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sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

i used to know that i have a personal message from my Inbox at yahoo
and this how it was always ...
but now for these few last hours i get it in my bulk mail so i don't get this sound at messenger
and i never cheacked the bulk mail
so why this is happening
shouldn't i get it in my inbox that i have a personal message at ????

thank u Heros wink.gif
I do not know how many emails sent are you by the forum, but maybe because
of several emails within a short time yahoo "thinks" they are spam.

For this reason, you either must whitelist - so all emails arrive in your inbox or please check with yahoo on how to avoid this,

sorry for no easier tip dry.gif
Hi Alexsi,

I have noticed that my e-mails through both and ABH are coming to me through my bulk mail, as well. I had some messages from yesterday, didn't know I had them till late morning today, when I just thought to take a look before dumping all the bulk. Wonder if I have dumped some "good" mail.

What do we need to do to clear this up? (I'm sure you remember that I am almost computer illiterate!) Make sure the directions are VERY simple for me to follow!

Dear Jeanette,
I see you are also using yahoo, seems like it is the same problem.
I am not familiar with yahoo email - sorry, please look for a way to unmark emails from welcome senders (like if they are classified as spam.
Easiest would be look into your mail accounts help files or contact yahoo support.
Sorry for no easier tip,
Hi Aleksi,

Everything is back to normal since last evening. I thought that you had worked some magic from YOUR end. I guess sometimes these systems have a "glitch" that eventually works itself out.

Thanks anyway for the words of advise.

Great! smile.gif
Yassmin - for you too?
hay smile.gif
im sorry it is noit working with me
although i asked that the Se email is not a spam but still nothing
is the spam like the bulk ???

thank u for asking ...
if u know a way to fix it on yahoo plz let me know
Please contact yahoo as this nothing we can chage! sad.gif
kay cochran
My files are getting too full. What do I do? Thanks for helping me in advance. JK
Nadj al Nur
Hi Kay
You can oprn the messages again and delete them, if they are not important, or you can archive them and send them to your personal email. There is a tab on the left side of your control panel screen to do that.. It will allow you to archve as many as you like at once.
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