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Dear Posters

some of us know many farms and can recognize who the poster is, many others do not.

How do you all feel if you sign with your name and then underneith put the name of your farm, of which, I feel certain, you all are so proud of.

this would identify you easier and people here and abroad recognize you
more readily, which you all so much deserve.

I myself often have to think, now where does this belong to, so it will also help me a great deal.

Thanks so much for your kind consideration

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Cheryl L
Hi Hansi,
I am a one horse "farm". Therefore my login name is cmlshamal. The cml are my initials and Shamal is of course for my horse. One of these days I may ask Aleksi to just change me to Cheryl L.
Hi my sweet Hansi!

Well, my login name is HLSMARIPA. The HLS is Haras (stud farm) La Serena and Maripa( what does maripa mean? Is Butterfly) is my nickname for my friends.

kisses for you

biggrin.gif Hello,
My login is sparabian, for Savage Passion Arabian, the name of my breeding.

But it's a good idea, often I go to see the profil of people on this website, and through this way, I discovered really nice stud farm.

Once again Hansi..great idea...
My login is caszan2 for my children Cassandra and Zane and the 2 is obvious.
Our "farm" is not really a horse farm per sey..but more a "haven" 20+ acres of pastures and oak hammocks with easy access to driving trails, numerous state parks and the Gulf coast of Florida (we are in the NW section of Marion County Florida, Ocala "horse capitol of the world..hehe..) smile.gif Our "herd" consits of 4 perminate horses, two of which are true rescues.

Our family "hobby" is to provide a "haven" for unwanted horses giving them a transitional place to heal mind, body and spirit and enjoy our love for a time until WE find their new homes. We carefully screen each person sent via word of mouth only and allow the horse to "pick their person"..most horses need just a little of this and that a lot of TLC so they can trust again. We are happy to report that we have had a 100% success rate in all horses transitioned here. All have found peaceful, health concious homes, each horse leaves with a contract designed to protect them for the rest of their lives. All still sound for riding or driving.
Our vets, friends and trainers we have met over the years give discounts which in reality has created a network of dedicated horse lovers working toward one goal. This is all financed via our own pockets..because we wanted to do our part in "paying forward"...

Best wishes and many thanks for the education I receive from this forum
"Bella Luna Haven"
(Beautiful Moon Haven)
I am not sure how to add anything to my signature, help!

I always post under my own name as it makes you think about what you write and try not to cause offence; easily done without even meaning to. My "farm" is Furlong House Arabians as the house is called Furlong House. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy 34 acres opposite the house a few years ago (so remortgaged the house, much to non-horsey husband's delight, to buy it) so now have plenty of land.

Nancy Bourque/Ibriz Arabians
This is a great idea Hansi. I have often wondered about the posting names, who they were, how many horses they have, where they live, how long they have had horses etc. Now I can finally attach a few "facts" to the posting names.

I can't add much to my log in biggrin.gif I've pretty much said it all. We have 10-15 horses here most of the time, sometimes more. We live on a 165 acre old farm in southern New Brunswich Canada that we bought in a derelict condition and are rebuilding as a labor of love. We generally have one or two foals a year. I got my first Arabians 17 years ago.
biggrin.gif Hi Hansi & All!
Our log- in name is our Farm name, the farm my parents bought in 1988, came with that name & it's bad luck to change a farms name so thats who we are laugh.gif .
Lisa Piispanen & Pat Gregersen & All the Family @ Point-O-View Farm Arabians P.S. In total we have 20 horses between the whole family.
Greetings All,
Our farm name, Windamere, is our log on. We're located in the mountains of extreme northern California at the 4000 foot elevation. We live in the shadow of the 14,163 foot high volcano, Mount Shasta. Many people are familiar with that landmark. We presently have ten horses with another foal due late this month. Typically, Windamere produces two foals a year.
Warmest regards,
Sharon Litizzette
Goodmorning everybody

after a hectic morning and my computer tied up with mile long messages- we have such a slow system here, I finally got all done.

I understand and knew that some of you do not have a farm name. Just the same look how I sign. Could you may be sign like this "hypercetical"

Joe Do, Sacramento,Ca. or Gill Meyers, Ocala,Fl. or whatever your actual name is. Try to do it in a fashion so that people in this world can connect with you, contact you somehow.

Not all details are shown under the data listed for you in the registration on this forum. I often have to think twice, who is who. Just a thought.

Glad you all like my idea, every little bit helps, eh.

all have a grand day
Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Suellen Taylor
Yes, I like to associate folks too! Especially where located, and people to farms names!!

I am me..Suellen Taylor, the sign-on name..and I think I always try to end with TOP Of The Hill Arabians (tried it as a signature and said it was too long)...think Chatsworth Georgia USA is on there too.. tongue.gif

We have been around for about 8 years now, breeding, raising..etc. and currently have 13 Arabians. Didn't have a clue a few years started very late in life..didn't really touch a horse until 1998 and now I am breeding them....LOL..and keep learning every day! I actually rode one this past weekend! LOL rolleyes.gif

Hope to get to know more of you as the events and years roll on!

Good idea, Hansi biggrin.gif

TOP Of The Hill Arabians
My sign on name is my nickname which often seems to be the only name I have. smile.gif
My full name is Gabrielle Fuchs and I own Dream Arabians.
This is my first year to actually breed my Arabians. I've had a cupple of foals over the years, but they were all from mares bought in foal. Currently we have 3 horses. Two mares and a stallion. We have another mare comming on lease form Arizona in the next few months who will be in foal to Hallanny Mistanny (A beautiful SE SO black Arabian stallion) and my young boy RT Rah Shan will be breeding his first mares this year.
Kathrin K.I.M.
Well, my nickname here is my real first name, Kathrin, and K.I.M. is the beginning of my stud name which is K.I.M. Arabians.

K.I.M. comes from us three people who started the stud once ago: K. is me, I. is my mother Irene and the M. is my sister Melanie who unfortunately bounced out (and got married and moved away ph34r.gif ). We decided to keep the name because "K.I." is a really strange name blink.gif

At the moment we own 13 horses (but still two foals coming this May), but we started with just one 12 years ago... a two months old filly which is now our best broodmare and mom of our breeding stallion.
We're located close to Austria's capital Vienna so if anybody is coming to Austria "accidentially"... just give us a call and visit us! wink.gif

Cheers, Kathrin laugh.gif

My sig says it all...its my name hahahaha. Tho I've been running on nicknames for the past year at work. No one ever uses the 'i' anymore. its always Stace.

The farm name is split in 2. The main part for training is SnowFrost (its also for my design company). Merely a matter for seeing how much snow we got this year when i secured the lease on my barn, that and its an almost fantasy sort of name. I like it

The Arabs were registered under Rolista Arabians. Ro for my father, Roy. Li for my mom, Linda, Sta for me. My parents were thrilled at being included in the ownership of the little filly we bred.

My sign in name is my farm name, Aimbri Arabians. The farm was named for my two daughters, Amy and Brianne. I have had horses since 1972, Purebred Arabians since 1992 and SE's since 1994. I currently own 19 horses, of which 17 are SE, with one foal due in a couple of weeks. 3 are stallions, 3 are geldings and the balance are mares and fillies. I have an 80 acre farm in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada.

I always try to sign my posts with my name,

We own Living Art Arabians in Spring Hill, Florida. We have been involved with Straight Egyptian Arabians since 2002 and own 3 Straight Egyptian broodmares.
We are not too far from Hansi and Bill and have visited them several times. They are wonderful people and have been great mentors. This is a wonderful forum and we thank all of you for sharing your knowledge.

Mike Burton and Jennifer Linn
Living art arabians.
My name is Barbara... My "farm" consists of BFA Regality (whom I call Mercury) and me and a bunch of loosely connected people and horses who board at our County owned facility. We don't breed or show. We just love our horses on the ground and riding them in our arena and on our trails.

My sign in says it all, Al Mearas Arabians, located at Uki on the border of Qld and Nsw in Australia. We live in one of the greenest valleys in Australia with a lovely view of Mount Warning.


We are Stud of Diamonds,and our small stud is located in Drenthe,the green part of The Netherlands.

We own the straight Egyptian colt Ali Zaid,he is doing great and growing into a nice stallion.
Imported out of the USA.

The mare's we have are;
Pasch Lavinia,by Naik,Diamond d"Halimia,by Dalia Halim,and our newest Import out of Australia
Jai-Rhan Imporiah by River Oak Imprint.

Owners are Dick Hols and Bertus Meijer.
Hi everybody
Im new to this group so please bare with me while I work it all out.
We own krystal Creek Arabians, located in northern NSW Australia.
Though we dont own any straight egyptians I just love them and we do have a few egyptian related mares.
Im a bit lost as to how to show my stud name on sign up??

Krystal creek Arabian
Baraka is the name of my farm, meaning, the blessing. I found this name on a trip to Egypt, and liked the meaning and similarity to my own name, Barbara. It has become such a part of me, that sometimes I feel like it is my name.

We have 65 acres in Cove, Arkansas, just 10 miles south of Mena. If you love Arabians, it's not hard to get involved living here. There are three of us on the farm, myself, my husband, who is a landscape painter (artist), and my 15 year old granddaughter, Alexis. I have two grown daughters, and 3 grandsons. The horses are my passion. The others here busy themselves with other things. One of my daughters, Whitney, was very involved in horses for some years, and at one time was manager of an Arabian stud in Cairo.

I began my involvement with Egyptian Arabians in 1984, and it has been my life ever since. During most of this time, I have maintained between 10 and 20 horses, breeding just a couple of foals per year.

At this time, I'm in a transition period, backing off breeding, selling most of my mares, and concentrating on standing my stallion, Ansata El Shahraf, at stud. In a few days, there will only be 4 mares (two old), a pony, a gelding and Shahraf remaining. It's a bittersweet time. For now, that's all the information I can share about that.

I would like to invite you to stop by and visit myself and Shahraf anytime you are in the area, or to make a special trip. I love showing off my boy, and he likes the attention. Just give me notice in advance, as he lives his life, 24/7 outdoors. He loves playing in the dirt, but it embarrasses him if you catch him all dirty .

Best Wishes
Barbara Lewis
Baraka Farm
Cove, Arkansas
Arabian Stud Europe
Hi all,

my login name is Amal-Chariklia, named after my goddess, my lovely mare Chariklia who means the world to me! I have some other mares as well, but she is my everything.

My farm name is : The Shah Arabians, coming from my first arabian Shah Fay. We are located in the most beautiful part of The Netherlands, called "de Veluwe".
Living only 15 minuts walk from large forrest and the lake, it is like a paradise. We have three barns with in total 40 stables, 4ha of grassland and an indoor arena.
Our breedingprogramm contains mostly Russian, but we also have one golden cross and an Egyptian mare. We breed mostly with international known stallions.

This year we are expecting foals of Borsalino K and one of a young black stallion. For 2008 we have bred to the following stallions already: Marajj, CH el Brillo, FS Bengali and two others will be bred to Abha Mahdi and Orashaan.

Best wishes,

Talitha Bakker
The Shah Arabians
The Netherlands

ps. enclosed a picture of Chariklia and I winning the regional champion title in 2002.
Nadj al Nur
My farm name is Nadj Al Nur Stable. We are very small, with only one stallion and a handful of mares, all SE except one ES. I have been involved with Arabians for 16 years and SEs for 12 years and love them to peices.
We are located just outside of Prince George, BC (Canada) (where there is still a foot and a half of snow !! )
Cathy Rochon
Lorriee M. Golanty aka LMGG or LMG

The farm was established in 1967 in Hemet, California, although I had been involved with horses prior to that, it was for the purpose of breeding and showing Arabians. As with most places in California, at that time, there were miles and miles of open areas to ride and being a high desert climate, horses loved it (though not all people.)

In 1972 Golanty's Hamidbar Arabians moved to the Central Coast of California and it is also becoming, unfortunately, gentrified.

Now in my golden years (and if I could find the person who came up with that phrase, I would give him/her such a smack in the head) I live on this 100 acre ranch about 20 miles from the Hearst Castle in one of the most beautiful areas in the world - at least I'm told that.

I have, at this time 12 SE's and two SEx one cross to Sa'ud breeding mares which are the last of my personal nearly forty year breeding program. About eight years ago, I noticed that several lines of breeding had either disappeared or were so admixed, that I tried to locate and purchase animals which were of bloodlines I had admired, with the intent of trying to make sure that these lines didn't disappear altogether.

There is a Babson group, Babson/Brown group, a Pritzlaff/Halima group and one mare with some of the vanishing lines to El Derre, which I feel should be preserved in her own group, before this also disappears into a muddle of genetic mixtures. (I just said this to hear people scream)

Fortunately, there are still breeders, here and there who have preserved some of these lines, which made such an opportunitiy possible.

My name is Susan and my farm name is "Exquisite Arabians" in Austria, near Vienna.
The smale stud is based on El Shaklan and Ansata Lines.
I am the owner of the recent Austrian National Champion stallion "Exquisites Fantasy".
The Farm Name " Exquisite" goes back to Exquisite Design, importet from the USA, an El Shaklan daughter out of an El Hilal daughter.
Uli Weckenmann
My login is my name, Uli being short for Ulrike, but nobody calls me that. My stud name is "Gestuet am Wasserschloss" because it is located right next to a castle surrounded by a mold. We can fish trout from our livingroom window!
We are located in the pretty Ammer valley near the university town Tuebingen, South of Germany.
We don`t breed Se`s, but arabians of mainly egyptian/spanish bloodlines, mixed with polish and russian. At the moment we have only 14 horses, two of which are stallions (Soufi by Estopa Son X Quasara Ibn Estopa and Ahad Ibn Scha Ze Man, out of Al Ambra), five broodmares and the rest is youngstock.
Now is the time of year when I get really nervous. The bellies of our five mares are huge and we get kicked by the foals from inside while riding. Oh yes, I´m cruel enough to ride our pregnant mares. Once I even took a mare on an endurance ride, nine months pregnant- the mare, not me! I don`t have kids on my own, I rent them when I need my horses cuddled and cleaned. So many parents are happy the lease their kids, and it`s much cheaper this way. So my humble sallary is just enough to feed the horses.
We breed horses for endurance and therefore all our breedingstock is performance tested.
Of course we ride a lot and have just so much fun with our horses. They all have such a good sense of humour, we hardly see them in a bad mood, except when I sleep a little bit late on Sundays, and breakfast is served at 8. Then Dschamilja, the boss, really gives me hell, I apologise and swear to be on time next Sunday. We are really well trained by our horses.
So sometimes I wonder who owns who.
Happy search for Easter eggs,
Uli Weckenmann
P.S. Visitors are very wellcome of course, but please call in advance, otherwise we might be out playing with the horses or at work.

My login is my name - Chen Kedar, and I am the farm manager of Ariela Arabians, Israel. We are located north to Tel Aviv, not far away from the beach. We bred SE horses and we have between 20 to 25 horses (include foals) here in the farm. we bred about six foals every year.
You all welcome to visit us.

HI All,

Well our sign on name is our stud name "Allyndah Arabians" & we are located in Australia in Northern NSW on the East Coast.. We have 6 S/E horses... We have been breeding arabian horses since 1989.


Hello. I am here in the USA and we are called Faith Hope Love Stables.

Hey Hansi ... Great idea ...

My name is Ali and I own "Ali-Stud" laugh.gif

I am located in Saudi Arabia and I don't care about specific blood line ... it only have to be Arabian type with good pedigree of horses who are both athletic and beautifull ...

I welcome any visits and contacts from anyone around the world cool.gif


i play last year with creating my own web site. I was owned only 4 horses, one colt I sold last year, one ist haflinger and only two are now arabians.

Also here was my previosly account closed, because my last visit here vas long time ago.rolleyes.gif
Yes, a very good idea biggrin.gif Thank you Hansi!

My name is Elizabeth "Liz" Dieter of JEVA Farms on just over 10 acres, in Bellevue, Michigan USA. Normally, I sign with my full name so as not to be confused with Liz Salmon.

JEVA Farms is the epitomy of a small breeding program with a single stallion, several mares and a few young stock. We strive to produce athletically inclined, structurally sound, good minded horses that are classic representatives of overall arabian type and beauty. We hope to produce two exceptional foals per year with our first for 2007 due any time now.

Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Dieter
JEVA Farms

"The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic." ~ John F. Kennedy
Dear Ali

Will you be at the WAHO meeting in Damascus? I hope so, and we then can meet. LIke your Idea of a horse

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Hello Hansi,

This is a great idea and I hope more people would post infos about their studs and farms. It would be great for horse-people to visit each other and have friends from all over the world. As for me, I would love and welcome anyone who stumbles near by to drop me a line whether visiting Saudi Arabia or near by countries (maybe can arrange to meet).

Hansi thanks a lot for your reply and sorry I didn't see it earlier. I would be honored to meet you sometime and I have been a big fan of your posts cool.gif

I have sent you a private email as well to the address on your website.

Regards biggrin.gif

My first own arabian mare was my mare Feemi (my love smile.gif ) who I showed when I was 15 years old and won the B-show at Blommeröd, Sweden. Her mother Fara (by Etat) I showed at the same show in Sweden when I was 12 years old - then Fara became champion and got the highest point of the show - guess if I was proud tongue.gif

My arabian stud I run together with my mother who is an international A - judge - mrs ann nordén. Our stud is called Lönhult Arabian Stud and we breed the straight egyptian stallion Insh Allah who became world champion in 2003. This year I have my beautiful little fily El Amina in training and she participated at theA-show inMenton, France, where she won prize for "most beautiful head". rolleyes.gif

If you are comming to Sweden - always feel welcome to visit us!!!

Best Regards

Charlotte Nordén
Lönhult Arabian Stud
Hello all,

so I will follow ....

Our stud name is "Grey Dawn Arabians" - honouring our foundation mare "Amurath Grey Dawn"

We have now four SE breeding mares (Saklavi and Hadban). Our stud is located in the middle of Germany.

Visitors welcome.

Babette Krall
Hi all

thanks Barbette and all.

But how quickly is all forgotten eh? It is hard to check through hundreds of posts to find out who is who. It would be so nice if under each name is the farm name, this is free advertising for all of you and easy recognition. Many have the same name, there are at least three "Liz" posting, etc.etc.

But this is all up to you, cant break your arm doing it, eh.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Nice to see this thread being kept up with new posts. Names are important.

Hansi, my farm name of Peacock Creek Farm is a reflection of wanting to honor my father (our family name is Peacock) and the country home that I grew up on as a child in East Texas. The creek I loved which ran in my beloved woods behind our property was something that my brother and I played in with the dogs, chased crawdads in, and gladly introduced my own children to many years later. My son Daniel (now taller than me!) used to poke sticks in the water there and chop down saplings at water's edge with his trusty hatchet. When I found a place of my own to begin horse breeding a few years ago the first thing I told the Realtor is that it had to have a creek! And it does. Just this week with the torrential rain (no drought this year!) it ran wildly over its banks.

My farm's tag for naming foals is Al-Tawuus which is Arabic for my family name of Peacock. Some of you may have realized that my avatar - taken from my logo - is the eye of a peacock feather.

My husband's name is Santos which means "saint" in Portuguese and he is one at times! Although when we got married I didn't quite feel like we qualified for the name Two Saints Arabians (I'll never be one!) so he's always been happy for me to keep my family name for our breeding operation - my passion.

I've really enjoyed collaborating with my Arabic speaking friends on names for our horses Gamrah, Jawaher, and HebetAllah. I look forward to naming horses bred by Peacock Creek Farm with the Al-Tawuus designation for many years to come.

Texas visitors are always welcome!

Allison Peacock-Santos
Peacock Creek Farm
Judson (Longview), Texas

My login is simply my name ...... Mike & I live in Dublin where I currently comprise I believe 50% of the SE breeders in the country laugh.gif The "farm", as such, currently doesn't exist as I am still looking for somewhere permanent laugh.gif So the remaining horses are on livery or leased out at the moment.

I am quite simply a pedigree obsessive ........ sad ain't it! tongue.gif tongue.gif

My main interest is in maintaining a small group of *Morafic, Ansata, Hanan and Babson free horses ...... "a dedicated follower of fashion" ...... possibly not, but who cares!!! LOL tongue.gif tongue.gif

My Webpage

Truthfully though all I really want to do is give a little back to the breed that has given me so much over the last 25 years or so biggrin.gif

Hello, Hansi - it was wonderful seeing you at the Event! My log-in name is short for Hawk's Flight Farm. We are located in Sarasota, Florida and have some wonderful straight Egyptians and stand an Ali Jamaal son out of an El Shaklan daughter - Amir Jamaal. We can proudly show 4 generations of breeding program........

Karin A. McMurtrie
Hawk's Flight Farm
Dear Karin

Yes, I saw your horses at your farm and was impressed. Your ali Jamaal son is a very good horse and producer. I saw some beautiful horses at your farm and wish many people would go and visit you and enjoy your wonderful hospitality.

Always do I impress on our peope" Go and visit other farms, see other horses" then one learns so much, and sees a comparrison. If I can fly thousands of miles to see other horses, cant some just go a few hundred doing the same? One can get barnblind. I was also impressed by your honesty, asking questions, unafraid to get an answer, open for discussion. this is how it should be.

I wish you well

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
Hey, Hansi....

Login Name is Tenkenva for Tenkenva Arabians ...... located just outside Knoxville, TN. Began breeding and showing in 1996.

We breed mostly Egyptian Related, and are moving our focus from Halter to Performance for 2008. I love all bloodlines of Arabians, but am partial to Straights as our Stallion is Straight.
Whew, I just spent the evening reading this one.. Loved reading about everyone.
Good idea Hansi. I do have my avatar with picture of me and Moses and our location, Georgia is my first name.
"Moses" & I have been together since he was 11 months old.
The last Arabian I bred is 17 years old now the daughter of my now 29 year old Ibn Morafic son (Moses). He is still in my back yard and he so enjoys his solitude grazing with the dogs and deer. We have 5 acres on the edge of Wayne National Forest in Southeastern Ohio about 20 miles off of Interstate Rt 77 that runs north and south in Ohio, many have driven right by, I'm sure. Moses is the only horse on our 5 acres and he can come and go 24/7, he is in heaven. I lease 100 acres around the corner (so to speak) that feeds my "Moses" daughter her Pure Polish buddy, my trail mare and an Appaloosa that adopted us last fall. We are working hard to make a good horse out of her, so if she would ever happen to have to leave here and find a new home.. someone could actually handle her and she wouldn't end up dog meat. She is coming along quite well. You can read my (appy's name) "Raine reports" on Addicted thread.
Actually the last foal I bred is 16 years old, as I sent Toot's mom home in foal.
My love was Egyptian horses, but back when I was buying I could not afford them. So, the loves of my life carry Egyptian lines with Ibn Morafic, Gulastra and Hallany Mistanny dam sire lines and Binni and Bint Gulastra mare lines. I just love these brave bloodlines/horses and sorry I haven't bred them. I keep saying some day, but we are all getting a little long in the tooth. My Arabian farm name was
AARA Arabians (it was the start of my first mares name, Aarasel.) the Arabians and Racing stable went under Martin's Farm. Being my husband's last name.

With the crash of the Arabian market in the 80's and my husband's family being in Standardbred race horses, thought it was a better idea to win money being the first across the wire than spending a $1000 at a horse show. So, I worked hard, got my trainers license. I always said I was the brawn and my husband was the brains of the racing stables. I could never totally desert my Arabian loves, so they are still here and we have retired from racing STB's. We mainly brought home, half starved and lame race horses that surely would have gone for dog meat in the sales. We fixed them up .. raced some more and then retired them sound and they went to riding or buggy homes. I had up to 8 head of race horses in training or racing, which included a couple of colts every year that I would start. We didn't get rich, but they paid for my horse habit and we could have gotten rich, was the fun of it all. We came close a couple times.. ..Many good memories and stories.

I bought my first Arabians after I got established at my first job. Before that I took riding lessons as a teenager after driving my parents crazy in the younger years, showed Saddlebreds and worked on any farm of any breed that would have me until age 25 and bought my own first Arabian horses.

I am getting the bug to ride endurance, especially after mine and Hansi's afternoon visiting the Endurance side of the EE this year. Thanks Hansi, I really appreciate you getting me over there, as I may not have gone. Like I stay away from the race track since we quit training. Just to hard on me. I would love to get back into conditioning horses again.. and maybe this time Arabians. biggrin.gif So, I'm on a quest to learn all I can.
We are all addicted. biggrin.gif

Georgia Martin
Lewisville, Ohio
bumping this up rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
We are Honeysuckle Rose North.

The name came with the property we were renting when we moved to Massachusetts from Idaho. Yes, there is a Honeysuckle Rose SOUTH as that was the landlords property. The name came from the Honeysuckle Rose bushes that lined the property. It just kind of "stuck" so we went with it.

We have currently four mares though soon to be three....
S S Heiress (Amurath Baikal X Lainy Shahzana by Ansata Shah Zam)
BG Backflash (Back Street+ X BNB Natage by EW Natal) IFT *Ecaho for 08.
Elita HRN (*Ecaho X S S Heiress by Amurath Baikal)
Miranda El Besson (*Besson Carol X *Mirrell Carol by *Ali Jamaal)

We are currently standing for the 08-2010 seasons the Straight Egyptian stallion Mishaali RCA (*Mishaal HP X Maali RCA by Ruminaja Ali)

We have a fine little 10.3H pony teaser stud, Phantom aka "Little Man".

We are located in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, USA....though that will be changing shortly too - however we do intend to stay in the state.
Dr Daniel Wigger
Our farm name is:

Ethereal Egyptian Arabians

We currently stand:

PA Shubani Il Nasek (Il Nasek x Shahilah), grey mare, 2000
Lulua Jamil (NK Hafid Jamil x PA Shubani Il Nasek), bay filly, 2005
Haddiya Jamil (NK Hafid Jamil x PA Shubani Il Nasek), grey filly, 2006
Sultan Jamil (DF Malik Jamil x PA Shubani Il Nasek), chestnut colt, 2007

Shubani is in foal to Shahim Al Nakeeb (NK Hafid Jamil x Shameerah US) for 2008

We are located in Münster/Westfalia in the north-western part of Germany near airport FMO (Münster-Osnabrück). Visitors always welcome by appointment.

I always post under my true name.
Cyglenda Miller
Great Idea, Hansi. Not sure how I missed this the first time around.

We are Steve and Cyglenda Miller and our farm name is Paradise Egyptian Stud.

We are located in Keyser, West Virginia in the eastern "panhandle" of the state. We are situated between Maryland and Virginia and actually only about 45 minutes from Pennsylvania, too. We are fairly close to Washington, DC. and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Steve has owned horses all of his life and I had wanted horses all of my life. We met each other in 1981 and our first date was to a local boarding stable so that I could see his new Arabian colt that he had bought. We've been together ever since. We have our 26th wedding anniversary coming up on Valentine's Day. We absolutely love what we are doing. We started out with domestic breds, then Egyptian breds and finally got our first Straight Egyptian in 1992 with the purchase of DW Signature, which we still own. Our good friend, Sarah Davis, from Vineyard Farm, was retiring from the breeding part and let us take her Straight Egyptian mares to use as long as we wanted. We did buy them and it was a great purchase. One of the colts that we bred went US National Top Ten in halter and has done great in performance. He has enough points for his Legion of Merit. His full sister has been twice Israeli National Top Five. Most of our horses that we have bred are doing well in performance.

We leased the stallion, AA Al Bashyr, last spring from Ricky Zarrninski of Israel. Its been a dream come true for us. He is such a fantastic boy that we dearly love. We can never thank Ricky enough for entrusting us with him. We are so excited to see his first foals here in the states which will be arriving starting in March.

We LOVE what we are doing.

Steve and Cyglenda Miller
Paradise Egyptian Stud
Keyser, West Virginia.

M- for my name Maria and F for my boyfriends name Franz,
we are located in Austria, in Upper Austria near the German border and our horses:

our young stallion
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Tareef Hailm (PVA Kariim x MB Tareena by Imperial Madheen)
our mares
El Thay Fayza (E.T. Ibn Halim Shah x 28 Farag(fullsister to Pharrah)
Sadifa III ( El Shahwan x Saghira III by Machmut)
Mayrana (An Mayrak by Maydan Madheen out of Ansata Princessa x Asra by Maysoun

Sadifa is in foal for may this year to MAHADIN (Madkour I x Mahameh)

Best ragards
Hansi, ...good idea!
we have round about 15 arabians (mostly SE, but have Gazal Al Shaqab, Padron and Desperado V daughters as well) with 2 foals on the way this spring.
we named our farm Dogwood Springs Arabians because of all the dogwood trees on and near our farm as well as the spring fed creek that runs into the lake behind our house. we have 2 farms (one where we live and one 20 miles north of us in East Texas where our farm manager and his wife live and all together we have about 100 acres.
we are very lucky to live in an area where there are very few houses and it is about a 15 mile ride around our lake....... with usually a picnic in the middle of the ride...... "we love it"....
the lake you see behind me and my boy in a picture on our web site is the view from the back of our house....
please take a moment and look at our web site ... dogwoodspringsarabians of course .com...
we have updates to make to the site, but you still get an idea of some of our arabians.
Jerel Kerby (Daphne Kerby) ...and yes the kids.... smile.gif
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