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well the show is good and everyone is still alive.
the weather is hot and tomorrow we will post a full list of results but i can tell you that in a very exciting class aldeed al shaqab beet ashal al rayyan by only .33 aldeed scoring 94.66.
greeting from the gulf.
Thanks. Keep us all updated! We stay tuned...
[B]Well I have some results

Today It was only stallions..
The classwinners I have: Ibn Sharuby, Karat, Jandeh Al naif, Al Aadeed, Jameel Al Rayyan, Farid Nile Moon, ... wub.gif
Can you please post the other class winners scores???? Thank you
Hi bart and all

Well you all might not be worried, but I am worried sick over all of you. I dont believe I have ever prayed that hard and long than during the past weeks.

For heavens sake Bart, dont underestimate the war.
I am sure your parents told you what it can be like. It can shift like the wind.

you are a host to the US forces and there are people who might not like that at all. therefore, please be most careful and have your eyes also in the back of your neck and you ears wide open..

My best wishes and prayers are with you. God bless.

Sorry Mary

I am not at the show, and this is the only thing I have!
But Late in the evening, I will post the results!!
I go for Jandeh Al naif Junior Champion because they told me he was really looking good and ... We will wee!!

Who are the judges there?????
It was S. Garte, Mr. Jones, Mr. Marei and can't remember the other one...

i can't wait anymore, does anybody knows more results????????!!!!!!!!!!!! wacko.gif
Hi everybody, its quite late and warm here in Qatar, sorry, cannot remember all the results and forgot my catalogue at the hotel bar. But there is one thing, I must say: This was a FANTASTIC show!!! Although I understand, that a lot of people didn't show up regarding the political situation ... but I must say: Guys, you really missed a great show!
And especially an exceptional presentation on one special horse. When I saw Al Aadeed in Paris last year, there was a) no question, that he deserved the World Champion title and cool.gif that he was the maximum of exotic and Arabian type. Well, I was wrong! The moment, Ashhal Al Rayyan entered the ring, I knew, I was completly wrong. I do not have enoug words to explain how fantastic this horse looked. Exotic type, a body made of steel, tail and ears always up, trotting like hell. I don't feel ashamed to say, tears came into my eyes. This stallion deserved the Champion title, no question.
But it turned out different. Al Aadeed beat Ashhal with just 0,3 points and won the Champion title with Ashhal reserve!
At least, one of my absolutly favourite fillies won the Junior Championship: Jamila Al Rayyan!
More news tomorrow. Have to leave you and have to pick up my catalogue at the hotel bar (and maybe spend a bottle of champaigne for this wonderful show!).
Oh - Farid Nile Moon was left out in the Championship then? I love him dearly. But anyway, with horses as magnificent as Ashhal Al Rayyan and Al Adeed Al Shaqab he was in good company and it's not a shame to lose to them in my eyes. smile.gif (I love the new smilies Alexsi)
Dear Hansi, Thank you for your concern and prayers, I appriciate that. But I think everything will be fine for us on our tiny pininsula! But no worries I'll keep my eyes open! All the best, Bart.

Ps. To be honnest: war or no war I wouldn't leave these horses behind in any case!
Dear Bart,

we hope that the war finishes soon and it does not undergo more innocent people.
It cheers to me that the event this taking with tranquillity. smile.gif

Hey!! I would not either leave those beautiful horses in any case! laugh.gif

Best Regards,

Fingers crossed everything will stay save in Qatar.
Ibn Sharuby? Who is his sire? Sound very interesting, I like Sharuby very much! biggrin.gif
As far as I know the stallions were to go in the ring today for the championship and that is what all of us Farid followers are waiting for. So we havent seen any results yet and hope all the best for him. He is turning heads over there and i believe he will make a huge mark over there........
Any results yet?
The sire of Ibn Sharuby is Gazal al shaqab, he is a very showy colt.
Thanks smile.gif
Susanne Boesche
Good morning Ulf,

I am not sure, but I think Ibn Sharuby's sire is Al Aadeed Al Shaqab.

Have a nice day,
Good morning,

still no results fdrom the Qatar show????
Just Lucky
International Show Results - Doha, Qatar

† Jr. Champion Filly
(Al Aadeed Al Shaqab/Ansata Selket) 02-05-10
breeder: Al Rayyan Stud/QA
owner: Al Rayyan Stud/QA

† Reserve Jr. Champion Filly † †
(Om El Azadik/Warandes Estopa) 00-12-12
breeder: Sh. Dr. Sultan B.M. Al Qassemi/UAE
owner: Sh. Dr. Sultan B.M. Al Qassemi/UAE

† Jr. Champion Colt
(Gazal Al Shaqab/ZT Sharuby) 02-01-11
breeder: Al Shaqab Stud/Qatar
owner: Al Shaqab Stud/Qatar

† Reserve Jr. Champion Colt
(Ansata Sinan/Al Wajba Al Rayyan) 02-03-10
breeder: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar
owner: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar

† Champion Mare
(Ruminaja Ali/Bint Amal) 95-05-14
breeder: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar
owner: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar

† Reserve Champion Mare
(Imperial Mashhar/Dyn Aliyah) 99-05-10
breeder: Haras Royal Bouznika/Morocco
owner: Sh. Abdulla B. Mohd Al Thani/UAE

† Champion Stallion
(Ansata Halim Shah/Sundar Alisayyah) 95-04-13
breeder: Al Shaqab Stud/Qatar
owner: Al Shaqab Stud/Qatar

† Reserve Champion Stallion
(Safir/Ansata Majesta) 96-11-13
breeder: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar
owner: Al Rayyan Stud/Qatar
† † † †
† † †††††††
† † † †
† † † †

Sorry Sussanchen but Ibn Shah Ruby is sired by Ghazal Al Shaqab.
Does anyone has a photo of Ibn Sharuby??
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