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Ghalion -EAO 1965 grey stallion (*Morafic X Lubna)

I was hoping someone could help me with some info on this stallion and his produce.
I find Ghalion interesting as well as how he was bred.
He reminds me of Ansata Shah Zaman in pedigree.
Any info on Ghalion, his history, his get, g-get and so on as well as any photos would be very kind if you could share this information.
Thanks. smile.gif
Hi Echo1,

Attached you may find three pictures of him. I hope that helps!

Nasser Darawshi
There are two other pictures I don't like that much in the pedigree section but I'll attach them anyway, maybe they'll give you another perspective of Ghalion.
Carol Cooper-Hall
Good Morning "Echo1"
Below please find additional information on the stallion, "GHALION EAO", that I hope is helpful! wink.gif

GHALION EAO (AHR #345676/EAO #69/ASBB #87/GASB#2067)

Foal Date: 3/30/1965
Status: Presumed deceased 3/31/2000
Color: Grey
Gender: Stallion
Import/Export: 1971 Egypt to Hungary; 1980 Hungary to Germany; 1984 Germany to USA

SIRE: Morafic
(Nazeer [Mansour {Gamil Manial x Nafaa El Saghira} x Bint Samiha {Kazmeen x Samiha}] x Mabrouka [Sid Abouhom {El Dere x Layla} x Moniet El Nefous {Shahloul x Wanisa}])

DAM: Lubna
(Sid Abouhom [El Dere {Desert Bred x Desert Bred} x Layla {Ibn Rabdan x Bint Sabah}] x Moniet El Nefous [Shahloul {Ibn Rabdan x Bint Radia} x Wanisa {Sheikh El Arab x Medallela}])

FIRST GENERATION PROGENY: 41 foals 1972 to 1988

GHALION-1 ASBB*111 27 Apr 1972 Stallion Bay
23 GHALION GASB*16992/ASBB*109 12 Jun 1972 Mare Grey
*BINT BINT NAZEERA AHR*167642 28 Jan 1973 Mare Chestnut
24 GHALION ASBB*115 28 Jan 1973 Mare Chestnut
30 GHALION ASBB*119/GASB*813 30 Jan 1973 Mare Chestnut
GHALION 6 GASB*8265/AAS*24/ASBB*113 22 Feb 1973 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION-12 ASBB*118 11 Apr 1973 Stallion Grey
*GHALION AHR*149702 11 Apr 1973 Stallion Grey
29 GHALION-14 ASBB*114 19 Oct 1973 Mare Grey
15 GHALION-1 ASBB*124 07 Jan 1974 Mare Grey
GHALION-4 ASBB*134 08 Mar 1974 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GHALION GASB*946 08 Mar 1974 Stallion Grey
ABDALLAH GASB*1053/CHAV*62 31 Mar 1974 Stallion Grey
*BINT BINT AZZA AHR*167645 11 Sep 1974 Mare Grey
GHALION-6 ASBB*122 11 Sep 1974 Mare Grey
GHALION-3 ASBB*139 16 Feb 1975 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION-2 ASBB*144 16 Feb 1975 Stallion Grey
GHALION-7 ASBB*143 05 Apr 1975 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION-9 ASBB*138 27 May 1975 Stallion Black
GHALION-10 ASBB*142 03 Jun 1975 Stallion Chestnut
2 GHALION-11 ASBB*135/GASB*14330 19 Sep 1975 Mare Grey
BINT GHALION GASB*2841 09 Oct 1975 Mare Grey
8 GHALION-12 ASBB*140 09 Oct 1975 Mare Grey
GHALION-14 ASBB*141 13 Dec 1975 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION-5 ASBB*147 1976 Mare Chestnut
GHALION-1 ASBB*156 02 Feb 1976 Mare Chestnut
GHALION-2 ASBB*145 24 Feb 1976 Gelding Chestnut
204 GHALION-3 ASBB*155 20 Mar 1976 Mare Chestnut
205 GHALION-4 ASBB*148 21 Mar 1976 Mare Grey
ASHARA GASB*8085 21 Mar 1976 Mare Grey
GHALION-7 ASBB*146 06 Sep 1976 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION-8 ASBB*153 23 Oct 1976 Mare Grey
*RH DESERT ELAN AHR*167644 23 Oct 1976 Mare Grey
GHALION-10 ASBB*150 11 Nov 1976 Stallion Chestnut
GHALIA EL RIH GASB*2555 20 May 1981 Mare Grey
ZALIONA EL MONIET CHAV*250 31 Mar 1982 Mare Grey
H.S. EL KADERA GASB*3855 01 Apr 1982 Mare Grey
KORIMA BINT GHALION GASB*3801 15 Apr 1982 Mare Grey
MONICA AVS*2577 08 Jun 1982 Mare Grey
*MONICAA AHR*268210 08 Jun 1982 Mare Grey
KAHELA GASB*3992 22 Jun 1982 Mare Chestnut
HS GANAYAT GASB*5500 26 Mar 1983 Stallion Chestnut
HABIB EL RIH GASB*4267 05 Jun 1983 Stallion Grey
INDSCHIMA EL RIH GASB*4409 10 Jun 1983 Mare Grey
KHALIL GASB*4452 08 Aug 1983 Stallion Chestnut
ATAN EL RIH GASB*4826 13 May 1984 Stallion Grey
GHASAMAH GASB*4902/CHAV*1222 19 Jun 1984 Mare Grey
KLASSIC SA ATHENA AHR*407911 30 Mar 1988 Mare Grey

SECOND GENERATION PROGENY: 120 foals from 1976 to 1990

IBN GALAL-6 ASBB*170/ITSB*842 06 Oct 1976 Stallion Grey
IBN GALAL-I-2 ASBB*175 20 Apr 1978 Mare Chestnut
FARAG-II-5 ASBB*187 16 May 1979 Stallion Chestnut
215 IBN GALAL I ASBB*200 05 Jun 1980 Mare Grey
GHADAJA GASB*8191 05 Jun 1980 Mare Grey
223 IBN GALAL I-13 GASB*31039/ASBB*215 05 May 1981 Mare Chestnut
229 ABBAS PASHA-3 ASBB*272/ITSB*2691 22 May 1982 Mare Grey
GHANDURA GASB*8206 20 Apr 1983 Mare Grey
234 IBN GALAL I ASBB*294 20 Apr 1983 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-6 ASBB*309 21 Mar 1984 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-5 ITSB*1474/ASBB*332 1985 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-6 ASBB*333 15 Feb 1986 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-1 ASBB*389 16 Jan 1987 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL II-2 ASBB*390 17 Dec 1987 Stallion Chestnut
ABBAS PASHA I-1 ASBB*446 16 Mar 1989 Mare Chestnut
EMIR B ASBB*518 09 Feb 1992 Stallion Grey
EL KHURSAN B ASBB*581 01 Jun 1994 Stallion Grey
ANTARMOS AHR*191326 25 Feb 1979 Mare Bay
D W NAFFATA AHR*229366 25 Mar 1980 Mare Chestnut
MONIET ABU KHAYL AHR*237962 29 Mar 1981 Gelding Bay
EL SAHID AHR*265554 19 Jun 1982 Stallion Chestnut
AK ATHEA AHR*321960 07 Jun 1983 Mare Grey
ARAVAIPA NAZEERA AHR*348062 23 Aug 1985 Mare Chestnut
BA KASTANI AHR*446429 17 Feb 1990 Mare Grey
GF BORODINA AHR*472203 04 May 1991 Mare Grey
DK CIERA AHR*500101 06 Jul 1992 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL-3 ASBB*161 27 Sep 1977 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL LANYA GASB*1638 27 Sep 1977 Mare Chestnut
GHARDIAN GASB*2963 01 Oct 1978 Stallion Grey
GHALAT GASB*3068 17 Oct 1980 Stallion Chestnut
GHALIA GASB*3595/AHR*245317 18 Feb 1981 Mare Grey
GALVAH GASB*3892 12 Feb 1982 Mare Grey
GHALINA GASB*4362 28 Feb 1983 Mare Chestnut
SHAKER EL GHALION GASB*5949 25 Jul 1985 Stallion Grey
SAHIB AMURATH GASB*7606 04 Jul 1987 Stallion Grey
GADIR AMURATH GASB*16929 29 Jun 1988 Stallion Chestnut
SAFRAN AMURATH GASB*16925 16 Jun 1989 Stallion Chestnut
ASSLAN AMURATH GASB*16926 16 Jun 1990 Stallion Chestnut
FATME AMURATH GASB*16927 18 Jun 1991 Mare Bay
SAVONAA AMURATH GASB*16928 29 Jul 1992 Mare Grey
ASHIA GASB*16930 08 Dec 1993 Mare Chestnut
CL PRINCESS AMUZAIDA GASB*16345 16 Aug 1988 Mare Chestnut
CL PRINCESS AMURANA GASB*15608 21 Aug 1988 Mare Chestnut
CL PRINCESS AMUTIFLE GASB*12106 19 Jun 1990 Mare Chestnut
CL ROYAL AMURATH FA-TURF GASB*9177 26 Jun 1990 Stallion Bay
CL ROYAL GHALION-6 GASB*12107 25 Jul 1991 Stallion Bay
TAHIA AAS*75 16 Mar 1978 Mare Grey
GHALIB AAS*152 10 Apr 1981 Stallion Chestnut
SINDI AAS*169 27 Jun 1981 Mare Chestnut
DAHAMA AAS*185 21 Mar 1982 Mare Grey
GHAZWAN AAS*199 08 Jun 1982 Stallion Black
GHAZIR AAS*250 01 May 1984 Stallion Bay
FAGIRA AAS*253 27 Jun 1984 Mare Grey
ARAG AAS*255 05 Aug 1984 Stallion Chestnut
NAASSER AAS*273 19 Mar 1985 Stallion Chestnut
GHANDI AAS*283 08 May 1985 Stallion Grey
DSCHIRHA AAS*290 06 Jun 1985 Mare Chestnut
SAHIBA AAS*2125 30 Jun 1985 Mare Bay
IBN GHALION 6 AAS*383 1987 Stallion Chestnut
ASSAM AAS*396 1987 Stallion Chestnut
KILA AAS*369 09 Apr 1987 Mare Chestnut
RUBINA AAS*389 02 May 1987 Mare Grey
GHALION I AAS*2128 19 May 1987 Stallion Grey
DJINNEY AAS*482 30 May 1988 Mare Bay
GHALION-NEFISA AAS*2126 02 Jun 1988 Mare Chestnut
GHALION-KAJANA AAS*2129 16 Jun 1988 Mare Grey
MONIETA AAS*599 15 Jul 1989 Mare Chestnut
HAL GENIE AHR*173728 11 Apr 1978 Mare Grey
THAMIEN AHR*181347 18 May 1978 Mare Grey
TACONITE AHR*184226 20 May 1978 Stallion Grey
BINT GHALION AHR*170193 23 May 1978 Mare Grey
HAL GEMINI AHR*173731 25 May 1978 Mare Grey
SHARA GHALA AHR*178396 02 Jun 1978 Mare Grey
PAF SWEET HONESTY AHR*197498 11 Feb 1979 Mare Grey
RAFALION AHR*193744 13 Mar 1979 Gelding Grey
WOODHILLS LETITIA AHR*206077 15 Mar 1979 Mare Grey
HAL GHALIANT AHR*192921 08 Apr 1979 Stallion Grey
GEMS YASHIR AMIR AHR*193723 15 Apr 1979 Stallion Grey
WH MEDALLION AHR*206497 10 May 1979 Stallion Chestnut
UP AND COMMING AHR*195754 13 May 1979 Stallion Grey
PEDAHO PRAISE AHR*198256 02 Jun 1979 Mare Grey
PAF SWEET CHARITY AHR*210441 04 Feb 1980 Mare Grey
BARS RUFFIAN AHR*217658 11 Feb 1980 Mare Grey
GHALACTICA AHR*209309 29 Feb 1980 Stallion Grey
COPPER SUNSHINE AHR*215714/CAHR*21366 12 Mar 1980 Mare Chestnut
KASTANA MUHRA AHR*219631 13 Mar 1980 Mare Bay
VARU HILEL AHR*209766 15 Mar 1980 Gelding Chestnut
NADIR KASTANA AHR*221215 17 Mar 1980 Mare Chestnut
KS TIGER LIL AHR*211302 20 Mar 1980 Mare Grey
MI ANWAR SADAT AHR*213938 17 Apr 1980 Gelding Grey
NAVARRON AHR*211878 20 Apr 1980 Stallion Grey
BARS SPECIAL K AHR*216169 01 May 1980 Mare Grey
JOYS ELITE AHR*216172 07 May 1980 Gelding Bay
AGUIRRES RENA AHR*219974 13 May 1980 Mare Grey
BARS BONAMEE AHR*213268 14 May 1980 Gelding Grey
GEMS ALFIE AHR*216962 30 May 1980 Mare Chestnut
HAL G FARRA AHR*219977 01 Jun 1980 Mare Chestnut
GHAL EL DIN AHR*208494 02 Jun 1980 Gelding Bay
NAZALION AHR*218727 03 Jun 1980 Gelding Grey
IBN GHALION AHR*217995 10 Jun 1980 Stallion Chestnut
GHALION II AHR*217344 19 Jun 1980 Gelding Grey
LAF GHALATINA AHR*240054 13 Aug 1980 Mare Grey
GHALLERIA AHR*228194 25 Feb 1981 Mare Chestnut
GHALLIENNE AHR*239525 28 Feb 1981 Mare Grey
SHAHAB WALAD AHR*241599 02 Mar 1981 Stallion Grey
GALION AHR*233514/VASB*278 26 Mar 1981 Mare Grey
SIR GHALIENT AHR*241277 06 Apr 1981 Gelding Grey
GHALANT AHR*241575 10 Apr 1981 Stallion Chestnut
ROSELANES TIARA HAHR*1A259684 13 Apr 1986 Mare Bay
FARAG-II-2 ASBB*176 12 Mar 1978 Stallion Chestnut
ZOHAIR-2 ASBB*188/AAS*2194 26 Oct 1979 Gelding Chestnut
218 IBN GALAL I-1 GASB*19357/ASBB*216 05 Feb 1981 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-1 ASBB*273 01 Jan 1982 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-5 ASBB*295 18 Mar 1983 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-7 ASBB*310 03 Jun 1984 Mare Chestnut
AMER-3 ASBB*334 1985 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-6 ASBB*391 28 Jun 1987 Mare Chestnut
ABBAS PASHA I-15 ASBB*392 05 Sep 1988 Stallion Chestnut
ASSAD-2 ASBB*467/SBFAR*19545/GASB*28111 12 Mar 1990 Mare Grey
ASSADA GASB*24138/ASBB*491 11 Feb 1991 Mare Grey
ZOHAIR I ASBB*186 07 Feb 1979 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL-I-1 ASBB*198/ITSB*453 09 Jan 1980 Stallion Chestnut
MOHAFEZ-9 ASBB*199 20 Dec 1980 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL-I-29 ASBB*214 1981 Mare Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-16 ASBB*293 30 Sep 1983 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-6 ASBB*335 26 Feb 1985 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-4 ASBB*336 30 Jan 1986 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL I-5 ASBB*393 06 Apr 1987 Mare Bay
IBN GALAL II-2 ASBB*394 29 Jul 1988 Stallion Chestnut
ABBAS PASHA I-3 ASBB*468 26 Mar 1990 Stallion Grey
NISER B ASBB*492 13 Feb 1991 Stallion Grey
BINT WAHEEBA GASB*5044 06 Mar 1984 Mare Grey
TAYEK IBN TAFEEH GASB*17127 18 Mar 1984 Stallion Chestnut
GHALINA GASB*4774 22 Mar 1984 Mare Grey
SHIRKAN GASB*4975 28 Mar 1984 Stallion Grey
ITTASAMA EL SAHRA GASB*4816 05 Jul 1984 Mare Grey
PYRAS GASB*5393 22 Feb 1985 Stallion Grey
TAYEK IBN TAFEEH GASB*5386 08 Mar 1985 Stallion Chestnut
SHABY GASB*5330 21 Mar 1985 Stallion Grey
OPAL GASB*5881 18 May 1985 Stallion Chestnut
GHALIL-ABBEIAN AVS*5427/BAPS*893 27 Jul 1985 Stallion Grey
AL HAWAJA GASB*6163 13 Feb 1986 Mare Grey
SADE GASB*6256 05 Mar 1986 Mare Grey
PEGASUS II GASB*6201 07 Mar 1986 Stallion Bay
KHALAN GASB*6364 02 Apr 1986 Stallion Grey
MALAKKA GASB*6521 24 May 1986 Mare Chestnut
GAMBIT GASB*6975 24 Feb 1987 Stallion Grey
MAIMANA GASB*7290 04 May 1987 Mare Grey
SAARABA OMAN*261/GASB*14669 11 Feb 1988 Mare Grey
MUWAFFAD GASB*15471 17 Apr 1988 Stallion Grey
SI GAOITHE GASB*8532 30 Jun 1988 Stallion Chestnut
BINT BINT TAMRIA GASB*8871 02 Apr 1989 Mare Grey
GHALION VOM SUDWIND GASB*9040 21 May 1989 Stallion Grey
AILA GASB*14862 06 Jun 1989 Mare Chestnut
GHABBYLA GASB*15472 22 Jun 1989 Mare Bay
ALIFA II GASB*14863 14 Jun 1990 Mare Grey
MARHABA GASB*9397 18 Nov 1990 Stallion Chestnut
NEJIDD IBN IBN GHALION GASB*18850 23 Apr 1991 Stallion Bay
KARMA GASB*18846 24 Apr 1991 Mare Chestnut
AISHA IX GASB*18860 20 Feb 1992 Mare Grey
SITAMUN BINT IBN GHALION GASB*19094 03 Jun 1992 Mare Chestnut
GHAZIRA GASB*10478 22 Aug 1992 Mare Grey
MAHGAL GASB*20837 13 Dec 1992 Gelding Grey
GHALAN VOM SUDWIND GASB*20839 03 Mar 1993 Stallion Bay
NAZMOUNIET GASB*10877 11 Apr 1993 Mare Chestnut
SHAMAL EL MASCHREK GASB*17152 24 Apr 1993 Stallion Grey
MAGHAN VON SUDWIND GASB*20838 27 Feb 1994 Gelding Grey
SHEILON VOM SUDWIND GASB*22085 04 Mar 1994 Stallion Bay
MAAMOON NAGIY GASB*20062 18 Apr 1994 Mare Grey
VASHARA GAMIL BAPS*2660/SSB*11745 12 May 1994 Stallion Grey
ZAFIY ALLAH GASB*23092 23 Apr 1995 Stallion Grey
NAHED GASB*24538 08 Apr 1997 Mare Grey
NAHARDA GASB*24539 30 Apr 1998 Mare Chestnut
KAJANA III GASB*4437 04 Jul 1983 Mare Grey
ALI IBN ABDALLAH GASB*4981 25 Jan 1984 Stallion Bay
KAIROUAN EL SAHRA GASB*4838 28 Jan 1984 Stallion Chestnut
BABA YAGA GASB*5017 30 Jan 1984 Mare Grey
SIHANOUK GASB*5595/AVS*11062/AAS*1656 21 Mar 1984 Stallion Grey
ADILLAN GASB*4855 27 Apr 1984 Stallion Grey
SMELIM GASB*4848 09 Jun 1984 Stallion Grey
JAWWALA EL SAHRA GASB*6169 01 Jan 1986 Mare Chestnut
*INJAH EL SAHRA AAS*863/GASB*6890 01 Jan 1986 Mare Chestnut
KAJETAN EL SAHRA GASB*6170 19 Feb 1986 Stallion Grey
JAHIMA EL SAHRA GASB*6241 19 Mar 1986 Mare Grey
ALADIN GASB*6899 26 Mar 1986 Stallion Grey
AMUNA BINT KORIMA GASB*6358 01 Apr 1986 Mare Roan
SHAHIR IBN ABDALLAH CHAV*592 08 May 1986 Stallion Grey
ASIM GASB*16088 15 Sep 1989 Stallion Grey
SHALOM GASB*9496 29 Mar 1990 Stallion Grey
AGALLA GASB*9305 01 Apr 1990 Stallion Grey
SHALAH GASB*16065 05 May 1990 Mare Grey
GHASALLAH GASB*9258 15 May 1990 Mare Grey
MANDOUH GASB*9393 01 Jun 1990 Stallion Grey
ISHAAN BINT INSAAF GASB*9285 16 Jun 1990 Mare Chestnut
JAHILA BINT JORCONDAH GASB*16025 09 Jul 1990 Mare Grey
SHAHIRA GASB*16089 15 Jan 1991 Mare Grey
AMAL IBN ABDALLAH GASB*9785 07 Apr 1991 Stallion Chestnut
WALEE FAH GASB*17422 17 Jun 1991 Mare Grey
NEMAK GASB*20060 07 Apr 1992 Mare Grey
ASSAD GASB*17246 16 Apr 1992 Stallion Grey
ASIM GASB*20138 12 Jul 1992 Stallion Grey
NAZIM EL MASCHREK GASB*20061 13 Apr 1993 Stallion Grey
SAMIR IBN ABDALLAH GASB*20139 27 Jan 1994 Stallion Grey
S.G.W. AHMAR GASB*11196 21 Mar 1994 Stallion Chestnut
KHDAG GASB*22853 06 Feb 1995 Mare Chestnut
ARMANI GASB*20344 17 Mar 1995 Stallion Chestnut
KARISH IBN ABDALLAH CHAV*513 03 Jul 1985 Stallion Chestnut
AHMAR BINT ABDALLAH CHAV*527 10 Jun 1986 Mare Chestnut
AL NAIZAH NAJUBA CHAV*600 29 Jan 1987 Mare Chestnut
AL NAIZAH SHUJAN CHAV*863 12 Feb 1988 Gelding Chestnut
SHER'RUSSIA CHAV*851/GASB*13876 05 Jun 1988 Mare Chestnut
BINT ABDALLAH GASB*13465/CHAV*824 08 Jun 1988 Mare Black
TUHOTMONIET AHR*187638 05 Feb 1979 Mare Grey
D W ABRIL AHR*229367 05 Apr 1980 Mare Grey
SST PRINCESS AZZA AHR*262906 19 Jan 1982 Mare Grey
SST MONIET AZZA AHR*296942 17 Jan 1984 Mare Grey
AK SHAMIYA AHR*327544 15 Feb 1985 Mare Grey
AK SHARAZZ AHR*369408 26 Feb 1986 Stallion Grey
SHABBUH AHR*381884 22 Jan 1987 Stallion Grey
ROSETTA ASWAN AHR*405646 10 Jan 1988 Mare Grey
FARAG-II-2 ASBB*196 02 Feb 1980 Stallion Chestnut
IBN GALAL II ASBB*213 22 Apr 1981 Stallion Chestnut
ABBAS PASHA I ASBB*270/GASB*13403 24 Apr 1982 Stallion Grey
236 AMER GASB*11805/ASBB*337 20 Mar 1985 Mare Bay
AMER-6 ASBB*338 11 Jun 1986 Mare Bay
HALIM SHAH I-3 ASBB*447 01 May 1989 Stallion Grey
HALIM SHAH I-2 ASBB*469 25 Sep 1990 Stallion Chestnut
BASIM B ASBB*519/GASB*23081 30 Apr 1992 Stallion Grey
BADI B ASBB*550 18 May 1993 Stallion Chestnut
BAHIR B ASBB*582 19 May 1994 Stallion Bay
GAMIL GASB*23454 17 Jan 1996 Stallion Chestnut
FARID EL ARAB GASB*27235 28 Apr 2000 Stallion Grey
MELEKAH GASB*7733 18 May 1985 Mare Grey
MANARAH GASB*6704 20 May 1986 Mare Grey
KOUHAYLA GASB*15421 19 Feb 1988 Mare Grey
FEYSUL GASB*14397 25 Mar 1989 Stallion Grey
MALEEFAA GASB*15234 04 Apr 1990 Mare Grey
MAHALL II GASB*15248 10 Feb 1992 Stallion Grey
IBN GALAL-I-9 ASBB*185 19 Nov 1979 Mare Bay
IBN GALAL-I-25 ASBB*197/GASB*7772/ITSB*976 08 Oct 1981 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-12 ASBB*271 08 Nov 1982 Gelding Bay
216 IBN GALAL I ASBB*201/GASB*14425 01 Oct 1980 Mare Chestnut
FARAG II-3 ASBB*395/GASB*13568 11 Dec 1987 Stallion Chestnut
FARAG II-1 ASBB*448 09 Apr 1989 Mare Chestnut
SORAYA B ASBB*470 20 May 1990 Mare Grey
SZAKRAAM B ASBB*493 30 Apr 1991 Mare Chestnut
SZAKRAAM MSB*1262 30 Apr 1991 Mare Chestnut
MOHAFEZ-7 ASBB*202 10 Dec 1980 Gelding Bay
225 IBN GALAL I-26 ASBB*217/GASB*13304 13 Nov 1981 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-3 ASBB*296 04 Feb 1983 Stallion Bay
IBN GALAL-3 ASBB*311 02 Feb 1984 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-3 GASB*13305 02 Feb 1984 Mare Grey
IBN GALAL I-1 ASBB*339 15 Jan 1985 Stallion Chestnut
248 FARAG II ASBB*340 23 Dec 1985 Mare Chestnut
7 IBN GALAL I ASBB*341/AAS*3059 29 Nov 1986 Mare Chestnut
250 ZOHAIR I GASB*20965/ASBB*423 06 Nov 1987 Mare Chestnut
AZABA GASB*8772 26 Jun 1989 Mare Grey
MAYDAN GASB*9143 19 Jun 1990 Stallion Chestnut
AKAMAH GASB*9627 02 Jun 1991 Mare Bay
GHAZU GASB*10133 01 Nov 1992 Stallion Chestnut
GHAMOUR GASB*11063 17 Feb 1994 Stallion Chestnut
LATIFAH GASB*16636 15 Aug 1995 Mare Bay
AK ZAKHIR AHR*216652 26 Aug 1980 Stallion Grey
RAIYAH AHR*258705/MSB*758 29 Jan 1982 Mare Grey
AK AMIRAH AHR*310449 01 Feb 1983 Mare Grey
PRINCESS ELAN AHR*335914 16 Apr 1985 Mare Bay
ALADIN GASB*6899 26 Mar 1986 Stallion Grey
GAZIN GASB*8851 09 Apr 1989 Stallion Grey
GALIFA GASB*10244 10 Jul 1992 Mare Chestnut
NASTIBA EL MONIET CHAV*552 28 Apr 1986 Mare Grey
EL ZAHEB CHAV*874 04 Apr 1988 Gelding Grey
ZAGHLOUL IBN MESSAOUD CHAV*979 26 Jun 1989 Stallion Grey
SHAHALIM EL MONIET CHAV*1190 30 Mar 1991 Gelding Grey
MAHEEBAH EL MONIET CHAV*1286 13 Jun 1992 Mare Grey
MONIET ANEESHA CHAV*1758 04 Jun 1995 Mare Grey
HS EL KAMELA GASB*7140 02 Apr 1987 Mare Grey
H.S. EL-KADIGA GASB*9762 15 Apr 1991 Mare Bay
AMUNA BINT KORIMA GASB*6358 01 Apr 1986 Mare Roan
BAHEIA II GASB*7339 03 May 1987 Mare
CL MONIEL AHR*399561 10 Jun 1986 Mare Grey
CL MAAROUF AHR*399560 15 May 1987 Stallion Grey
CL MONFAYEK AHR*442543 25 Jul 1988 Mare Grey
KAYYIR GASB*6642 05 May 1986 Mare Bay
KHAMAL GASB*7623 15 Jul 1987 Stallion
KIRDAN AL HOR GASB*15664 18 May 1993 Stallion Black
KAMRI BINT KAHELA GASB*15665 14 May 1995 Mare Bay
KAMA IBN KEEMAL GASB*12333 09 May 1991 Stallion Grey
MAGEED GASB*19832 26 May 1992 Stallion Bay
ISSAM GASB*19833 27 Jun 1995 Stallion Grey
LUIBA EL SAHRA GASB*8335 08 Mar 1987 Mare Bay
SHIRKAN GASB*20634 29 May 1993 Stallion Chestnut
GHASALLAH GASB*9258 15 May 1990 Mare Grey

Edited to add: Oops ohmy.gif I forgot to include his EAO registration number above.

© Melanie Groger

In Germany Ghalion's grandson ABBAS PASHA I has gained significant influence over the years.
More about him can be read here!

© Gigi Grasso

Another Ghalion descendant is EL AHHIM SHAH, a great grandson of him who sired
some beautiful and very successful get for his owner, Rosemarie Kolster of Authentic Egyptian Arabians.
Here is the lik to his PORTRAIT.
Thank you Nasser for these photos. I think he is a very nice stallion for 1965 era of SE breeding and is still quite impressive to me.
Carol, thank you for looking this up for me. I think you are the official 'looker upper' on here and always very helpful to everyone when they ask, you're very quick to supply all of us with this helpful information. smile.gif Thank you.

Oliver, thank you for the portrait information and showing me some of his g-get and g-g get. Actually you answered some of my questions about how this blood would do with Rosetta and Mabrouka in showing me the two great horses Abbas Pasha 1, and EL Ahhim Shah. I've always liked the look of El Ahhim since I saw him on the portrait but didn't remember he had Ghalion in tail female.

I wonder if anyone else thinks this stallion Ghalion and the way he was bred where his dam is the same pedigree as his sire's dam is interesting? Seems to me that this type of Mabrouka breeding did well in the US as well as in Germany.
The more I look at the German horses the more I am amazed over and over again because it's becoming more evident that Germany has some of the very best sources of SE blood. wink.gif
hi kelly
ghalion was a " mare maker" and had only a few sons. for example two in germany :
ibn ghalion out of tamria, was succesful on the race track and second best on the stallion performance test, at the asil cup 1985? he won his class against the marbach head stallion moneef.
abdallah out of hanan, was together with anchor hill halim one of the most successfully endurance horses at his time. he won the 100 miles schnabelsberg cup, together with anchor hill halim in swizerland (many many hillls wink.gif ).
in austria : ibn ghalion 6 out of 25 amurath sahib, he was the most successfully endurance horse at his time in austria.
A son of Ghalion named "Ghalion EAO" out of Lotfeia (Alaa El Din x BInt Kamla)
was exported from Hungary to the United States. A friend of mine saw him
and said he was a very typey individual - but I only saw a head-shot of him.
Can someone provide some more information (besides what can be found of
the AHRA site) of this son of Ghalion?
ghalion EAO should be ghalion 12 born 1973, exported to the usa by halberg arabians 1977, at least i don`t know about another son by ghalion out of lotfeia. but i never heard anything about him, nor saw i the head shot.
Thank you Daniela, wow, he was something special, this is very good information to know about this stallion. Wasn't Ghalion yours at one time or something? For some reason I'm thinking you were connected to him somehow. smile.gif

Oliver, I have the same info that Daniela has accordingly with Ghalion 12 as (Ghalion X Lofteia) imported by Halberg. I don't have anything which shows this stallion had any progeny. Not saying he didn't, just saying I don't have anything which shows he did in SE.
Maybe he was liking to Nejdy(Lofteia) in type?
yes kelly, i bought ghalion in the winter of 1979/80 in babolna with a little help from dr.nagel.1984 i took him to the usa with me and leased him for a few years to gleannloch, than he was standing at marshall partlow`s place klassik arabians.1991 dr. tauschke of el thayeba, brought him back to germany.
miri berger has a ghalion granddaughter - maleefa by madkour I out of bint ghalion and maleefa should have a fullbrother - mahall standing near berlin.
zohair 2 (gelding) born 84, a son out of 29 ghalion by zohair, was a famous endurance horse in austria, he run over 2400km in 38 races, no elemination, he was 2x qualified for the endurance world champion chips, 2x reserve at the austrian champion chips and so on and he also was working as a horse for handicapted people.
a nice daughter out of 29 ghalion by assad is standing at alisada arabians as a producing broodmare
the mare elf layla walayla is a granddaughter of 23 ghalion
ghalion was an absolut one person horse and very strong minded, but he also was such a darling sweetheart and so much morafic.
when people saw him the first time, they sometimes were a bit scared about him, because he acted like a mucho macho - he could be very loud, but this was only show for him and maybe also a bit fun to scare people.
I can´t find Mahall in the stallions listing of the german breeding society. Is there anybody around who knows him ?
Gabriele Schweiher
I have the luck to own a Mahall-Granddaughter from the rare Moheba I Female tail, you can see her and her dam Mahelia at
regards, Gabi
Hallo Gabi,

stimmt ! Die Stute gefällt mir gut.

Gut ausgesucht ! biggrin.gif

Gruß Babette
Thank you Daniela for more information. I thought Ghalion was yours, I thought I read that on SE. com.
I think the personality you refer to makes for an interesting, yet loyal horse, providing you are the 'one' person the horse chooses to bond with. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
thank you kelly, but i have to tell, that when ghalion was with marshall partlow they were very close, sometimes i was a bit jelous, but they loved each other and ghalion had a family, so i was happy for him. at the topic: gleannloch breeding and is influence, there are a few more personal infos about ghalion, if you like to take a look.
take care daniela
Erna Kornelis
Dear Robert,
You might consider taking a look at Miri Berger's website - I see that she has added some nice mares to her broodmare band, and one of them is a Ghalion-grand-daughter, "Maleefa", by Madkour I out of Bint Ghalion smile.gif
Many kind regards, and give Jabaar a big hug from me wink.gif

PS: Also take a look at Madina's pedigree - she is my new favourite, next to Martaba of course cool.gif
Robert 1
Dear Erna,
Thanks wink.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif
*Alaa Jabbar is doing great . biggrin.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
dear carol smile.gif
i wish you were right and ghalion had lived until 2000, but in fact he died 1991 at "el thayeba" germany.
dear kelly smile.gif
another very nice ghalion granddaughter, abbas pasha 1-12, is at susanne schreibvogel`s place "al-zamet" she also owned the mare 2 ghalion also called bint ghalion.
susanne has an interesting breeding programm i think.
besides ghalion, if you are interested in german horses you may should take a look at "filsinger arabians" a very traditional stud, in fact one of the oldest private se breeding farms in germany, with horses with outstanding pedigrees.
or "birkhof"stud of the dirnhofer family (they also have leased a ghalion gdaughter "kouhayla" by kaisoon out of bint ghalion)
take care daniela
Hi Kelly,

at , you can find photos of the Ghalion granddaughter Assada and her children and grandchildren.
Daniela-eva and Rodania,

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I'll be sure to check it out. smile.gif smile.gif
This is my oldest mare, now 18, CHATTAF AMURATH by GHAVAN (Ibn Halima x Jaila) out of GHALINA (Masri x 30 Ghalion-3 by Ghalion).

Pics taken at autumn 2005.

Greetings Conny deutschfahne.gif
hallo smile.gif
this is ghalion and me taking a ride 1980. good old times biggrin.gif Click to view attachment
i`ll try something,don`t know if it works - oh i love the internet, but i hate computers wink.gif . should be mahall by madkour I out of bint ghalion.Click to view attachment
no, doesn`t work,sorry.
Robert 1
Dear Daniela-Eva,
What a picture of you riding Ghalion, you both look great, I can't wait to see the other pictures you are trying to post. biggrin.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
he inspired me too years ago

Robert 1

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
hi robert smile.gif
thank you for your nice compliment, but you are not laughing about my computer-knowledge, don`t you ? wink.gif
i am always so touched when someone remembers ghalion, a lot of memories coming up, like before i bought ghalion, dr.nagel gave me an advice :" you have to build your fences high enough" oh okay, how high ? i asked him " 165 cm should be, at least that`s what he jumped at katharinenhof, when there was a mare on the other side."
so we build the fences high enough and everything was fine. one day our neighbour gave me a phone call " your stallion is in my sheep pasture, come and get him, i am too afraid" - there was ghalion, he had jumped over the fence was playing with the sheeps and moving like a sheep dog, he always was good for a surprise. biggrin.gif
so, now i`ll try the pics again. don`t laugh cool.gif
danielaClick to view attachmentClick to view attachment[attachment=349
Thank you Daniela for sharing all this information about Ghalion. I am really impressed with him and enjoy your stories about him. These are great photos too. smile.gif I have been so interested in some of the German horses for so long that it's been a dream to import as much of these lines as possible to try to assemble a nice foundation here in the US of these special horses. Not only is Ghalion a beautiful stallion, but I'm also drawn by his performance element which is important to me as a breeder.

Surely, Ghalion offspring is on the way to the US to be joined with *Alaa Jabbar, and hopefully we will continue bringing even more beautiful SE German horses here to the US over the next several years. wink.gif

I'll be sure to measure the height of our fences... biggrin.gif
dear christina smile.gif
what a wonderful painting, thank you for sharing it with us.
where did you see ghalion ?
greetings daniela
dear kelly,
as you may noticed i like to share information about my old boy wink.gif
but besides, i am so thrilled that you like the german horses, because so many breeders were working really hard on the se breed over the last thirty years and as you sure know, there are not only big breeders which have an interesting breeding concept and beautyful horses.
till the ninties the focus of se breeders was beauty and performance, because every stallion had to be tested from the goverment for confirmation, beauty and performance before he was allowed to breed.
what you are telling about your "german/american" breeding plan sounds very exiting, please keep us informed, maybe also with pictures ? what ghalion offspring is on the way to you, please tell me, i am so curious about it - you also can write a pm if you like.
take care and continue to have fun discovering german horses. daniela
Dr Daniel Wigger
QUOTE (Echo1 @ Dec 11 2006, 04:01 PM)
Surely, Ghalion offspring is on the way to the US to be joined with *Alaa Jabbar,

... aha! wink.gif cool.gif
Robert 1
Hi daniela-eva,
Thanks, for sharing the pictures of Ghalion, I never saw this one before, this one shows how well built Ghalion was and with such upright beauty and great back.
Click to view attachment
You say, it is nice when someone remembers Ghalion, biggrin.gif
I say how can you ever forget a special look
with such an explosive expression. wink.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
Dr Daniel Wigger
QUOTE (Robert 1 @ Dec 12 2006, 02:14 AM)
Thanks, for sharing the pictures of Ghalion, I never saw this one before

Dear Robert - I think, you misunderstood something. The picture shows Mahall II by Madkour I out of Bint Ghalion owned by Mrs. Krafka in Gadsdorf in the South of Berlin.
dear robert smile.gif
you are so kind, but these pics don`t show ghalion, they show "mahall II" by madkour I out of bint ghalion, he is one of the very last madkour I sons in germany. ( and he is a backyard stallion)
althought the foto is not ghalion, oh yes he had a very expressive look ( but he was a bit more skinny) and that`s something he passed on to his offspring and it was typical for ghalion to improve legs, movement, neck and shoulder.
when he was standing at gleannloch farms, dr.dressler told me once, that ghalion`s attitude is most similar to morafic - i always felt sorry that he didn`t came to gleannloch before he had fertility problems, what could have he produced with this great mares.
but i am so exited that offspring of him is coming to you, it`s a wonderful chance for this "german" horses, i wish you and your daughter so much success and isn`t it great - nothing get lost.
take care daniela wink.gif
Gabriele Schweiher
Hallo, Dr. Wigger! Alle drei Fotos zeigen wirklich Mahall II? das ist ja sehr interessant, somit habe ich jetzt auch Fotos vom Großvater meiner Mimi, das ist toll
hallo smile.gif
i found a really old foto from the year 1983, it shows little "indschima el rih" by ghalion out of jeszhomah by mahomed, an egyptian related filly only a few hours old. last year she sadly passed away.
danielaClick to view attachment
Robert 1
QUOTE (daniela-eva @ Dec 11 2006, 01:22 AM)
i`ll try something,don`t know if it works - oh i love the internet, but i hate computers  wink.gif . should be mahall by madkour I out of bint ghalion.Click to view attachment

Hi daniela-eva,
okay, yesterday was a busy day for me laugh.gif but, this is even more helpful for me to be able to see Mahall and this shows how BINT GHALION produces when bred to a superb stallion like Madkour 1. biggrin.gif
For me all of these lines have a special look that sets them apart from many but, still they resemble each other making it a challenge but also very intriguing to learn. biggrin.gif
Daniela-eva, I need to absorb all of this information quickly before the Egyptian Event , so that when you attend I will be able to stay focused when we meet and have a pleasant conversation about these horses. biggrin.gif
Dr. Daniel Wigger, this also means you, Kelly and I would greatly appreciate the oppurtunity and pleasure of your company. biggrin.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
Hi Daniela and Dr Wigger,

The mare is a daughter of Bint Ghalion and is out of a Madkour1 daughter, she is tail female Hanan , an Abeyyan Om Jurays descending from the El Shahbaa family to Hanan. Which is very rare here in the US to see a mare like this. Not saying there isn't one possibly here in the US, but I've searched and searched and not found even one.

She is in foal to NK Al Wazir who is by Ashaal Al Rayyan and out of NK Nasrin. I have seen Amaar Al Rayyan and liked him, so this may be exciting to linebreed some Ashaal Al Rayyan blood here in the US and further this within the Hanan family of Abayyan Om Jurays.

So this mare we see as a wonderful addition being that she is Ghalion, tail female Hanan, and is in foal to an NK Stallion who is a son of the great Ashaal Al Rayyan.

I'm excited about this mare and her foal very much. I also hope to breed her to *Alaa Jabbar when she foals out this coming year. I think this little group along with the other foal by NK Hafid Jamil and out of Martaba by Madkour 1 who will be coming should be an exciting addition.

Interesting this photos of Mahal II. The mare is also by Bint Ghalion and out of a Madkour1 daughter. So as you can see why I'm so thankful to you for sharing these photos and information. I'm hoping this blood goes well with Ashaal Al Rayyan and NK Nasrin son. And too, I'm hoping she goes well with the blood of NK Hafid Jamil offspring.

I have admired the Abeyyan family for some time. In particular I've like such Abeyyan mares as Aisha (Al Rayyan), Ghazala and such Abeyyan stallions as Salaa El Dine, Jamill, Asfour, and Adnan.

We're still looking for another mare or two, but one step at a time, we hope to put together a very nice group of German bred horses here in the US for the future.
Hi Kelly

"...The mare is a daughter of Bint Ghalion and is out of a Madkour1 daughter, ..."
the mare is by IBN GHALION out of Madkour I daughter smile.gif

Ibn Ghalion is by Ghalion out of Tamria by Tuhotmos
and Bint Ghalion is by Ghalion out of 19 Kayed by Kayed from Morafic
Bint Ghalion has 2 foals by Madkour I ...Mahal II and his fullsister, my mare Maleefaa (the mother from my beauty Jamaal El Dine Filly Jawarah Ma`Absha smile.gif

@ Daniela-Eva....Supi die Bilder, endlich sehe ich mal Bilder von Maleefaa`s Vollbruder....DANKE !!! biggrin.gif


You must read my mind. I am either going to have to move to Germany or bring more of your horses here. biggrin.gif

I'm very happy and thankful to you for all your help. I am really looking forward to what your beautiful Martaba produces. Maybe when Martaba's foal by NK Hafid Jamil comes here, he has to come here with some travel companions . wink.gif
We're planning to build a good foundation of German bred SE here and we're just getting started. wink.gif wink.gif
Billy W
Dear Robert & Kelly,

If I may ask...what other horses are you bringing over from Europe..?? How is Jaabar..?? So very happy that ..cant express that enough...VERY happy that you are traveling down a road...I have hoped someone would travel for a few years now....we need more outcross blood here in the U.S.....and I love the Hadban/Ghazal bred horses.....congrats!!!!! Looking forward to hearing and seeing the new additions to Echo Hill......Bravo! I myself have a Heavy linebred *Ansata Ibn Halima colt tail femail ..Ansata Nile Mist....and have big hopes for him in the future and my dream also is to have a few German bred mares in the future!

Billy W
Dr Daniel Wigger
QUOTE (Echo1 @ Dec 12 2006, 05:21 PM)
Hi Daniela and Dr Wigger,

The mare is a daughter of Bint Ghalion and is out of a Madkour1 daughter, she is tail female Hanan , an Abeyyan Om Jurays descending from the El Shahbaa family to Hanan.

Dear Kelly - I'm not surprised that you bought this mare. I wish you all the best with her and congratulations for bringing the Hanan-line to the USA.

I must confess I have not yet heard of NK Al Wazir but his dam Nasrin is one of my favorite mares at NK.

Does anybody have a picture of NK Al Wazir for us? unsure.gif
I saw NK Al Wazir when he was just one day old wub.gif So cute (foals always are...). I'm also interested in a recent photo of him wink.gif
Hello to all,

it is so nice to read that you all appriciate the "old" "German" Egyptian lines so much. Descendents of such great horses as the here celebrated Ghalion, Tamria, Hadban Enzahi, Ghazal, Kaisoon... There are other interesting lines as for example the Moneera-family which traces back to Moniet El Nefous in tail female. Whenever the combination of Nazeer-blood (f. e. via Hadban, Kaisoon, Ghazal (esp. through his daughter Moheba II)) with MeN blood is practised you can find extremely typey horses which are very "special". Hopefully we do behold these treasures and do not follow each new fashion-look in SE-breeding... I think there are some often small breeders who are trying to preserve the authentic look of our beloved SEs regardless what the market is telling... We should preserve the true look of the desertbred asil Arabians and not the modern shaped Arabians without the authentic asil Arabian silhouette. As f. e. the photos above of Ghalion and his offspring are showing - we have best potential!

Thanks Billy W. smile.gif *Alaa Jabbar is doing great. He's getting ready for the coming year. We have some nice mares selected for him and he'll be going to the Egyptian Event in June.

We also leased Alaa Jabbar's dam , Martaba a daughter of Madkour1, who is now in foal to NK Hafid Jamil. I think it will be neat to have a son of both NK Hafid Jamil and NK Jamal El Dine in the US.
And then we purchase the mare who is by Ibn Ghalion and out of Madkour1 daughter, and tail female Hanan. This mare is also in foal, but to NK Al Wazir who is by Ashaal Al Rayyan and out of NK Nasrin. You can see Ashaal (who is a magnificent stallion) on the Al Rayyan web site. Also, DeShazers has a very nice son of Ashaal Al Rayyan in Amaar Al Rayyan.
I've attached some photos for you, one is of NK Nasrin, her full sister NK Nadirah and the chestnut is the dam of both these mares, her name is Nashua. This one I really admire from Dr Nagel. I'm hoping for a filly here, to help continue the Hanan family of horses.
That's all for now.... but I'm still looking. I think maybe a few more, but we see each step of the way how things progress.

Thanks Dr Wigger, I get a bit worried when it comes to importing horses, probably won't sleep much between now and then, unsure.gif but this one I couldn't pass since she is very special family of horses and bred to a stallion who is from a great stallion and mare himself. I just keep hoping for the best, and trying diligently to find great mares for Alaa Jabbar and the future. wink.gif

Photo credits, Nichole Sachs and Erwin Escher, photos are
dear kelly and robert smile.gif
here i have a few more pics that might be interesting for you and please visit the site of achim dirnhofer "birkhof stud" his breeding programm is close to yours i believe, he combines old egyptian lines with the new nk lines and i bet you will like df malik jamil or df siraj and his other beautiful horses - please do me the favour and visit the side.
now the pics, they show "bo khalil" by df malik jamil by hafid jamil, out of "kouhayla" by kaisoon out of bint ghalion, the other pics are kouhayla and df malik jamil. kouhayla is on lease to birkhof stud and df malik jamil is owned by birkhof stud. Click to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachmentClick to view attachment
photo a.dirnhofer
Robert 1
Hi daniela-eva,
Thank you,
Kelly jetted out to Montana today and will not be back until the weekend but, so I will respond. biggrin.gif
We truly enjoy these sites. It gives us more confidence when we can read and see how other successful breeders used a simular phylosophy and had such great results.
To be able to see the pictures you showed and follow how they produced is so informative for us and appreciated. biggrin.gif
It is comforting to see Ghalion, a stallion who caught my attention many years ago, and then to come full circle and be able to acquire Ghazira, a daughter of Ibn Ghalion, son of Ghalion. biggrin.gif
DF Malik Jamil being bred to this line is like giving us a road map showing us how to proceed, rather than guessing and making some wrong turns trying to get to our destination, being able to breed beautiful foals. wink.gif
Echo Hill Arabians
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