QUOTE (HLM @ Jun 24 2007, 06:37 PM)
Dear Shamali and Timor

Now I am seeing some substance and pretty good conformation , decent legs in that mare. she is a bit fat, but looks like a ver good broodmare prospect.

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Serenity Arabian Farms

Hello Hansi.
Thank you for your comments on Sousanna. I know she's on the chubby side right now but she had a tough time a few years ago so I don't begrudge her a little extra weight. I would be interested to know what stallion you would pick for her. She is booked to Orashan this year but so far, we've not had much luck. She will be preg. checked again on Monday - keep your fingers crossed for me! I choose him hoping that perhaps he would add a better neck and bolder eye. Plus her build crossed with Orashan's athleticism should produce a real powerhouse! What do you think?