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Is the St Clair Farm retired?

I noticed in the datasource they still have listed a number of nice horses that aren't very old, they have some oldies too but I've never seen a website or contact information or any indication that they are still breeding.
Cheryl L
St Clairs sold most of their herd to someone in Ohio, I believe and then they retired.
Okay, I know who they sold to. That farm is about an hour away from me and has some for sale...I was just hoping for more than one source biggrin.gif

Thanks for the info smile.gif
Rik Augustin

I am so sorry you lost your mare. I lost my favorite Mahareekh daughter last year. It is always so hard. But there are horses out there with El Mareekh breeding, in fact I just saw a new ad on the AHA classifieds. Someone Ga. has a weanling black filly (Callista Zophos) for sale. She has about 10 crosses to Sameh, and 6 are via *El Mareekh. I am just not in the market for a filly at present but was stll tempted by her pedifgreee. Maybe she will be what you are seeking. I sure hope someone who really likes El Mareekh blood gets her. The seller is Clay Tracy and his email is: All the info. on the filly is on the AHA site.

Rik Augustin
Masterpease Arabians in Ga. owns the Ibn El Mareekh son Sonboleekh. Tersea Pease posted info on him in this discussion as a guest. They may have some El Mareekh bred horses available. Mijan Arabians in Ohio now owns Ibn El Mareekh, as they purchased most of the St. Clair horses. Zandai Arabians has *El Mareekh bred, And there are others as well. I found 2 Mareekh Amir bred mares and a El Mareekh 1 daughter for sale in the AHA classifieds.

It is so great to see all the interest that El Mareekh still garners. For those who did not get the chance to see him, he was magical.

Rik Augustin
For those people on the other *El MAreekh topic, this discussion has a lot of photos and info on *El Mareekh and his descendents.

Rik Augustin
Egyptian Star
Good Morning Rik and Susan and all of you interested in the *El Mareekh grouping. smile.gif

As I said on the Ibn El Mareekh topic...I have been for years in the background watching the Straight Egyptian Breeding programs come and go. And it has
taken me many years to put together the bloodlines I feel cross so well with
*El Mareekh. I choose to use the *El Mareekh blood because of the prepotency he seemed to be able to pass on with the Sameh and Alaa El Din Blood up close. By doubling and tripling his blood in the program I have got wonderful bodies, movement, temperment and over all beauty. That many people who have visited the farm, were amazed at the quality of the Straight Egyptian Horses.

El Rameekh Amir AHR#04700880, who is a Ibn El Mareekh grandson out of a Bint El Mareekh, took almost 9 years to mature out....I don't think Sue and Rik have seen him since he came into his own. He has matured into gorgeous stallion, with
the *El Mareekh temperment, people personality and has sired beautiful foal with great motion and hips. (which was what I saw lacking in so much of the Straight Egyptian breeding when I first got into breeding straight egyptian horses, some 15 years ago). One of the secrets an old breeder gave me was if you want that hip you need the Sameh blood for length of hip and smooth body. That has proven true more than once.

I remember Eric Hagenloger (who owned Tuhotmos in his last years) told
me that he tried to buy *El Mareekhs Dame Rawayeh from the EAO, but
her value was so high, he decided to buy 10 mares for the same amount.
And imported them to Germany. She was one of most beautiful Alaa El Din
daughters that he had ever seen.

Some breeders have used Sultan Blood for the Sameh connection with great
success. Becky Rogers is one. I prefer the *El Mareekh Blood for that connection because of his Dam. What I have seen with the Alaa El Din is more
uprightness and movement.

El Mareekh I was here at the farm for a year, he looked more like the Tuhotmos side of his pedigree, he was black Bay and I had decided not use him in my
breeding program for different reasons. He passed a few years ago in Michigan.

Rameekhs Sire El Saheerh is no longer breeding but did have a lot of the Ibn El Mareekh look He is the head shot. I also included a picture of Sameh (the grey).

I always felt that the St. Clairs were top breeders and knew what the breeding secrets were in producing beautiful, useful Straight Egyptians.

Feel free to email me at

I have a video somewhere that showed Bint El Mareekh at the St. Clair farm
in Wis and all the *El Mareekh mares....they lookes like clones of *El Mareekh..prepotency is the key.

I know it's about the sons... but could not resist. biggrin.gif
This is an Ibn El Mareekh daughter out of Ibn El Mareekh's own dam, Bint Deenaa.
She now is owned by Michael Ponnath in Germany. Descriptins about her in the BACKGROUND
("Follow your dreams!").

I'm sorry if I missed this earlier, but is Ibn El Mareekh still alive?
As far as I know he *is* alive , he's just sterile now.
Sorry the last post on previous page was mine, I forgot to log in rolleyes.gif
hallo all smile.gif
there should be another ibn el mareek son in france :" maji mareek" out of majidaaa, born 1989, standing at hikuptah arabians.
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