Dear Readers

I just received my Arabian Horse World and on pages 208-211 an excellent article is presented by Linda white.
I am elated!!!!

It is stated that in over 100 recognized shows in the USA
Sportshorse classes were offered and well presented.
In one, it took 5 hours to judge.

What I like about the comments are " the Judges must be accountable, must document their reasons- for placements".

It is also stated that it is one of the fasted growing disziplines Arabians compete. Here one can truly examine what Arabians are out there, and which are or could become selective breeding stock.

It will also stop the bickering and complaints and as it is said in this article "Every exhibitor has an equal chance"

there wont be a point system giving quintuple points for type and forget about the rest of the horse.

I stated multiple times, that I have seen better horses with small breeders than at the Nationals. these wonderful people, the artery of our Arabian Industry, will now see justice done, can compete, will be affordable, dont need high priced ignorant trainers, prevent abuse, hip and hype,and once again bring the Arabian Horse in the foreground of all other breeds. Inconsequent breeding will stop, I cratch you back and you scratch mine IS OUT,
POLITiCS WILL TAKE A BACK SEAT, and the Arabian horse industry will start to flourish again. those who have done their homework, will come into forefront.

I can not thank all those people enough who are instrumental in the decision to hold the USA National sportshorse Championships (Lexington/Virgina-Set/03)
.THE FIRST ONE- and pray that many Straight Egyptians will compete. We will.

Our Serenity Aruf (1997) just won his championship in Colorado, first time out, a son of Serenity Aristu and Serenity Marufa. We now are testing him in 7000-9000 feet over sealevel altitude in Colorado,through and over everything, to see if he can become a breeding stallion. I pray, that many of you also will test your stallions at least, and LET THOSE SHINE WHICH COME THROUGH. The beautiful part is, that everyone of you CAN TRAIN AT HOME and may those, who never thought they had a chance, might just come home with a champion and/or a high scoring SE in particular".

May be after all, the efforts and sacrifices many of us oldtimers made WERE NOT IN VAIN. I am so happy to see this before I go to greener pastures.

Can we hear from all those who are presently in sportshorse training/events? this means all riding/driving diziplins.

Have a great day and enjoy

Serenity Arabian Farms, florida