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A good friend just handed me over a diskette with the complete results of the Neufchateau show, held at the end of June.
Unfortunatly, this cd only mentions the name of the horse, but not his/her pedigree. sad.gif

A lot of people went to the show : is someone able to have a look in the show catalogue and fill in the missing pedigrees of the horses mentionned below ?

Anyone wanting to have the complete results of points of a horse or a class, just shoot biggrin.gif

I'd like to know the pedigree of the following horses (there could be spelling mistakes : I noticed some mistakes in names)

- With the kind help of Tom & Nancy, I was able to fill in some gaps, and took them out of the search. I still search the pedigree of the horses mentionned below -

filly foals

colt foals
Arabis D

1 year old colts
Al Shama Ghanim
Grata Dell

2 year old fillies
Al Shama Shadihdi

3 year old fillies
Turquoise de Morhet
Viva Ra Manou

Thank you very much in advance !

Hello Sigrid,

I don't have the catalogue but I can help you with the pedigree of the horses that I bred :

MB Miss Karatt by MB Karatt out of Daicha by Mag
Absolut Bey by Padrons Kadar out of MB Fantasiaa by Krimson Fame
Exotic Angel by MB Capritzioo out of Exotic Beauty by Padrons Kadar
Easter Surprise by MB Capritzioo out of MB Naomi EE by Padrons Kadar

I can also help yo with the pedigree of Naatsara SA, she 's by Naarai Ibn Nadir JC out of MB Kadar's Fantaasy by Padrons Kadar
Psymagine is by Psytadel out of Ass Edouna by Edykt

Hope this help


Hello Sigrid,

Would it be possible to give me the results and points of the horses in the class "2 year old fillies"?

Thank you

Kind regards,
Thank you Nancy.

Marijke : the results of the 2 year old fillies :

1. Faraula J - 93.33 pts
2. Mahity el Jamaal - 91.33 pts
3. Ekstreema - 91.33 pts
4. Psynderella - 90.33 pts
5. Essita - 88.67 pts
6. Khadja Nin - 88.00 pts
7. Galicja - 87.67 pts
8. Al Shamsa Shadihdi - 87.67 pts
9. MB Miss Karatt - 86.67 pts
10. Tanka - 85.33 pts
11. Natifa Akareem - 84.00 pts

Fudalaj was entered in the catalogue, but did not compete

I have the complete results for each horse, but it would lead me to far to publish them here for all horses in the class. I would be glad to give the complete results of the horses you'd indicate, however.

hello sigrd,

i can help you with some off them! i havent got the catalogue with me now but from the ones i showed i have the pedigrees!

here they are:

- shadesh el psyche by psytadel us out of kings court purva (amal)
- el canyon by psyadel us out of ra cool elygance (jocool)
- lady aphrodite by padrons psyche out of monogrammed lady us (monogramm)
- annastaciaa bay dd by psytadel us out of sarabhy bay jc (kubinec)
- psymagin by psytadel us out of ass edouna (edykt pl)
- ts gradadell by psytadel us out of amoraya nl (nimb)
- khadja nin by psytadel out of evershama fr (warandes pasha)

hope i helped you with this.
if there is anything else you wanna know, just ask!


tom oben
swatam arabians
Oops, still another horse I was not able to trace back in the studbook :

Sync's Memory : he participated in the 4/6-year old stallions class.

Thank you in advance !

Syncs Memory is by FS Ritz out of MB Karika by Padrons Kadar
Thanks to both Tom & Nancy ! smile.gif
Hi again,

Here is a little bit more :

Alisayyah : FS Bengali out of Scheherazade Bint Nile by Malik el Nil
Shem's Victoria : Dark Diamond out of Shananan
Elandro d'Appelo : Antar Elamal WN out of Andrutta by Andrut
Fudala J : Ekstern out of Faramuszka
Majida Bint Sinan's Pasha : Sinan's Pascha out of Mounah
Psaico : Psytadel out of Libanon Shagyra by Pepel

I'll try to find more

And finaly, the rest :

Catena : by JK Katalyst out of Xena by Markema
Essthory : by Justeem out of Victoria III by Antar Elamal
Rhingo : by LM Limaal out of VD ERinda by Mel Rintin
Gandur : by Liryk out of Morning Lady by Pegaz
Dark Amane by Dark Diamond ES out of Galima by Est Ghalil
Arabis D by JK Naser out of Melia D by Nabil Moniet
Al Shama Ghamin by Ghillian out of Asali KA by Ibn Hadsai
Shoran by De Kolt out of Galima by Esta Ghalil
Grata Dell by Psytadel out of ?
Al Shama Shadihdi by AAF Kadet out of Shazadika by Libanon Azadik
Turquoise de Morhet by Krakow out of Magda by Sherkhan
Viva Ra Manou by Ghandour out of Malgopsia Nautiac by Shalom


Thank you very much for making this effort, Nancy ! smile.gif

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