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Carol Cooper-Hall
Spring time is officially here for me (in Maryland, USA) because I saw my first "Robin Red Breast" this morning!!! wub.gif wub.gif Since has so many WONDERFUL members around the world, I was wondering what each of YOUR signs are that signifies Spring time has arrived? biggrin.gif
Last night I heard the "Spring Peepers" for the
first time this year...little frogs off in the distance
that always signal Spring has arrived here in the
Midwest. They used to live in a marsh not far
from our house when I was a kid, so last night
was instant recognition for me biggrin.gif
Thanks for asking! -Jill

Here is some additional info:

the Northern Spring Peeper
(Pseudacris crucifer crucifer)

Listen to its Call:
A high-pitched, rising "peep!" given about one per second; a male peeper may also give a lower-pitched trilled whistle, usually when another male has moved too close to its calling site

Size: 2-3.7 cm in length (0.8-1.5 inches)

Brown, tan or gray with dark slanting stripes on the back that usually form an X-shaped mark; the belly is white, yellowish or cream colored; this frog has some color-changing ability and can darken or lighten, depending on its mood or the surroundings.

Found in temporary and permanent ponds, marshes, floodings, and ditches; after the breeding season they move into woodlands, old fields or shrubby areas; common throughout the Great Lakes region, except in the far north along northeastern Lake Superior.

Did you know?

A spring pond full of peeping Peepers can sound like sleigh bells jingling -- only louder. Sometimes peepers make their calls while sitting under clumps of grass or in cracks or crevices in the earth. This position allows them to amplify the call, and also can create an effective ventriloquism: the frog sound seems to come from somewhere other than where the frog actually is!
Chapel Lane
The first signs of Spring for me here in the UK is the daffodils, snow drops and crocus.

A hint of colour after the greyness of the Wintertime smile.gif
Liz Salmon
Here in Texas we're in full bloom with the blossom, and the leaves are coming back on the trees. Birds are nesting everywhere, and I'm back in shorts !!
Well up here the 30" of snow we finally had is melting--a sure sign spring will actually make an appearance. My ducks and geese are starting to fight and mate up, another sure sign that winter is going to leave. Now if the geese could only be a tad quieter about it! dry.gif

No Robins yet and the frogs are probably still a month out. sad.gif

And of course every mare I was not going to breed is in perpetual heat! blink.gif Poor boys!

...the spring is coming in bavaria rolleyes.gif

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Monika BM
Erna Kornelis
I know spring is definately on its way when I've got more hair on me than my own horse after being in the stable! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Sorry, no photos!! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Nancy Bourque/Ibriz Arabians
We know spring has arrived here when we have a warm spell and the lower meadow starts to flood. It has been 50% under water for the past few days. Also, when I went in the barn this morning there was a hen setting. That's a sure sign of spring.
Record high temps Monday & Tuesday

Past Weather for Lovelock, NV (89419)

Records 77F (2003) 4F (1990) --

Weather Conditions

Sunrise:7:09 AM | Sunset:6:58 PM

Data Comparisons Tuesday March 13

79F Act High
32F Act Low
77F Record High
57F Avg High
26F Avg Low
4F Record Low

The roses are covered in fresh green leaves.
It's still frigid at night but I am going to plant my marigolds outside
April 15th our last frost date is actually May 1st.

It's difficult to garden here because you have the high daytime temps
but then frost can hit you until May but if you wait and plant out in may your flowers will develop a lot slower and you miss 4weeks of flowers.
One of our roses

lady tee
gbfahne.gif IT has been very mild here in the uk for about 5 days , on wednesday it felt like a real scorcher of a day ,but i have checked forecast for next week, wintery light snow showers are forecasted for next week, ive been groooming my filly and a lot of her winter coat has sheded, im leaving it now for a bit as cold chilly weather is returning. damm thicker rug on again to keep her nice and cosy and warm. Roll on summer.... smile.gif
I curry-combed all 5 horses last night and tried to help them shed. Even tho we broke the record 2 days ago (90 degrees!!!!!!!!!! for a high!!!!!!!!!), we still could have another cold spell or even freeze. Is this global warming? I don't have a fancy barn so the horses will have to acclimate to this headwave (lots of water), and I don't body clip or blanket either. Much healthier for them.

If you're coming to Vegas for the show or especially bringing a horse, and if the heat continues or reoccurs in April, really watch their water intake, and check electrolytes. We used to have wind and rain in April for our class A shows, but I guess things are changing all over the world. If you are stalling your horse at the South Point, what did the small print say about using different kinds of hay? In the past, they have been restrictive about bringing in any of your own hay, and then you have to buy from them , and then not all hay is for sale. So watch out; between this arena/management rule about the hay and the potential heat, make sure your horse can acclimate to this unusual early heat for Vegas. My arena is still available for your use before, during, and after the show to any Egyptian horse coming in.
My very first sign of spring here in the lovely Shenandoah Valley is the sight of delicate pink "Spring Beauties" (Claytonia virginica) blooming against the forest floor. They are blooming right now in clusters beneath the very old pale gray bark of the beech trees near my home. See the link below for more info on this neat North Eastern American native plant.

The sign that assures me that spring is here is to stay is always a nice basket of morel mushrooms in early April. Oh, I can't wait!!

Mesadagirl and mud....

With all the cats and dogs and horse all shedding I feel like I am growing a hair coat! tongue.gif

It snowed here 2 nights ago, but I know it's coming cause the chickens are getting frisky and feisty!

Sheri wink.gif
Riverside Arabians
Hmmmm... first signs of spring for me here in SK, Canada-
A different smell in the air- a warm smell, a melting smell, a wet smell...
Fluctuations from -24 degrees Celsius to -2 degrees Celsius the next day- if you don't like the weather, wait 24 hours! tongue.gif
But the first thing I always notice is hair in my mouth, eyes... all over my mitts and coat... the horses are shedding... they ALWAYS know. Though the young and old hang on to their coats longer... but the long hair is dropping off... soon to be sleek! Can't wait! biggrin.gif
Oh- and being a teacher- seeing the kids trying to catch their death of pneumonia- going outside without toques and mitts and jackets! Grrrrr!

I'll really know it's spring when it's warm enough that I can fill the water trough with a hose instead of carrying one bucket at a time!

Carol Cooper-Hall
Yikes ohmy.gif after enjoying Spring-time temps in the 70's with birds singing beautifully, we now have snow mixed with rain and it's 31 degrees!! wacko.gif I didn't have a chance to look up and find any "Robin Red Breast" in the trees, as I was trying my best to keep dry while maneuvering my dog as I walked her - she hates getting her feet wet! laugh.gif

Below is a photo of "Morgan", our 60 lb. female German Shorthaired Pointer who hates to get her feet wet!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
Hair, hair and more hair in your nose, in your throat, on your clothes, on your coat......
encough to stuff several pillows or make a mattress in between the sneezes and the wheezes...

Please keep the rest of winter, all the snowflakes and any sleet or ice up there in in Germantown. We are up to 5" of snow with a nasty layer of sleet beneath it, here in the valley ( Winchester, Va) and Bashirah does not like it. Not a bit. She prefers it lighter and fluffier ( better for rolling).This soppy wet kind of snow just doesn't suit her at all. I promised her that spring should return by next week.

March is such a capricious month in this area. My father has this saying about March - " In like a lamb-out like a lion". It was pretty mild at the beginning of the month so I wonder of we're really going to get as the saying above implies...
Stay warm and dry rolleyes.gif

Take care,


Carol Cooper-Hall
Sorry Stacey, but I feel the need to share the snow!! laugh.gif Our temps in Germantown, Maryland are 25 degrees right now, with snow on the ground and possibly 4 to 5 more inches expected!! wacko.gif However, below I'm sending you some sunshine with the hopes that this cold front we're having won't last long!! cool.gif
Well, Cheryl from Michigan and myself from Ohio were discussing the first sign of spring a few weeks ago. They are dead skunks all over the roads..this was about 3 weeks ago here, So the first smell of spring is a great one. laugh.gif ph34r.gif ....then we had 4 inches of snow and I could see the orange breast of the robins that have great timing. This was about 2 weeks ago. Beginning of this week was in the 70's and the frogs are peeping so loud, you wish you lived next to the freeway instead of in a national forest. tongue.gif Then the temps start to drop and it starts raining.. the bottom land floods and you can't get to work unless you know the connecting ridges.
We live on a ridge, so if it floods here.. everyone else is building noah ark to get to my it's 28 degrees and snowing again..

Yep, it's spring!!


By the way I loved the frog history!! wink.gif
Cheryl L
Like Georgia said "roadkill skunks".
Monday-Tuesday was 73 degrees, I have seen my first Robin, the Grackles are back, The birds are chirrping, the Violas are blossoming. I have not seen the Tundra Swans yet. That is usually next week, when they fly through. You can tell by their sound "WHOOOOWHOOOWHOOO", not like the honking of geese.
Now is reality 26 chilly degrees and the weatherman is talking about Thunderstorms for next week. It's Springtime.
My colt's constant nickering to the mares. The mares making lots of noises in their stalls. The birds making nests in the sliding window and above the center aisle. My mare so big she is ready to foal, the kind of day where you want to just lay in the sun and soak it all in....
Trees are beginning to bloom, Redbuds...Bradford Pears.....Dogwoods
I am sitting here watching the snow pile up and the temperature leaves something to be desired, I wonder why I don't move south? dry.gif We have only had a couple of days last week that I would have considered warmish (for here anyway)

I heard from someone yesterday however it is supposed to get quite warm next week. Hallellujah!! biggrin.gif The sooner it gets warm and dries out the outdoor paddocks, no more riding at weird times. We all have to schedule time to ride as there is only one indoor arena and it isn't very big. smile.gif I can't wait to be able to groom my boys outside in the sunshine!

Nadj al Nur
The geese are back !!! That's a sure sign of spring around here. And the Fraser River is starting to rise, however, due to the high snow pack in the mountains this year, they are telling us to be ready for extensive flooding, and possibly even evacuation. Isn't THAT just lovely !!!!
One bright note......after "discusions" with the various govenment agencies involved, they have finally agreed that our community does indeed deserve to have the riverbank reinforced with rock like they did for the community on the other side of the river, four years ago, which is the main reason we may have to evacuate in the first place, as it changed the current just enough to start washing away our bank.GO Figure !!!!
Well you all sound quite lucky, but spring just keeps teasing us and then disappearing up here. it was a nice and balmy +6 for a couple days last week so we had quite a bit of melting going on (remember that I had snow past my waist in my yard - so there will be A LOT of melting). Now on Monday I woke up to walk to work and found out it was -28! So we now have sheer ice pretty much everywhere! The roads are all rutty from the frozen slush and it is really hard to drive. My poor boys had shed so much last week that they needed blankets back this week because they were so cold. Anyways, we are supposed to see plus temperatures next week, although today was supposed to be +2 and it is actually -17 so I will believe it when I see it!

By the way Happy St. Patty's Day!

Carol Cooper-Hall
I know what you mean, Brianne, but lets all think positive! smile.gif Right now (at 12:52PM) it's a balmy 28 degrees here in Maryland with the sun shinning bright and no snow fell overnight....hey, that rhymed! laugh.gif And even though I haven't seen another "Robin Red Breast", the other birds are out enjoying the seed from our bird feeder. smile.gif So YES, Spring time is teasing us all a little right now but soon we'll all be enjoying warmer temps - and soon I'm sure we'll all be complaining about that too. laugh.gif

Edited to add: I wish you all could hear the "Sounds of Spring" I'm enjoying right husband, dog and cat all napping and snoring...too funny!! laugh.gif
hehe I know its spring in Arkansas when I have to get out the fly spry and smell like somke daily. The gnats are awful here!
lady tee
gbfahne.gif Spring a distant memory for me, snow in Birmingham uk.
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