Dear Horse Friends & Lovers,

Can one life save another? Especially if it costs YOU nothing? We only need STORIES, MEMORIES, PHOTOS & EXPERIENCES!!!


I have been working on a collection of Horse rescue/success stories for a new book that thankfully, will receive Local & National distribution. The publication of this book in part has been donated via a benefactor in an effort to raise even more funds to start a new non-profit Rescue Foundation in Florida. Our efforts have "grown" in scope and we hope that this book will generate enough funds (from retail sales) to make this a more National rescue effort. For National assistance we will offer grants via an application process "most in need" first to other non-profit rescues throughout the United States from the proceeds of each book sold.

I started this book project six months ago with the "brainstorm" assistance of several Arabian (no SE yet..but hope to find many interested wink.gif ), Thoroughbred, QH, Standardbred, Paso Fino & Missouri Fox Trotter breeders/owners; part of a network of horse breeders/owners that I know personally, we have been working together for over 10 years doing our own rescues funding those efforts from our own pockets. Each individual or farm has 'donated' their stories, some with photos for this project. Several are also offering donated breedings to their stallions to generate more funds as well (live cover only at this time).

Any "money" donations generated will be handled by our legal team that have offered pro-bono services (a huge assistance) for setting up the foundation, contracts etc. It's amazing what one can get if you just ask in the name of horses! I never thought I'd say "I love my attorney"..but I do..he has put the rest of the "legal team" together and in less than a month!

Why do this? It's very simple, there is such a vast need in this state and Nationally to help prevent many horses making that trip to slaughter, especially if making that trip in pain or needlessly. Some horses cannot be saved but there are many, many fine horses available in our area alone that need good homes, are sound, well trained and are just in need of proper care and placement. Contracts for placement will be required and a team of "follow-up" people are already in place waiting for the opportunity to serve horses in need (they will check-up on all horses placed via our foundation). Our group also has a team of vets in practice and vet students that want to donate their time to this effort. THEY have networked vets throughout the state that will give free vet checks, reduced price care and/or free educational assistance to place horses in our foster homes that will transition into life-time homes via adoption. We have 20 farms ready to take horses as I write this! That's a big effort, we expect this to grow as well. Yes, there are other rescue groups in Florida, but many are under-funded or are going out of business for various reasons. We want to serve all these groups not just our own. There is a board of directors being formed that will be diverse, represent as many breeds as possible beyond just our group. We have asked for our vet team and legal teams to help spearhead this project.

We also have a group of trainers ready to asses any horses that are riding sound (following vet checks) for proper placement. We have many hay growers, feed stores and tack stores ready to donate anything from items for auctions even broken grain bags to help feed horses in transition to their new homes. I've only worked in a 100 mile area on this aspect alone..I can't wait to see the level of interest from the rest of this state! The State wide effort launches next week.

I have such support for this idea locally and in my opinion this idea can grow to possible huge proportions. So far our group has raised enough additional funds to cover publication that has not been donated (the printing process). Distribution is also in the works, we do have numerous tack and feed stores ready to give " free consignment space" for this book. Two local fence companies are "building the small, space conserving displays for free" to give us a start. In the mean time, prior to publication, information about our effort will fill the shelves.

My husband is coordinating with electrical contractors throughout Florida to donate un-used copper wiring for recycling (worth over $3.00 per pound now for #1 stripped copper wiring 1 phase and up). Local Journeymen electricians are coordinating efforts for the "striping" of the wiring and pick-up/drop off at the recycling centers. We have bids in place from those centers based on how much 'weight' we bring on each trip. Since last Saturday (first request for wiring donations) we have raised $375+ with under 120lbs of stripped copper! This could be such a huge effort and that wiring came from one job site/one electrical contractor the site was restoration work done on just one of the recreation centers at the Villages hit by the tornadoes that ravaged Central Florida a few months ago! My husband managed that project which was repairing only one building and there are 2000 buildings both redsidential and commercial that must be repaired in 3 counties in Florida! Lots of damaged/wasted wiring that would go into the trash otherwise..great idea huh?

This book and foundation was not my sole idea, I've just offered to write, edit and coordinate the book, it's publication and distribution and legal assistance, half is already in place ready to move forward. All of my work and that of our team will be given freely. Our volunteers will receive re-embursement for fuel costs, so far that is our only expense, but as you can see we are covering most of our start up costs with networking efforts.

This "idea" took shape after I helped someone who is retiring from rescue work, to document the 150+ horse rescue stories that they wanted to pass down within their family, they did not want to publish just their stories but gave me the idea to ask others who may have even more diverse stories to share. I also met someone who enlightned me about the plight of many TB's that go to Mexico each week in trucks on broken legs with no medical assistance, traveling in severe pain to meet their death (I shared that story last week in another thread, no pain meds because it would taint the meat for human consumption, our group can arrange euthenasia for free service less trip charges and drugs, but each meat buyer is offering $900.00 per horse, we must meet or beat that price to prevent the horse from going to slaughter in pain..Legal Team is working on this one mad.gif ). I just knew that I personally had to do something. Because I've worked in print publication & marketing and love to help horses it's all come together, lots of phone calls, many late nights editing what I have collected, coffee chats and good old brainstorming. Networking at it's best IMO biggrin.gif

I've shared several of my stories here and wanted to give anyone who might be interested in sharing their stories and photos if possible for this book the opportunity to do so. This is a grassroots type project. Less whatever additional costs incured for the publication of the book (we really feel we have that covered already), 100% of the remaining funds will go into this new foundation. This forum has an International audience and this is the only forum I will be posting on due to time constraints. However, If you know anyone who would like to donate a story or several, of any horse that has over come adversity or illness/injury any type of success story is welcome. I would also welcome inquiries from anyone who wants to donate time for editing/proof-reading via email. You will be given credit in the "Thank You Pages" which will be our dedication section of the book.

Not just rescue horse stories needed:
There will also be a chapter for Champions of any breed if breeders/owners want to share their memories, "famous" horses would be such a great addition to our book. A section for Mares, Stallions, Geldings and Foals. One suggestion recently is that I offer a chapter for "In loving Memory" a section that will give stats; breeding, "accomplishments" (no showing required just what's in your heart is good enough) birth/death dates and a short story (arranged in alphabetical order of registered or barn name). As I feel this section could become large quickly, space many be limited..but I will consult any contributor in regards to any edits that might be necessary. I will respectfully request your own edit to help save time and feelings. This is a chance to put into print your story of your special horse and what they meant to you.

Our goal is that this book be reasonably priced (editor's suggested retail so far based on 250 pages is $30-$75) with as many photos as possible of the best quality possible ( I have several photographers who are giving their time as well and several Art teachers are working on getting the images done for free for the Blue Line of the book, the digital age is such a big help with this effort). As most of the publications costs are donated or already covered we hope to set our price and make this available to as many horse lovers as possible.

Our goal is to also make one copy available to as many schools as possible for their library. I have a group of K-12 educators coordinating this effort (willing to make this a National effort). My children have joined with the children and grand-children of our group to raise funds to cover the "at cost" for these books to make the donations possible. So far that effort has really taken off as well. This is one way to keep the kids busy this summer! There are car washes, bake sales, tag sales in the works for this. These donations could be a tax deduction.

Now all we need to make this dream a reality is stories..that's all. No money needed nor asked for. Just stories and photos if possible. Also, any suggestions of what YOU would like to see within a book of this nature would also be welcome (I've only got one brain). Honestly this idea has taken off so fast and I'm just scratching the surface so-to-speak, I am humbled by the honest efforts of so many I've asked to help. If you want your story shared in this book please, please write. Updates will be sent to all those who have offered their stories, we hope to go to print within 6-12 months..but sooner if possible, hopefully with the book available by Christmas season.

Please forward stories to please indicate what chapter you feel your story should go into. Expect to hear back from me personally via email. If you wish to receive updates on our teams progress please include a mailing address and or email address (email saves postage) where you want updates sent to. Each contributor must indicate how or if they wish their name or farm name to be given credit within the book. We must reserve the right to edit but no edits will take place without approval of the contributing writer(s). This effort to "please" everyone can slow down our progress but I feel it's one of the most important aspects of the book, I can't complete this work if someone were not pleased with the end result. This is an effort for everyone who wants to know they did something to help save horse lives the chance to really help and it costs nothing but your time and your words. Legally nothing can nor will be printed without a "media release"..our legal team is working on that and I should have those forms ready in two weeks in pdf. format for emailing.

It would not be correct nor fair to take up forum space so please email any questions or stories. Comments regarding this topic are of course welcome within the forum. The "Message" we hope to convey with the book will be: Horses can be saved, and go on to have useful lives. The "how" and "what worked" from network efforts to health care, to save a horse will be an educational process for anyone obtaining the finished book. Other fund raising events are in the works, I will post those upcoming events via email to anyone who has responded with an interest in the book, please spread the word, with as much lead time as possible. Our group is working very hard and very fast to get this foundation off the ground and the book published. A website is under construction (that work is also a donation). smile.gif On the site our Legal Team, Vets, Volunteers, Local businesses, companies and Corporations donating will be disclosed they have not asked for any "thanks" but links will be given for their email contacts as we feel they deserve "Many Thanks".

Thanks for your time & attention in this matter...
Best regards,
Emily Godwin