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sapphire arabians
I've been reading some of the posts on strain etc, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how egyptian my colt CFS Avalon is, he is out of Babylon by AH Saluq, I have seen his grandsire Simeon Sadik on here and so wondered roughly how much Egyptian blood he had? Thanks in advance for any help biggrin.gif
Please, in future tell us what country you are in. It makes it much easier to track a horse. I'm figuring you're in the UK, as the sire is registered there and there is a Babylon, 1991 mare, registered in the UK. The on-line database (DataSource) does not show your colt, but there is often a delay from the registration locally to publication of the stud book and its entry into the on-line system maintained by the US registry (DataSource).

Anyway, assuming the parents are as above, your colt is about 30+% egyptian, mostly through his sire's sire (who is straight egyptian so that gives you 25% there). There is more through your colt's sire's dam in Negem and Hallany Mistanny. Hallany Mistanny is also in your colt's dam's pedigree. I didn't go back farther, so there may be a bit more here and there way back.

By the way, there are several Malabar horses in the pedigree. This was a program based in southern California in the 1960-80's, focused on breeding athletic horses of mostly black color.

sapphire arabians
Sorry rolleyes.gif , didn't know to put country, but yes I'm in the UK and it is Babylon 1991 Siraabha x Dish-Dasha. So is DP Black Saron AH Saluqs dam not egyptian? I think she came from Dragon Place stud in Canada originally. What is the other blood in him then is it crabbet as I was told? I have not got datasource and have been using with help from breeder and CFS avalon is on there now
Thanks Kristin
I will send you a private message with more details.

Arabian Stud Europe
Can someone tell me how much egyptian this horse is?
We want to enter him at the Egyptian Event and think he is exactly 50%, but we are not sure!

Best wishes,

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