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Could anybody tell me why there isnt a single picture of the Gelding winners at the European Champs? As im a small time little person who went to Begium with a Stallion and two Geldings, with just my daughter and best friend and her 3yo daughter and came home with the winners of both Gelding classes, a Stallion that was the only horse in the whole show to compete in the Halter and Ridden and get placed 4th and 3rd, I thought that maybe I may have got a picture or 2, I see many wealthy faces with many pictures indeed.

Thankyou in advance

Please believe me this has nothing to do with "wealthy people". huh.gif
Problem is that the photographers did not send us appropriate pictures
of the gelding classes. One photographer did send nothing at all, another
took pictures of just ONE gelding - therefore we decided not to include them.
As soon as the photographers will send us additional pics we will add the two gelding classes as well!
Thankyou for your promt reply, I have been assured that pictures were sent to yourselves of both my geldings but not the ridden horse as I understand he only 3rd.

I was told that Straight choose what photos go on there site.

Many Thanks from a very proud owner.

smile.gif At least we uploaded the two photos we already had....
Better than nothing. biggrin.gif But as soon as the others will arrive we put them on, too.
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