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Candace Callegari
Hello all, my stallion Cale' Thee Xtreme, or X as we call him, flew into Amsterdam yesterday. He is going to Germany. If you run across him ever during your travels please let me know how he is doing? The agents handling his shipping do not seem to beleive in communication even though I have stressed this repeatedly.

X is a chestnut 3 year Arabian stallion. He is like a puppy dog. He was raised in my arms. Hope you can relate. I will not be able to see him till December. Thanks in advance,
Where is he going to stand at? Is he going to shows here?
Candace Callegari
He is en route to Brikhof Stud in Burglenfeld Germany. I am not sure if he will show at Auchen yet. It depends what condition they have arrived in. If not I think they will display there. He will be competing at the World Show though! It will be at that time that I will be able to see him again. It is going to be fun. Paris at Christmas time! If you go to Auchen please let me know how he looks. - Candace
Who will be showing your boy ? biggrin.gif
Candace Callegari
Eileen Verdic will be showing him. I am not sure if they have amateur classes, but if they do, then I will show too. I do not really enjoy halter that much. I prefer to ride. But I always try and support the amateur riders and amateur classes. So I would give it a go if possible.

Does anyone know the stable were he is going? It was king of a last minute decision to send him and I did not have time to research very much.

Thanks, Candace
Why don't you sent him to one of the profi-trainer with much success on shows like Frank or Scott or Johanna or Eric?
I think for all the costs and risk for shipping only the very best trainer would be good enough (if it would be my horse)!?
Candace Callegari
I didnt know Eileen before the Eevent in Kentucky. It was getting late. Most trainers had colts already booked. And if I was going to pay big money I wanted a 'face' and not someone's junior. Well one of my friends had a horse going with her and we thought it would be fun to show together. So I met Eileen and liked her. Annnnd she needed the clients. Everyone always picks the same faces, and since she was low on clients, I figured I would get a good ROI. And I was right. She worked hard for us. I like to put my money were it is needed, and thus, valued. And as to winning, well, just being able to show at the Eevent was enough for us! If you knew the tragedy in the story of how X and Star came to be you might understand. Eileen understood and thus gave in to my amateur whim to show X myself. This took alot for her to do. I gotta honor her opinion.

Now we are going overseas! This is something I have never even dreamed of. And realistically, we are already so much of an underdog, why worry about it! I am taking an unpromoted stallion, who has never even had a pro-foto taken of him, we have no 'political' affiliations, noone knows us, we are riders and not halter show-ers, we take our show horses on trail rides (god forbid), we are small breeders, we let X go outside of his stall, we are not made of money, we have a woman trainer ..... shall I go on? He is just a good horse. He is a rider's horse. Hopefully the judges will see that. Do I hope we win? Heck yea! Think of the odds!!
The Dirnhofers of the BIrkhof Stud are very nice people, I'm sure he will be in good hands there. However, they have their own trainer (a very capable guy from Australia) so why not let him show your horse? Of course its your decision, but why pay horrendous sums of money to have an American trainer come over and show your horse in Europe when there are trainers over here at least as good (if not better)? Your decision, of course, I'm just curious smile.gif

What shows has your boy been to yet? Is he qualified for the European "A" Shows then? (As I dont think the Egyptian Event counts as qualification, as it's not an open show) Can't wait to your colt, I'm sure he's a beauty...
Mr X:

Photo by Erwin Escher

you made the BEST possible choice to send him to Achim Dirnhofer.
Achim is a man who lives for the well-being of his horses. A horse
who lives at his place has heaven on earth.

I can't wait to see your boy in the flesh as so many people raved about
his extreme beauty and wonderful disposition after his success at the
Egyptian Event. Many a breeder said, "Wow, this is a horse for Europe!"
And presto - here he comes!!!! smile.gif

To the best of my knowledge he will be the only sE stallion in Europe
that features Patrick Swayze's athletic stallion Tammen close-up in
his pedigree.

Will definetely pay him a visit as soon as he has arrived.
paola marinangeli
Dear Candance,

congratulations for this very beautiful stallion, I will look for him in Paris for the World
Show, where, I understood he will compete. I agree with Oliver, this horse has a
look that for sure, appeal the ''European'' taste. So my best wishes for him
and....see you in Paris.

If I find him in Aachen, I will take pictures of him and post them for you. I actually can't wait to see him in the flesh. Heard many stories of him, now I'll be able to see with my own 2 eyes.

Urggh, wrong decision. Eileen Verdieck isn't a a good choice for a horse to be shown in Europe. She may can stand up a horse but isn't able to show it to its full potential when it comes to movement - and movement is essential to win at Aachen. Eileen can't run fast enough and isn't fit enough to stand the pace of a goood-moving horse and can't bring out the best movement out of a horse. She may be a good choice for some of the smaller American shows but not at Aachen or Paris. Most American horses that win at Aachen or Paris had Europen handlers at their site and if not, they won not because of their handlers but despite them. Fingers crossed all goes well with X'treme, he deserves it because he is every inch a classic, good looking, typey, extremely balanced, big-eyed, wonderful straight Egyptian horse that can and will make an impact.
I think dennis is right. The european show scene ist a very different one to the american. In America, a horse has to be promoted well, stand like a statue and have a very big shot trainer on the end of the lead to win the big shows. Movement doesnt seem to count for much though. Very different over here, it is not enough to have a well trained horse and a well-known trainer. A horse has to be shown perfectly in movement too, and I think there is an advantage for trainers who know what the judges are looking for over here. Also, neither European judges nor spectators tend to be very impressed with the American fashion of standing a horse up with its legs miles out the back, head above vertical and the trainer standing far meters away at the very end of the lead.
Birthe R. Høgh
Hello Candace rolleyes.gif

Mr. X looks beautiful to me! biggrin.gif tongue.gif Hope to see him in Aachen!
I have been at Birkhof and it is a paradise for horses. Achim is a very kind person who take very good care of the horses.

biggrin.gif Birthe R. Høgh
There could be a reason why EV has so few clients.
I saw her the very first time at a show in France where she showed poor Imperial Im Tarib, a colourful beautiful animal which she treated in the worst possible way. They were no DCs at shows at this time period but many people stood there and made "buuuh" and shouted at her. Though he was very calm (perhaps that's was his fault?) she whipped him so badly that it was a shame to see it. In Paris she showed him (against Imperial Imdal who was shown by Steve Dady much nicer) and people were not impressed by her way of showing. she stood him up like a statue with the head high up in the sky and the neck almost vertical, it looked so rediculous. When it came to movement - zero! Not the horse, he would have trotted with another trainer at his side but she wasn't able to catch with his speed. And this was in the eighties!!!
Marion Winkler
My name is Marion Winkler, I am living in Offenburg/Germany, my E-Mail is:
Okay, this was necessary because I hate "anonymous" posts via the internet.
Everyone is free to contact me privately.

Well, I saw Mrs. Verdieck showing horses in the US and here in Europe for as many as twenty years now
and she is by far one of the most brutal trainers I have experienced in over 25 years involvement with horses.
I would not even dream to entrust her with one of my horses. Never, not in my wildest of imaginations.

To begin with her most prominent victim, poor Orashan. She showed him in numerous classes and shows
and it was always the same brutal behaviour of her - to win at any cost! He did everything to please her
and looked very intimidated at some times (I have this on video) but she never let breath freely for a second.
She was constantly behind him and attacked him with hands and whip and jerked and jerked and jerked at him.
Oh my gosh. This pitty horse, I thought, and he must be a real doll because many other horses would have killed her.

I am glad that someone mentioned Imperial Im Tarib. Yes, it was a scandal how she treted this poor animal,
she whipped him so badly I thought the whip would broke into pieces! It was at a show in Niece or Marseille/France I think.

Mrs. Verdieck can stand up a horse, that's correct, but what is the price the horse has to pay? Look at the horse's
eyes when it is shown by her, it's full of fear and the eyes are constantly at the whip! That says everything for me.

Sorry to sound not "polite" enough but I do have not the slightest intention to be polite when people make a living
out of horses and treat them in such a desrespectful way. I am not one of those people who are against trainers
and horse shows in general, not at all. I am against brutal and cruel methods to make out of proud horses an obedient show roboter.

Kind regards to all of you in this fabulous forum,
Marion Winkler
Sho Shana Farm
I agree with Marion. How a trainer treats a horse is usually reflected in how they conduct their business dealings. I guess suckers are still being found. Perhaps the welfare of Carol's horse should be her first concern, then her pocketbook!!!!!! It sounds like everyone but her and the horse will benefit. These horses are not toys to be flown around the world on a whim.......... I can remember Eileen not being interested at all in Desperado stock (in fact bad mouthing them). Whose motives are in question?If you are worried about the whereabouts of your horse, then you have definately made the wrong choice!!!!!!

By the way - nice horse! I wish him a safe trip!
I go to Aachen and I realy very much hope to see this beauty ....he is amazingly beautiful!....I can hardly wait!...... wub.gif wub.gif
I must agree with the others; I saw Eileen Verdieck in Paris, the year she showed a young Gazal Al Shaqab. It was horrible. Mrs. Verdieck could absolutely not run and Gazal displayed the worse trot I ever saw of fact, it was hardly a trot, more like an extended walk or something wink.gif
Anyhow; Gazal did not make it to the top that year in Paris and it was NOT because he was not a stunning horse, on the contrary...he just didn't move. I Think the rest is history; he changed handlers and became World Champion.
Please...PLEASE find an European trainer; you're not too late yet; you've obviously put already a lot of money into this horse to get him to Europe, then please do seek another trainer, one who knows how to show a horse in Europe!

Hi Candace: Mr. X is beautiful and I saw Eileen show him at the Egyptian EVent this year. She did a wonderful job, so did you by the way. One thing about Eileen, she will give you l50% or more. I never heard her play those political games that the other trainers play in the states. One barn will show several client horses and the best horse doesn't necessary win because the barn makes sure that it doesn't show to its potential because another clients horse has to win................I've never seen Eileen play that game. As far as as X showing - if the judges can't see how beautiful, correct and wonderful movement this horse has than they will all need new glasses. A l0 year old could take this horse in the ring and win..............why do we have to worry about who's showing - you should beable to show the horse and win on his merit alone. I know..............what I'm saying will never happen in the show world. The sad part is that their right - it's not what you know - it's who you know............................Good Luck
Candace Callegari
Thanks to all for the insight! I am gona tell you something that I tried to avoid in my earlier post. I hope Eileen doesnt read this. But it is something I have observed. Many trainers over here were baaddddd (various reasons). I saw them do everything and more of what you have said. ALL OF THEM. But they start to loose clients over the years and then they realize they 'have to change' and 'maybe I was wrong'. One of my performance trainers is just such. But I 'chose' him during his 'changed' time frame. And I have not been disappointed....I think age has something to do with it also.

Eileen has not shown over here for long awhile. Just the Eevent. She has been showing in the middle east for almost 2 years. She also is older and mellowed gracefully with age. She is MUCH more in shape physically this year, than she was last year. I would say she dropped over 25 pounds. And I know for a fact that she also has learned some of lifes lessons. Like we all do.

The same as how you just do not see gingeing anymore. Things have changed.

She says she prefers showing over seas. That the horses are allowed to be more free, express themselves, and move out. That we would need to teach X how to just let loose, and be himself, like he is outside. She said that he wouldnt do good over there if he didnt learn that. So I think she has learned alot of what has been said by you all.

I think she has changed. She will do what is right for X.

As far as getting someone more well known over there? She may herself do that. But I am not there and so I will have to trust her judgement. She is making this all happen. It may be because she needs a job. I'm not stupid, I know that (i'm just some dumb engineer). But at least I know she will show my horse and not cancel if something else better comes along (you still see alot of that). And X will get to compete alongside horses I like.

And as far as my 'showing' ability. Thanks all, but I didnt like showing X at the Event. He was all pent up by the time of my class. I took him out. I risk that 'reserve'. Eileen got over it because its about having fun. X didnt hop around, and give the prancy show during the finals, like all the other pent up boys. In fact, he was even close to doing a 'baby chew' at Iemhotep, during the grand finale (anyone see that?)! But he is a good horse. And he keeps maturing better and better.

Like I said, think of the odds!!!! He is just a nobody and appearantly she is a nobody. This ought to be fun.
Dear Candace,

Wow, your boy looks really beautiful! I hope we'll see him in Aachen!
He is in very good hands at Birkhof Stud, the horses are treated so good - in my next life I want to be a horse living at Birkhof Stud biggrin.gif I have just bought a horse from there and have been there twice and I hope to visit again soon. So don't worry about Mr. X.
Good luck with him.

Best wishes,
Helga Madsen,
I respect your decision, it is completely yours.
Are you planning to stand him at stud in Europe, too? He looks so beautiful I can imagine many would be interested to breed their mares to him.
Candace Callegari
Previously we had not thought about standing him at stud. Eileen did mention it as a means of having him earn his way back home though. And that sounds good to me! But so far the logistics of doing so have not been determined. I have had some email inquiries and so I will be asking what would need to be done to accomodate them. It is an honor to have requests and possible X-tremely cute babes in Europe. Tami would have been so proud!! I am sure the X Man would thank you too.
"X-tremeley" cute foals. Ha - that sounds very good to me.
Fingers crossed he will stay for at least one season.
You may also wish to consider collecting frozen semen before he returns to the states.
Well, I would suggest to let him take part at Paris, which is a much better place for this type of horse than Aachen and then stand him at stud whewre he can earn his money for his return and then send him to the Egyptian Event Europe to collect the Supreme Champion Title. biggrin.gif

I'd like to see Mr. X compete against the European and Middle East horses before saying he'll win all those titles. He looks great on the pictures I've seen and I'm looking forward to seeing him show here, but don't award him titles before he's actually won them. It doesn't help him nor his owner/breeder or trainer. Too much expectations see.

A rose is a rose is a rose or A joke is a joke is a joke.... biggrin.gif I didn't talk about "all that wins" but just of the Egyptian Event Europe. I mentioned Paris and Aachen because he is supoosed to start there but I didn't say anything of "winning" there. wink.gif Please read the post carefully before making comments.
Might it be possible to see a body show of this horse? I agree he has a very pretty head on the picture, but it would be nice to see the rest of him too!
have a look at the report of the Egyptian Event at International. He stands opposite to Iemhotep.
Hi Dennis,

Sorry but I wasn't just referring to you there. smile.gif I like what I see in this horse too, so I do think he'll do very well. I've seen some other very good SE's around this year though so I do think he'll have a tough time at the EEE as well.

I do hope however X gets all the attention he deserves and I think many people will be interested in introducing their mares to him. I'm already curious of what this boy will produce in the near future. I feel his owner has made a good decision to send him to Europe and to show him here. She's one of those owners who still believes a horse should be "used" on all fronts, including riding. I applaud that factor very much and I hope she'll have the opportunity to see him show in Europe. biggrin.gif

QUOTE (Guest @ Sep 3 2003, 04:40 PM)
Might it be possible to see a body show of this horse? I agree he has a very pretty head on the picture, but it would be nice to see the rest of him too!

Yes a full body shot would be very it possible?? rolleyes.gif
I am worried that this beautious horse's owner has not reacted to the descriptions of abuse, witnessed by many who have watched Ms V. show here for so many years. We have never seen a horse she shows play and be free to express anything but fear. I beleive people can change but this time the change woud have to be a miracle. I did never believe that "giving 150%" helps the horse. Think again please or you and your horse might never forgive
Well, this is the decision of his owner and I am 100% sure
the well-being of her horse is of the utmost importance for her
and that she has her reasons to stick with Eileen Verdieck.
I have seen EV many times in Europe and abroad and can imagine
she fits much better in the American than in a European showring.
But that are just my thoughts.

Here again is "Mr X"
(Polly Knoll photo)
Candace Callegari
Sorry all, I have been offline....Also I have no body fotos except for home shots that are currently packed and waiting to be moved to my new house. Prior to the home building I was pretty pre-occupied trying to save his momma for 5 months at Texas A&M. Prior to that I was pretty pre-occupied with trying to save my husband who had been hit by a drunk driver and life flighted to Texas Herman.... Although I was sent some body shots after the Eevent via snail mail....I do remember that someone had took a nice body shot of him and posted it on the web right after the Eevent ???....

I read he was the most winning halter horse at the Eevent. It was indeed an awesome show for us. We still cry in amazement.

X was probably feeling like a celebrity this year. With all the attention of being introduced to breeding and foto shoots all at once! Think of his thoughts!! To me he was just another horse in my pasture. I think small breeders have some treasures to be discovered in their backyards....

I heard he is doing well but missing the Texas heat.

Eileen will not harm a hair on that horses head! It would be obviously noticible in his behavior as he has been hand raised by 'me'. In addition, she is well aware of the numerous tragedies we have endured and I do not beleive she wants to add to our list. I have just about had it with vets and trainers! She is also well aware of this.

Thanks to everyone for thinking about his wellfare. If you see anything bad going on with him please advise and feel free to approach and address the issue right then. You all are my eyes. 'WE' are an equine family no matter where we live. And a stronger group when acting in numbers. I value everyones thoughts and concerns. Please let me know how he looks at Auchen. He will be attending. - Candace
Hi Candace,

I will try and take some photographs of him and hopefully some nice bodyshots will be amongst those.

I will post them here when developped.

I have some video around here of X when he went to the Christmas show ( yearling) with Andy and my husband Scott handled him-He was lovely then am sure he is gorgeous now. I will see if I can figure out my dang soft ware to pull off video -no promises but honestly this colt is not just another pretty face- very nice boy good luck in Europe!
Ist this colt going to Aachen then? I noticed he doesn't appear in the poll. How old is he?
Michelle Salmon
Wow, I can't wait to see this guy in Aachen, he is just so beautiful I WANT HIM!

Will he be staying in Europe? Will he be standing at stud?
I have no SE mares but if I am impressed with Mr X in Aachen I would deffo buy one to breed with him!
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