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I recently have had a short discussion regarding this horse and came home to get more info and found "not alot" i am particularly interested to see how he looked as a youngster .
I would be thankful if anyone could post some photos of this horse both past and present.

Bonnie L. Kenney
BJ Thee Mustafa was bred by Barbara Birdsall in Southern California...she would be the one to contact and get some great information.
If you would email me at I will give you Barbara's email address.
Warm regards
Bonnie cool.gif
I remember seeing Mustafa as a yearling and as a 2 year old in Waco, Texas during an open house at Arabians Ltd. He was incredibly beautiful. Exquisite head and face - took my breath away. And tall for a 2 year old and very sweet for a colt.
Hi PAUL /Bonnie /Tag
he is in Saudi Arabia
I just have this information about him & i will try to get more info & of course photos


I can't remember who told me, but I heard they would want to geld him... what would be such a pity!
BJ Thee Mustafa was Triple Crown winner in 1998, consisting of the All Nation's Cup, European Champion, and World Champion at Paris.

I've seen a very lovely filly of BJ Thee Mustafa (Valentina bint Mustafa), who's bred and owned by Inge Dewitte (Belgium)! Normally I don't like those type of horses, but this one really intrested me! Surely a magnificent producer!
I've heard that he has very bad legs and he becames World Champion only with his typed head. So lot of people didn't like to see him become world champion because It's a pretty horse but not a GOOD horse.
Bonnie Kenney
He was bred here in the US about 2 hours north of where I am living. Barbara Birdsall was the breeder and she would be one the one to tell you about him or Shawn Crews from Arabians Ltd. had him for awhile and could also answer any questions you might have about his younger day.s
I was wondering what's his dam's she egyptian related or something?
Can someone help?

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