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I know it is still early, but I thought I'd start this thread so all you folks that are lucky enough to attend the show may kindly post the results, and maybe even pictures, as soon as possible for the less fortunate among us that could not attend.

Thank you all in advance!
Jackie K
I will post the results as I receive them. I stand to be corrected if there are any errors.

First filly class

1st Pandoraah (Padrons Psyche/Bint Bey Shah)

2nd Nowarat Al Khalediah (Marawan Al Shaqab/Mysaa)

this is a reversal of the Elran Cup result.

more to come later!!!!!!!

Jackie wink.gif
Jackie K
Second Yearling filly class

1st - LVA Nirvana (Enzo/Nijona) - Lillyview Arabians
2nd - HB Pakira (Psytadel/Padisha Ibn Estopa) - I think - Janet & Paul Curry
3rd - AJA First Love (FS Bengali/Lovin Psyche SSA) - Malcolm & Jane Hickford
4th - Davinity FM (Da Vinci/Echo Lee IA) - Sharon & Mike Foreman

Thanks Christine for the running commetary.

Jackie wink.gif
junior champion filly: BESS FAIZAH
resreve: MAGORA

junior champion colt: BAANDEROS
Jackie K
3 year old colt class

1st LVA Maximus (Espano Estopa) Lillyview Arabians
2nd Master Design GA (Versace) - Rhodri Jones
3rd Ajman Moniscione (WH Justice) -
4th ------- not sure?
5th Forever Besson (Besson Carol) Sharon & Mike Foreman

Will try to post some more results if i can catch someone before the paaartyyyy laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Yearling colts Seniors.11 entries

1st Baanderos (Marwan Al Shaqab)
2ndVirgil (El Amin)

Yearling Colts Juniors12 entries

1st Memphis (El Amin)
2nd AV Montoya (WH Justice)

Yearling fillies Seniors 15 entries

1st Pandoraah (Padrons Psyche)
2nd Nowarat AL Khalediah (Marwan Al Shaqab)

Yearling fillies Junior 13 entries

1st LVA Nirvana (Enzo)
2nd HB Pakira (Psytadel)
Thanks everyone!

Please post today's results as soon as possible.

Pictures will be greatly appreciated!
2yo colts:

1st Mahrabi
2nd H Tobago (tied for first place on points - 91.3)
3rd Patros

Sorry - I can't remember any more. Very excited cos my Tobago did so well - and got a gold medal! smile.gif
just heard le dolce vita has won the mare class with love by design second and shifali was 3rd. well done all

Robin K and Kirinova won their classes also!
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Stallions 4 - 6 yrs old

2st A. Sharif Pacha
2nd Final Shadow
3rd Aja Svengali
4th Emir Ibn Esteem
5th Roe Laheeb
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Stallions 7 - 10 yrs

1st Al Lahab
2nd Sandhiran
3rd Aazari
4th Piligrim
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Stallions 11 yrs and over

1st Karat
2nd Fernando
3rd Pesal
4th Vodolej

Champion Stallion Al Lahab smile.gif
Reserve Champion Sandhiran
Sasha Melia/Silhouette Arabians
Senior Female Champion - Robin K
Reserve - Eaglesridge Passionata

Ridden Champion - Samzarah
Reserve - Samilla Amira
champion and reserve colts please ?
Heather Brown
QUOTE (dani @ Aug 26 2006, 07:10 PM)
junior champion filly: BESS FAIZAH
resreve:                    MAGORA
junior champion colt: BAANDEROS
reseve:                      LVA MAXIMUS

lady tee
gbfahne.gif Wow one of my favorite stallions at towerlands the one and only Al lahab. Wow i wish i was there to see him. Can anyone let me know if there will be a dvd of the ukihs show please as it will make up for me not being able to attend. A big congratulations to all who took part..
Does anyone have the complete results and the individual scores of each horse in the three stallion divisions?

Thanks in advance!
Results of 3yr old filly class:

1st Magora (SA) (Gazal Al Shaqab x Margotka) 93.7
2ndPanarea (WH Justice x Palawan) 93
3rd Isabella Versace (Versace Fof Eleni) 90.4
4th Basra (RU) (Piligrim (SU) x Baigora) 89.9 biggrin.gif
5th Astorija LK (FS Bengali x Amira Madrona)

Liberty Class

1st Basra(RU) (Piligrim (SU) x Baigora) biggrin.gif
2nd EA Emillia (Raji x Amellita Bint Lavado)
3rd Crystal Magic (Silvern Sceptre x Crystal Lazuli)
Some perfect horses where present on the show !

3 horses got 19.5 on body and 17 in legs from the same judge !


where can the full results with scores be found, or can someone please post the scores for the winning horses please
I think they annonced at the show they will be putting the full results on their web site

it might take a few days .
Emma Jayne
Well done for LVA Nirvana winning her class yearling fillies and of course LVA Maximus who not only won 3 year old colts but was the Junior Male Reserve champion.

LVA Maximus also received the trophy for the highest points for british bred of the whole show with LVA Nirvana being 2nd.

This is a fantastic result for Virginia and Andrew and couldn't have been timed better. A wonderful tribute to both the late Espana and Nijona their legacy lives on. Big Congratulations what a brilliant weekend.

Doris and Emma
Great show, larger classes than the last few years with good quality arabian horses from all over the world.

Well done to organisers and exhibitors.
Can someone give me the classresults of the 2-y-o fillies?
What a lovely show. Superb horses. Huge classes, the biggest we've seen in ages. Whatever the organisers are doing, they are doing it right. smile.gif

Did you see the trophies they win, beautifull crystal vases. ohmy.gif
I will post some pictures from the show later when I get home smile.gif
Ivy Media Productions were there videoing, as per usual. I think he did the whole show including the liberty classes in the evening.
Well done to Andrew and Virginia - Maximus looked fantastic as always!
What a great show winning with the filly also.
Many congratulations
Stephen, Clare and team
QUOTE (guest @ Aug 28 2006, 08:26 PM)
Well done to Andrew and Virginia - Maximus looked fantastic as always!
What a great show winning with the filly also.
Many congratulations
Stephen, Clare and team

Thanks guys.

Well done to Claire who rode Shamila Amira to reserve supreme ridden champion, this lovely mare is owned and bred by Joyce brand. biggrin.gif

Virginia & Andrew.
Well i would first of all like to say congratulations to everyone tongue.gif

And also a big congratulations to Turban Stud Denmark, for the very good result on Fernando/Monogramm being 2nd in his class.

This stallion came to Denmark from Poland, and he has been in the top at every show he entered wub.gif wub.gif
Did any one get the points for Baanderos?? please.
baanderos 92.70 maximus 93.00
Who was champion stallion?
does anyone have the scores of the mares champion and resevre thank you in advance
Think results should be on
Senior Chmpion Stallion:
Reserve Senior Champion Stallion:
the placings are listed but there are no scores listed, where can I find the scores Please
Can anyone tell me what the breedingfee for Al Lahab is this year and for 2007???? Also is frozen seemen available right now?

I have being trying to get this information from both owner and trainer by email, but no one has had the time to give an answer.

Is he going to leave europe again????
champion mare Robin K had a score of 94,2
and reserve champion eagleridge Passionata had 91,9 i believe
What where the scores of Al Lahab?
al lahad had a total score of 94,2
Pictures please...!!! tongue.gif
The points for Al Lahab are:

Type: 20 - 20 - 20 - 20 - 20
H&N: 20 - 20 - 19,5 - 20 - 20
Body: 18,5 - 19 - 19 - 18 - 19
Legs: 16 - 16 - 17 -16 -16
Mov: 20 - 19,5 - 18,5 - 19,5 - 19,5

Total: 94,2p
Some pictures of the geldings

Kalinski (AS Natsir Apal x Khamala)
Click to view attachment

Orashaal (Orashan x Ozana)
Click to view attachment

Shah Rukh Khan (Narismma x Sadika)
Click to view attachment

(Sorry for the bad picture quality ph34r.gif)
Al Attaq (Al Hakkim x Nareena)
Click to view attachment

MHS Wytuki (Ibn Sudan x Zushi)
Click to view attachment Click to view attachment

Silvern Crown (Bright Crown x Silvern Princess)
Click to view attachment Click to view attachment Click to view attachment
there are nice pictures at arabianlines

on discussion & results pages.
could you please post the direct link- I was unable to find something there...

I hope, people will post more pics soon.

C_Ma, do you have more pics of the show?
Guest, I have alot of pictures from the show, but havent had the time to edit them yet... will do soon smile.gif

go to forum then discussion on congratulations LVA pictures of LVA Maximus

also at fourum go to results and there is a thread with Towerlands results and some nice pictures of quite a few horses including Al Lahab ect.
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