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Hello again,

we have some trouble in our Family...
My wife and daughter wanna keep this colt, and i think that he is

what you think?????


he is a Sadik grandson,

will try to post some pics of mom later, but my PC turns me crazy....
Judge him just before you wean him...not now. Now it is impossible to tell you. Some of the most terrible foals have become our World Champions. Arabians are like swans, they get better with age.
I agree hold on to him a bit before deciding. Its always better to take your time in making a decision than hurrying and maybe making a decusion you will regeret. I always think of the bedouin legend... An Arabian is born with only one peal of beauty but gains one each year... all other horses are born with seven pearls but loose one each year.
Acorn Arabians
I agree it is too early to tell, snap judgements arent wise. Some of the most beautiful and handsome arabians were ugly duckling foals. Some one wise once told me judge them at 3 months then at weaning and then decide. gbfahne.gif

thanks for all your help... he nice or Not?????????????????

I bought his mother many years ago in Holland and the people told me that one day the filly will be very pretty........
so my question was more like him or Not?????


i would be very happy to get a comment from robert 1.......he seems to be an expert for arabians.


tomorrow i will post some pics of his mom
I would have to agree with "Wait and See". That is always the best for foals. Let us know what you decide.

I rather like him but I'd like a good side pic of him standing upright before really saying anything. My experiance when the foal is a cupple of months old and out of that gangly newborn stage is when one really can start to see the beging of what the foal will mature like. Also what is his breeding? What has the mare produced before... if she has other foals. How have her foals matured/ how have his sires foals matured? I like to take several things into account... personality included.
Hello Thomas,

I think almost everyone would agree that of course, this colt is nice - he's just a baby. He would appear to have a big, strong frame and a very nice head. Listen to your wife and daughter. biggrin.gif

Weaning time is too early to tell, in my opinion. Here is why - he will become ugly before he becomes beautiful. Weanlings up to two year olds, and beyond, can be as unattractive and discouraging to behold as human teens - awkward, pimple-faced, nothing-fits-right, no-brain havin' fools.

There is just no way to judge, at this point, how his conformation will shape up - only age will tell that story. He's "promising", for now. Will that work?

Best Regards,
Hi Thomas,

I like him, I think he has a sweet expression and a nice face, he seems to have nice legs and a nice neck, I can't see much else from the photos. If you can, take some nice front on and side on photos. It is hard to tell with foals, some bloodlines are very easy to tell if they are going to be great, others you just have to wait and see.

I have a SE colt that had I decided to geld him at 6 months or so would be thoroughly kicking myself now. He is getting the most extreme face, and he is only just over 12 months old, his conformation is fabulous. I think he will make a very very nice stallion, but only time will tell. He has such a nice nature it's no hastle at all to keep him entire.

Would love to see some front and side on photos of him and also a close up of his face would be nice.

Dear Thomas,

He looks like a nice colt to me. I think for you the question is more, "CAN we keep him?"

It's not easy to sell an unweaned colt unless you've got a buyer or two lined up.
Like all the other commenters mentioned, Arabians are no different than any other baby--they're all pretty darn cute but regardless, you can assess good structure and type even at this age. If he doesn't measure up to your other foals then I guess you would be correct in saying he's "average". sad.gif

It all depends on how many other colts you have, how many foals you're expecting and whether you are in a position to allow him to grow up and mature? huh.gif

Won't you kick yourself all over the arena if you sell him and five years from now he's become just the most gorgeous stallion you could imagine! ohmy.gif

You either let time have her way, or you make a hard decision. unsure.gif

I'd like to see his sire and dam.

Thanks for sharing the pics!

P.S. You should never argue with a woman--young or old tongue.gif Ha!

--Susan wink.gif
hi again,

thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also think after you seen the mom and dad you maybe give me right!!!!!!

Sorry, but his mom is a bit "hairy" at the moment........

We will NOT Bodyclip her before her next Show.......

so Maybe you can see her in Frankfurt at the Egyptian Event

have fun


dont worry be happy....
Dear Thomas!

Wow! An Arabian-Friesian cross! Had you not showed the photo of Mom, probably no one would have guessed he was a cross-breed--at least from his photos!

Your stallion is extremely prepotent! The colt looks like a purebred Arabian.

I'm sure he'll be one fabulous horse when he matures!

--Susan wink.gif
Fantastic! Tell us a bit more about mom and dad!
wow... I love fresians always wanted to cross one on an Arabian... isnt an Arabian Fresian cross called a warlander? or am I thinking of something else?

you been messin' with us, dude! tongue.gif tongue.gif Your PC never made you crazy, either.
Happily, all the same advice will still apply, so no one need feel foolish, eh? dry.gif

I think these are called Frisbee-ans.. laugh.gif laugh.gif cool.gif

He's a dandy!

Two Mountain Ranch
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