this would translate into the show ring. I have the best of both worlds though as he is very mellow (his daddy Imperial Baarez has an incredible temperament and so does him mom), easy to handle and quite sensible for a yearling. But ask him to "turn it on" and he is able to trot out with attitude plus! I had him with a local trainer up until now and she has given him such a solid foundation that it will serve him in good stead all of his life.

I really do feel extremely privileged to have him.

Jennifer, I sent you a private email yesterday (before I even posted the news here) regarding results of the show - I hope you received it?

Deb C
Hi Deb,

I didn't see and e-mail, but that doesn't mean it didn't get lost in the 100's of spam e-mails we recieve each day. Again all my best

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