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Nadj al Nur
Dreadful state of arrairs. Must rectify, even if a bit late.
Happy birthday Allison, belatedly, but no less sincerely. Hope your day was great and your year is even more great.
Cheryl L
Happy Belated Birthday Allie!
Hope you had a wonderful day.
I always enjoy reading your posts, as you are a very thoughtful and intellegent woman,,

I now know how we missed her birthday..........sneaky devil did not put it on her profile. tongue.gif
Cathy and Cheryl you're so sweet. I didn't realize it wasn't on my profile so I've corrected this glaring error now that you pointed it out!

I did have a nice day even if it was spent in a doctor's office. A surgeon I drove several hours to consult with was called into emergency surgery so I was stuck checking into a hotel and waiting for him. DH took me to a glorous Asian restaurant for dinner which was MUCH nicer than anything we have at home. I think this surgeon is going to be my angel and must have watched too many Bionic Man episodes as a kid. He insists he "has the technology" to rebuild me.

How in the world did you figure out that it was my birthday on Friday?

Oops, now I get it. I bet it was in the post about sharing birthdays!

Happy New Year to all!
Carol Cooper-Hall
Oops....HAPPY "BELATED" BIRTHDAY, Allison!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday, Allison! Remember, we're not getting older, we're getting BETTER. wink.gif

Hope Friday was just the beginning of a super year ahead for you!

Best birthday wishes,

Nancy P.
Happy Birthday Allison and many more to come (ha, ha... you have to at least catch up to me ) laugh.gif laugh.gif

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All Right! WHO snuck into my house and took the photo of me in my unmentionables, Judi???

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif
VERY belatedly then, hope it was a lovely day and wish you many many more!
Tous crins
Happy Birthday Allie!

I am really late. Haven't been online for a while...

I'm really late, too... However, better late than never!

Happy Belated Birthday, Allie!

With Warm Friendship,
Sheila Bautz
It's always been amazing if anyone noticed my day at all since being born so close the Christmas. wink.gif

Thanks you guys, I'll take friendship and best wishes anytime!

Hugs from Texas,
A Very Belated Birthday, Allie, and many more to come. Becoming Bionic? I thought that you already were! Don't know how else you get so much done.

I DO feel like the energizer bunny at times, LOL. But soon I'll have the hardware to be considered truly bionic. (Getting rods and screws on both sides of my spine top to bottom.)

Still won't be able to ride a horse, though, darn it. That's why I'm so blessed to love my breeding and other ways of communing with my girls.

Nadj al Nur
Wow Allie, that sounds like quite a proceedure. Can I be really nosy and ask, why ? I mean what is the condition that makes this neccesary?
Long story. I won't bore everyone with my ailments. I'll email you.

Oh, my goodness, my dear. It is called a cage and I hope you are going to the best neurosurgeon in the world. I represented injured workers for years and years and I would like to give you some unrequested and possibly unwanted advice, so, if you should want it, please contact me directly through the personal message or e-mail site and I will do so. If not, just remember, more than one second opinion is reasonable in both buying a horse and having back surgery.

I'm not sure a belated happy birthday is sufficient, but to you, I wish a happy birthday and a successful and beneficial outcome as a bionic person. Personally, I'm looking forward to a full body transplant, but it doesn't seem to be something that is quite on the horizon.

Lorriee aka LMGG aka LMG
Happy Birthday Allison!!!! So sorry I didn't post sooner!!! I hope it was a wonderful birthday - actually I know it must have been because I know how happy you have been these days!!!

Big Hugs!

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