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morafic al lahab
Hey Guys,

I was searching for Alidaar's show record but I found nothing... sad.gif
I would like to know what shows did he participate in and what awards did he get and all his accomplishments... Please help... smile.gif

Kind Regards
rolleyes.gif Ehab rolleyes.gif
Carol Cooper-Hall
Good Morning Ehab
Below is a list of "ALIDAAR's" accomplishments while in the USA. But since he was exported in 1991, I'm sure he has an extensive show record in other countries and hopefully our other members can provide you with that info. wink.gif


AZALEA CLASSIC (900904). Region: 9, 5/22/1990 to 5/25/1990
Arabian Stallion Breeding, 2nd

FALL THANKSGIVING SHOW I (890930), Region: 9, 11/22/1989 to 11/26/1989
Arabian Western Pl, 5th

WACO THANKSGIVING (880930), Region: 9, 11/23/1988 to 11/27/1988
Arabian Western Pl Jr Horse, 3rd
Arabian Western Pl, 5th

AZALEA CLASSIC I (87014), Region: 9, 3/18/1987 to 3/22/1987
Arabian Stallion Breeding, 1st
Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ, 2nd

AHCT WACO THANKSGIVING I (86490), Region: 9, 11/26/1986 to 11/30/1986
Arabian Stallion Breeding, 1st
Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ, 1st

Photos from Fotki:
I was sure that his show record used to be on the Al Shaqab website which is currently being redeveloped.

I must say though, that despite being fortunate enough to own a son of his wub.gif Given the opportunity (not that such things ever happen tongue.gif ) I would have Alidaar, in less than a heartbeat. None of the modern "superstars" have ever had a fraction of the impact on me that he had laugh.gif laugh.gif

morafic al lahab
Thank you so much Carol,

I really searched a lot... then I thought that he dont have any accomplishments...
But it seems he do, a lot of them... Thanks again... smile.gif

Dear Ehab

Its like many things in life, one family member becomming successfull often overshadows another and sometimes better one.

I know both brothers, R. Ali and Alidaar and both are outstanding. If I had a choice I would take Alidaar. But as said, that is my personal choice knowing their parents and ancestors personally so well. He always reminded me more than the others of his grand sire Khofo++, showing so much regality and movement. His full brothers are also very good horses.

Alidaar was a 1987 US National Top Ten champion in pretty tough competition.

Ursuala and Bill Poth imported him to France in 1990 and both have a keen eye for good horses. I wished I had owned him, he would have never left our Farm.

I wish you only the best and give a big hug to Alidaar.

Hansi biggrin.gif
Serenity Arabian Farms
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