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kansas sam
Any photographs of Keyser Soze would also be appreciated!
Michelle Salmon
Not from the show but a very recent photoshoot biggrin.gif

Keyser Soze

i do have some photos of Psy Dream but im not sure how to put them on here. he was third in his class and he will be competing in aachen with Rhodri Jones.

if any one can help me post the photos i will really appreciate it.

thanks gbfahne.gif biggrin.gif
Hi Laura

email them to my work address and I'll put them on for you,

Here's the gorgeous Psy Dream by Psytadel

Click to view attachment

and another one....

Click to view attachment

wub.gif :wub

Photos by Dean Ingham Photography smile.gif
thanks for doing that clare.

really appreciate it!
wow he is a very nice boy!
I have heard he has good movements
I will see him in Aachen
is he at stud for 2007?
thank you
freida deutschfahne.gif
Is there anyone who can give me the email from the Atkin family, the owner of Karat???
Or the homepage???

Psy Dream will be standing at stud to a limited number of mares in 2007.

thanks for your interest.

hi marion
the aktin family's email is:
Psy Dream is only a yearling, he stands at stud at 2 yrs old?

To a LIMITED number of mares only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

No negative comments about "other" sites, please.
Just a UK onlooker
I'm not a big name, I am not 'famous', I am not rich, I do not 'big up' my horses on here or any other forum as a tool for promotion/stud fees. I am a small owner/breeder with less than 15 purebreds.

Here is my honest opinion of the videos, photos and some of the comments made (not worth much, but I would like to offer it anyway).

Firstly the videos. Why on earth any horse lover would wish to put their horse through so much stress is utterly beyond me. If any of my horses behaved like that whether at home or in a ring I would be very embarrassed to say the least at my training efforts and go back to basics to get it right. They dragged their handlers all over the place, had no respect for personal space or their handler as a worthy leader.. Now whether this was down to management, feed, training or utter stress or fear I am not sure. I was shocked and felt nothing but sympathy for them.

The photos. Some (and please note, 'some') of these horses don't even look like horses, let alone Arabs! If you want a horse to look like it has the neck of a giraffe, breed a giraffe! I also like a nice pose, don't get me wrong, but from some of those poses, they looked like they had a problem trying to urinate!

I am saddened to read many of the comments on here and just lately some other sites. I feel that a crazed and frenzied hype has taken over in the show world, and some people are getting swept up in it without sitting back and REALLY looking at all. Some people are so caught up in it that they have formed their own little sub-societies like some bizarre sort of cult.

I mean, c'mon. People are rushing out and buying horses in from all over the world in a desperate attempt to get a taste of winning, becoming a 'name', yearning for a win as the ultimate accolade of their life (at that moment in time, anyway, the following year they will buy a different fashion of bloodline altogether). They are buying horses from other Countries only to get them home, take them to a show or 5 (well, pay someone to train, take and handle them at a show) , not win then advertise them for sale within 12 months of ownership.

My heart is heavy over what is happening and what has already become.
I have stopped entering or spectating at shows, whereas once it was the highlight of my year to see so many beautiful horses, thoughtful breeding programmes and honest friends. What are we doing?

I know that many will think of this as a load of tosh, try to pick fault, point out 'glaring' faults in my humble opinions, but I am the person who may be visiting your stud next week or next year to look at a new mare to buy, or a stallion whose bloodlines I value to add to my own stock. I am the sort of person who has a little money now and again to invest and buy your beautiful horses. Will you know it is my money you are taking? I am the potential buyer to whom you aim to sell to, and these are my opinions. Without me, and those like me, who do you sell to?
I am confused. blink.gif From which videos or photos do you speak? On all the videos that can be seen here on the site in the video section the horses behave perfectly normal. The same rings true for the new Al Rayyan videos online here. blink.gif
Which photos do you mean? The photos in the show section or the photos in the background section, where so many of the old horses of the past are portrayed? Or the photos in the portraits? There you'll hardly find "giraffe" necks because the Egyptian horse as such has no such necks. The photos in the international section from the shows? Well, I agree , some of the horses have that giraffe like necks but the majority act and look like wonderful and "normal" Arabian horses.
I'm not famous too and I can partly understand your point of view. Like Monika I don't know which photos and videos are you referring to but in general what you are explaining is something I understand.

The horse becomes more and more an artificial object in the world of shows.
But hey, look in your own stable, there you find the wonderful companion we wanna have! The show world is so far away from most of us that you can only watch it but don't take it too seriously. That's my humble opinion.

On the other hand look at such wonderful creatures like Fernando and Ramino or Lobeke and yes, the multi champion Al Lahab. They are normal horses at home. A freind of mine visited the Friedmann family before AL Lahab went to the USA and already had won his share of championships in Europe. He was such a sweet and good-tempered stallion like he had seldom seen before. My friend was totally
smitten with him. He had expected to see a hysterical little fool - the contrary was the case! He was a normal horse at home, galopping through his paddock, enjoyed his life. No hype, no crazy horse but a sweet stallion to love. That's the reality BEHIND the hype of a show. Please don't forget that.

Sharon Stone does not wear a glamouros gown at home but a jogging dress! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif But we only know her as a glamour queen. The same applies to a show horse. They look "EXTREME" and artificial at the big shows (I don't like it) but are normal horses at home.
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