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I am going to "copy and paste" a discussion between myself and a friend that lives in Tennessee. She rides and trains (on the side) gaited horses. She has flat shod American Saddlebred, gaited horses and trains all gaited breeds when she can find the time. She is very active in showing in local shows and trail riding.
She is so good with horses, many ask for her help and she rides others horses to help them out from time to time.

This is a story about one of her friends half Arabians and their trail ride. This is right from the horses mouth, her exact words. SO, here we have a gal that isn't even involved in Arabian, promoting Arabians. What have you and your horse done lately?

We have had many thread on different similiar subjects, Hansi's Hero's has proven that there are not many in today's time, as we just have people who are not riders of horses. People or Horse Hero's not many. I'd like to know how many horses have a + after their name vs many decades ago, but that's another thread.

Please read this conversation and see if you get the same tingle, as I did. The ride took place at BuckSnort trails, in Tennessee, so in the mountains of Tennessee.
No easy trails here.

If you pick up on the KEY sentence : "My God is he for Sale", would solve all our problems breeding Arabian horses.

My friend Dot's of her day on the trail..............Georgia

Can you imagine riding him.
That would be like the Arabian I raced with a Bucksnort last year. My friend has an Arab that is 23 years old. Now he still has some spunk let me tell you. This guy had aggregated me all day to race him on his QH. I kept saying No he isn't mine. The girl that owned him was riding my horse and said Oh shit Dot Blow his doors off. Here I am in a huntseat saddle racing this guy. Shoot that Arb went past him like he wasn't there. I smoked his doors. The guy finally got up to the top of the hill and he said My God is he for sale. We got back to camp and the guys were ragging the heck out of him. HE said Dang I've never been beat in 8 years and worst of all by a dang girl. In front of his friends I said better yet a dang girl on a 23 y/o horse. Oh Lord the laughs went up.
**(I said and a dang girl on a 23 y/o Arabian S.E. bred horse)!!

Oh girl the salt was that he was 23 years old. His horse was 5. lol. The other guys at the table said Do you ever run him in open speed, I said No he's not mine but normally he's a dressage horse. He's trained through 2nd level. OMG the laughs did go up then. I was working him that afternoon and several came out to walk him "dance". Several of the guys said Damn that horse out ran you?! It made for an interesting weekend. They don't know Shiloh though, he is some horse. I saw this guy at an Open Show in Nashville this year. He introduced me to some of his friends. Here I am in saddleseat attire and they said This girl was the one that beat you? He said She has balls of steel under that coat don't let her fool you.
I tell you what though. That horse can run so fast that the wind whistles in your ear. Can you imagine him at 10?

Shiloh isn't registered. He's 3/4 Arb and 1/4 QH. I will ask if she knows who his sire is though.

Well I lied. He is registered as a half Arb. He was raised at Maple Valley Arabians. His name is MVA Shiloh.

The funny part on Shy is he's smart. The first day she brought him out he was acting gimpy. Like he had arthritis or something. Her being a novice owner here she come running to me. OMG Dot he's lame. I checked him over...couldn't find a dang thing wrong with him. I said had me my lounge whip. I started him out and he tried the same crap with me but I noticed the gimp changed legs. Hmmmm. I popped his butt and said Shiloh canter. He picked up that inside lead and away he went. I said you smart ass horse.

Sending picture:

She said ignore his thingy sticking out. She says she didn't catch him at his best. I still think he's pretty!!!


Sire VP El Rosal
Grand Sire El Hilal
Anasata IBN Halima

Dam La Criolla
Grand Dam Camalot

Danish Fleet
Fleet Deck
Top Deck
Boulder Bars

Reg No. 2a276061
International Arabian Horse Association

Not only is he straight Egyptian on the top - he's straight running bred QH on the bottom. Top Deck is the sire of Jet Deck one of the all time great racing QH.

Shiloh is some dude though. I never would have dreamed in a million years that he was 23. He's like riding a 5 y/o QH. I rode him 4 hours one day and he was as full of piss and vinegar when we came back to camp as when we started. Even after I had rode him top speed across a bottom and up a hill (big hill). It was a good quarter mile I raced that guy. And they say the Qh's can't be beat in a quarter mile. NOT.
Need some good pictures of him at Bucksnort this year when we all meet for Memorial Day. I sure wish you guys could come down. Heck I'll bring you a horse just come camp with us. Brenda would gladly let you ride Shiloh and I'll gladly let you ride Duke. The men folk hang out at camp and watch satellite. Please think about it!!!!!!

Anyone, know about his sire? Breeders? Anymore, incredible stories out there?
Oh my gosh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story.

I can't stand it when I find utter misconceptions about our horses. So experiencing Dot's satisfaction - even vicariously - was delicious!!

thanks for sharing this!

Omigosh that gave me tingles!!! Great story Georgia!! Thanks for sharing that biggrin.gif

My first Arabian I bought at 19 and had to rehab him. At 23 years of age he would literally dance circles around the QH on our trail rides and many many times outrun them back to the trailers. I had to pull out papers and prove his age and that he was a pure bred... that burst of speed sure makes the pucker factor go up in a tiny little hunt saddle and snaffle bit though. Wind whistling? OOh my god yes.. fingers wrapped in mane, eyes watering and nothing but sheer power as those feet fly over the gravel and hard ground. What a rush like none other!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing that biggrin.gif wub.gif
His sire VP EL Rosal is pictured in an old Vantage Point brochure........El Hilal......Ron Palelek....Washington State.
Cheryl L
I used to ride a wonderful old gelding. When he was 15, I "stole" Jahil out from under my friend. We would go trail riding with all of the "other" breeds and yes he too would dance circles around them. What was cool is this horse could do dressage. Which came in sooooo handy when a car was coming and I would HAVE to sidepass across the road, with no visible cues. He could also passage and piaffe. Oh the Piaffe was power in place. This horse would puff himself up to do it and then snort and blow. Big chestnut gelding required one thing on every trail ride. He always needed his "pipes cleaned". That would mean going on a side trail and letting him go. Low over his neck and the trail and trees were a blur. Did I mention the old fart could roadgait too? He would grab the bit for support and that long, swinging trot. He could out trot most horses canters. We were trail riding well into his 20's and he impressed everyone with his flair. While other breeds were getting tired Jahil was just hitting stride. He sure made a name for himself. I miss that old horse. He passed away just shy of his 30th birthday. He was a horse of a lifetime for not just me, but, his owner too.
Hi all, enjoyed all the stories.. Thanks Marilee.. can't get much better than that on his sire!!

My first horse was a half Arab, I don't know how old he was.. but probably up there. He had a huge lump on his knee and the farm I conditioned American Saddlebreds at the time and kept them ready for the shows, so their owners just came and showed. (yuck, wouldn't want a horses if I couldn't do all the rest) anyway, I didn't have a horse then until this one.. this is back in the day were the riding horses had tie stalls and they were cheap to keep a horse stabled. Well, this gal was going to send him to the killers, because he was always lame. I asked her how much a killer would give her and she said $80 .. I said I will give you $80 dollars.. (well, I made a dollar an hour then riding horses).. Heaven, I would have done it for free. Well, that horse taught me a lot, rode him every day and he never took a lame step. I will tell you the story when he left me in the middle of a snake infested lake when I didn't listen to him and go the way he wanted to go.. Nooooo I had to go this way.. he said NOOOO I said yes.. so he went and we got caught in a bog (mud hole) almost next to quick sand.. he went out from under me and was gone.(I was dying). I was swiming like bloody murder, as I didn't know where he was and where he would come up (hopefully).. well, he did and he just looked at me and swam to shore leaving me out there.. I swam back finally. He was waiting on me and as soon as I got to shore he shook, the blackest slimiest mud all over me.. needless to say. I learned to listen to my horse. tongue.gif

lol laugh.gif Don't you love'em? My Grandad was a legend cause he used to own a ancient Arab mare. All I know ablout her was she was a chestnut and tiny but very very smart! When he went to town he put her in front of the pony trap 'cause she would get him home after an evening in the pub "playing cards". He would sleep most of the way home and wake up to find himself still in the cart with her kicking it as if to say "wake up and put me away mister!"

I should have learned from him then that the Arab was the way to go but....

I took a job in a Riding stable to help pay for boarding my pony there. I did stalls, feed and took out the odd trail ride. This place had about 40 horses and there was one grey gelding named Monarch. One day I had to use this little grey gelding on a trail ride. rolleyes.gif He rode like a dream! While out there we took a few of the cross country fences and WOW that boy could jump huge! Then on the way back we had a blast out distancing everyone (and getting in trouble for leaving the clients behind) tongue.gif

I didn't find out till after I bought my first QH that he was also for sale and he was an Arab. I might have considered buying him, and not went the Quarter Horse route.

As I lay here on my gurney, I have thought about the question, and I think that one of the most common things is that horses decide to do things at all the wrong times, but, they also permit one to plumb physical depths of which one was completely unaware.

Our new farrier was to arrive today, and there was a short window, just before the deluge, during which several horses could be trimmed.

Therefore, to demonstrate the laws of physical improbability, one of my mares, weighing in at approximately a Clydesdale weight, despite being an Arabian, managed to slip her entrie body between an opening of which we later were unable to slide a single sheet of typing paper, and decided to inspect every horse on the upper and lower forty.

She stood at the top of the hill, waiting for me, and just as I reached her, she laughed like a mad mare, and flew down the hill to the Mennonite Cemetary, to read the headstones.

This went on for about an hour, I ascending the hill, as she descended, then I descending the hill as she ascended.

Finally, she managed to wedge herself in a space, between one of the stallion paddocks, and an arena containing four mares. She immediately came into heat, the stallion tried to cover her over the fence and one of the mares in the arena, starting screaming: "THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND!" and striking the fence in the front of the runaway.

Flustered and uncertain, my mare swung around, sprayed a friend's car with eau du come hither and then tried to sit down on the hood of his car.

As death from a coronary was just as likely as being run over, I chose being run over and the mare was captured. I then realized that the outside of a horse being good for the inside of a man, probably didn't contemplate the possiblilty of the majority of one's arterial vessels being completely flushed of all plaque , thereby insuring another 60 plus years of life.

My firend later told me that as he drove down the country road, his car seem to be attracting an inordinate number of love struck geldings and a buck or two.

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